レス [resu]

December 2, 2009 at 12:45 pm (doujin(同人), general, otaku word, slang)

 If you happen to own a blog, how do you take care of comments from viewers? Do you respond every one of them? Well, this depends on a blogger, I think. Sometimes I visit other bloggers, and I noticed some of them do not necessarily respond all the comments they get. The more popular the blog is, the more comments it has. And those bloggers are too busy to respond for each. If there was more than 100 comments for one entry, it would be just 6 responses or so. And then the 6 responses were only for the best comments of all.

 We say レス[resu] or response and a comment, and there are several types of it. Let’s see some examples.  

a. 全レス[zenresu]: To respond every single comment. Yes, I do this basically. あまりにも変なコメントにはしないけど。No matter how simple a comment is, I reply. Because I am happy that viewers give me a comment. And my blog is not something at all, so that it is easy to respond. However, 全レス doesn’t seem to be nice on such a big bulltien board such as 2ch because the viewers would have to read similar conversations again and again. Suppose I am talking about cosplay, there are 100 comments, and you are reading from top to bottom. What if you found more than 80 similar comments and responses like What’s cosplay? or Cosplay is blah blah blah…There is no point in reading something like that since such a question was already asked in the first place. If you see such a meaningless question, you could say ググレカス[gugurekasu] or “Google it, idiot.” We say ググる[guguru] or google as a verb usage. カス[kasu] means stupid or idiot. Some people are too lazy to research, so they ask somebody right away. Moe or otaku are already well-known, so anybody can learn on wikipedia or somewhere. Now do you ask it?  グ グ レ カ ス. Sounds like a spell, doesn’t it?

b. 即レス[sokuresu]: To respond right away. In a few minutes, a few seconds. Japanese schoolgirls try to respond as soon as possible because they believe sokuresu could prove how strong the friendship is.

c. 亀レス[kameresu]: Very slow response. When you e-mail your friend, he/she would e-mail you back two or three days later. It’s very slow. That is 亀レス. [kame] means a turtle. Yes, it’s very slow walking like a turtle.

d. 念レス[nenresu]: A while ago, one of the bloggers who visit my blog, Marie-san told me that I made a post on what she knew, just after she knew it. It happened a couple of times. In this way, someone says whatever you think or feel before you, that is 念レス[nenresu]. 念[nen] stems from a verb 念じる[nenjiru] or concentrate, strongly pray. Well, in this context it is like telepathy. So she could have said like 私の念レスが通じた[watashi no nenresu ga tsuujita] or 念レス成功[nenresu seikou] which mean,”My nenresu worked.”

e. 自作自演[jisaku jien]: To respond your own comment as if someone else did it. In order to make your entry look lively, you could comment on your entry. By doing so, it would make it easier for others to leave a comment. If you don’t pretend to be someone else and comment on your entry, it is 自己レス[jikoresu] or respond oneself. 

f. スルー[through]: To ignore a response or a comment. If you own a blog, you might have seen a troll[荒らし] who meaninglessly makes a fun of you, I assume. I believe スルー is the best way to get through because they would enjoy seeing your reaction. The more you react, the more they enjoy. What troubles me the most is an incomprehensible comment or a comment that has nothing to do with the entry I am talking about. 僕の経験上、こういうのが一番対応に困る。Those who do something like that are not even trolls, so I don’t know if I should ignore or not. Anyway, we really have to be careful when to do スルー. 荒らしじゃなくても、あんまりにもひどければスルーしていいと思うけどね…

 The one who can protect your blog or site is none other than you. If you get in a trouble, consider talking to someone you can trust. Blog is to enjoy, not to be bothered.

Usagi-san is doing 全レス...not writing his latest BL novel.



  1. animekritik said,

    Very interesting, I do zenresu on my blog. If people’s comments are almost the same, then maybe my first resu will be the real answer and then I’ll make jokes in the next resu etc. Anyway, maybe I should do jisaku-jien, especially when I write about Leiji Matsumoto 😦

    At first I thought you were talking about rezu!!

    • bangin said,

      Leiji Matsumoto? I didn’t know you even follow such a greatest manga-ka. But I guess, they are old series. Do you know Tetsuya Chiba, Kazuhiko Shimamoto?

      Haha, I am not talking about Lesbian. I am familiar with yaoi terminology not yuri. XD

      • animekritik said,

        I’m a Matsumoto fan. Look at my newest post on Sexaroid:


        I don’t know Chiba or Shimamoto…there are so many mangaka out there!!

  2. bangin said,

    I see. I just thought you tend to like such a showa taste, but you seem to follow only Matsumoto.

    I like Fujio Fujiko, by the way.

  3. Twinks said,

    There’s a somewhat similar term for Jisaku Jien in English: Sock Puppet.

    And to tie this back to Anime….. The character Child Dragon from the Anime Melody of Oblivion does Sock Puppetry.

    • bangin said,

      Oh we say sock puppet. In Japanese, it rather means anyone who has numerous accounts.

  4. solari said,

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a while. I think that your posts on words are informative and the cosplays are awesome.

    Wow, I just learned about スルー from zan sayonara zetsubou sensei episodes the other day…

    • bangin said,

      Hi, thank you for coming and your first comment.

      Zetsubou-sensei are full of trendy words so that it requires explanations. When you watch it with captions, is there such a note whenever a word like スルー comes out?

  5. Marie said,

    Oh~ nenresu *_____*!

    Though my favorite couple is Junjou Egoist,
    Love your Usagi-san kosupure ^^b

    念レス成功! hehe ^^!

    • bangin said,

      Yes, you can say that way.^^

      Usagi-san is wanting Suzuki-san!

  6. mochie said,

    For me, I respond depending on my mood. Usually if there is no question involved I will not respond, but if I am in a good mood I will respond to all comments. Usually with useless comments that are irrelevant with what I am talking about I will just ignore (if it is something stupid of course, like if I was talking about an idol and they ask me where to buy melon pan I will ignore it).

    • bangin said,

      So did you ever had a blog? Or you do now?

      Before, when I was talking about an idol, someone asked me where a good maid cafe is. (-___-)

      • mochie said,

        I have a personal blog which I sometimes just blog about my week when I am bored in class. If you want the link, i’ll be glad to give it to you

  7. bangin said,

    Oh then could I have it?

  8. whytebubble said,


    I love your blog! Just found it today while searching for cosplay photos and got hooked onto it~ you explain the terminologies very well! and it’s really interesting to read..(loved the otome road tour! kyon-kun ❤ will definitely visit there if i ever go to japan again~ haha!)

    anyway, keep up the good work and continue being an otomen~ loving your cosplays xDD

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much! I am a cosplayer, and keep doing. If you want, please go to my cosplay album on the sidebar.

      Please come again!

  9. chou said,

    It’s so nice you do 全レス.

    I respond to maybe a tenth of the comments on my blog… but since most just say “thanks” or variants (because I only post when I have a download available), I can’t see any reason to say “You’re welcome” 100 or so times. So I just respond to my favorites.

    …but maybe I’m just antisocial.

    • bangin said,

      The reason why I do zenresu is that the visitor could be a regular, and my favorite.
      But meanwhile, this could bring a 厨房. At least, once there were some on my blog, though.

  10. rzncu said,

    lol I can’t imagine usagi-sensei doing zenresu! (He’s definitely doing online shopping for new bears to stuff his mansion! XD)

    • bangin said,

      Haha, yes Usagi-san is not willing to do zenresu.

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