褌萌え [fundoshi-moe]

December 15, 2009 at 1:57 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 I was a bit surprised when I learned this has been hot among fangirls. But after a while, I got convinced because there are a lot of fangirls who follow Japanese traditional stuff such as 歴女[rekijo]. I just thought this is something elder people traditionally and conservatively like, however, I was wrong, there has to be it in BL which follows such a samurai drama…that is ふんどし[fundoshi]. In kanji, it is .

 Fundoshi is the Japanese traditional underwear for males, and you can learn from here. If you want to see a man wearing this in real life, you had better go to a fastival called matsuri[祭り]. Otherwise you will be able to see a lot of fundoshi guys although I must say most of them are elder people, and there might be some fundoshi ショタkids. 

 There are several types of fundoshi, but particulary rokushaku fundoshi[六尺褌] seems to be the most popular among fangirls since it shows “bare parts” the most, it’s like a bikini! Please look at the back side of the model in the right image. We used to call something like this Tバック[T-back] because the underwear looks like a T-shape. Maybe even now some people are saying, though. There was a porn actress named Ai Iijima[飯島愛] who was well-known as a T-back queen. And back to the photo, the front side sure looks like a bikini. Most fundoshis have a square cloth like an apron in order to cover the front, but rokushaku fundoshis do not have so it clearly shows…あの…形がくっきり見えちゃうって言うか…the shape of “that thing.”

 Speaking of a fundoshi, we would think of a white one[白フン, shirofun]. But among BL fangirls, a color depends on a character so that it is not always white. Could be red or black. In that case, you could say 赤フン[akafun] or 黒フン[kurofun] respectively. I asked my fujoshi friend how she feels about a fundoshi to learn what makes fujoshis feel hot.

a[me]. Do you like fundoshis?

b[friend]. Yeah, I do love it. Lately it is getting so hot inside me.

a. So you go to a festival to see fundoshi guys?

b. No, because they are mostly elder guys[おじさん].

a. Some are young.


a. Ah…I see. So where a fundoshi comes around is…

b. Sengoku BASARA, Hakuouki, Gintama, O-oku…any kind of samurai manga. In the BL doujinshis, there are abosultely fundoshis! White skin, and white fundoshi…KYAAAAAA, so hot! You know, if my favorite characters wear a fundoshi, I will definitely accept it. And we shouldn’t forget about ノーフン[No fun].

a. What is it?

b. You know ノーパン[No panty], right? ノーフン is an equivalence of it. No fundoshi.

a. What is so special about this?

b. Well, you know when a girl doesn’t wear a panty?

a. Ah…えっと…when she is waiting for her boyfriend coming…sexually.

b. Yes. So same goes to fundoshi. An uke[bottom] is waiting for a seme[top] coming with no fundoshi. And when a seme finds him not wearing a fundoshi, he is gonna say, “I was waiting for this” or something like that. キャーーー萌え!MOEEEEE!! (>∀<), don’t kill me! Kill me tomorrow!

a. Chill out, mate. Are you alright?

 By the way, fundoshis are actually hot among gay people, and the hottest one is 六尺褌[rokushaku fundoshi] because, once again, it hilights his crouch the most. In above BL anime Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, when Al sees Ranmaru wearing a fundoshi, he strongly feels a feticism. Al is Italian, huh? Are fundoshis popular among non-Japanese gay people?

 Besides, there is even a fundoshi bar where gay people meet fundoshi guys. You can bring your own fundoshi, change, and interact with other fundoshi guys. Even if you don’t have a fundoshi, you can come in.

 Er? Now that I mention fundoshi, should I wear it? いやぁ~ん、オジサン恥ずかし~い(´ΨΨ`)って、何それ~きんもーっ☆


  1. Hinano said,

    fundoshi KIMO www

    It must be a Japanese thing to like fundoshi, whenever I see it I start to laugh, like in that vocaloid video by Gakupo called “Good Morning”

    • bangin said,

      I always laugh at it, and a bishounen with fundoshi is funnier.

      Oh Gackt with fundoshi…I can’t imagine! www

  2. Enthousiaste said,

    I used to find fundoshi ugly and ridiculous, but I guess I changed a bit.

    I don’t know, it is kinda super-manly so in the end it’s hot. Especially on shota who are cute but not very manly, it makes them really sexier.

    I remember reading some gay manga (not BL) featuring fundoshi. I’m not a fan of this stuff, but I guess it shows how popular it is.

    • bangin said,

      We never know what the next trend is, actually I used to laugh at a fundoshi guy, but now I don’t.
      I think this trend is going to last for a while.

  3. Heinsia said,

    I saw some fangirls going kyaa over fundoshi but didnt know it’s that popular O_o
    In one Yotsuba&! chapter, Yotsuba actually poked some guy’s butt because he wore a fundoshi so I was wondering how children reach to fundoshi the first time they see it :p

    Oh and I found out about your site 2 months ago and really like it 😀 keep up the good work xD

    • bangin said,

      Thank you for coming, please visit anytime.^^

      I am pretty sure there are fansites for fundoshi!

  4. whytebubble said,

    o.o didn’t know this was actually that popular…..i personally don’t find it hot, but maybe that’s cos i’m not 腐enough..hahaha.

    and don’t worry! you’re not an oji-san…..yet 😉

    • bangin said,

      That I don’t feel hot means I am not 腐 enough, either?

      Soon I will be! lol

  5. 腐男子 said,

    I hereby request sexy pics of bangin in fundoshi \o/

    • bangin said,

      OMG, what should I do?
      Well…well…well…if I could buy a fundoshi at auction and it is cheap, I would…think about it.

  6. bi said,

    This doesn’t come from a fujoshi point of view, I really like fundoshi as a woman °__°
    Although it might be because of the beautiful art in the manga called “Shigurui”…. I love it!

    • bangin said,

      I like the manga called Hana no Keiji-beyond the clouds-, and fundoshi looks very great. In such a samurai drama as Shigurui, we can see grace and brave from the warriors’ fundoshi. lol

  7. Irene said,

    I have yet to see a man who looks good in a fundoshi. :/

    Hmmm… how come I seldom see a black coloured fundoshi?

    • bangin said,

      At a festival, most fundoshi are white. Come to think of it, yes, when could we see kurofun?

      It is okay, in 2D any fundoshi guys are good-looking!

  8. DarcyAglow said,

    haha I love yaoi but I have not ever read any yaoi where the character wear Fundoshi. Just see some boomerang underwear, that’s all :D.
    In Sakura Gari, there is only 1 scene when the main character wear Fundoshi, but he strip it afterward ^^

    • bangin said,

      Whatever they wear, they shall strip it in th e end. lol

  9. Ryan said,

    if you want to acquire a (rokushaku style) fundoshi inexpensively, there is an easy way: you can take 3 meters of thin fabric and tear it lengthwise into strips that are 25-35cm wide. This way you may pick any color! I have orange, green, sky blue, and white. An old bedsheet can also work. Trust me, it will bring a happy flush to your girlfriend’s cheeks.

    • bangin said,

      Oh no, I am so sorry I didin’t notice your comment.
      Ah come to think of it, fundoshi is not that hard to make. Alright, well…may I wear one? lol

      • Ryan said,

        if you are inspired to, you should!

        I started wearing fundoshi occasionally about 5 years ago. I’ve grown to really appreciate the simple elegance of the design. Whoever invented fundoshi, 1000 years ago, has my gratitude.

  10. bangin said,

    What happened 5 years ago? lol

    Then I’ll think about trying out a fundoshi.

    • Ryan said,

      Well, I’d sen pictures of fundoshi from festivals in Time Life books and National Geographics since I was little and din’t really know much about them, but it stuck in my mind. 5 or so years ago, my interest boiled over and I googled until I figured out how to make and tie my own fundoshi. It took some practice. Rokushaku style is definitely my favorite.

      • bwfannin said,

        Agreed. It is also mine. Starting making them a few years ago. Never looked back.

  11. Ryan said,

    oops, I can’t type! that should be “seen” and “didn’t.”

  12. chounokoe said,



    • bangin said,



  13. Abigail said,

    Then, what would Papa to kiss in the dark be characterized as?

  14. bangin said,

    Huh? Is there a fundoshi boy in the anime?

  15. rzncu said,

    LOL fundoshi is moe, but nijigen only for me, probably XD
    But traditional clothes on the other hand would be moe even in sanjigen~

  16. Wayne Moises said,

    Popular undergarment used by men & boys of Japan a 1,000 year old attire long before briefs & trunks from United States & Europe became a popular culture in TV films comics animation & media.

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