[Cosplay] God of the New World

November 26, 2009 at 5:53 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 You might think I am out of fashion if I say I still love Death Note. When I was a beginner(even now, I am still a beginner), I used to cosplay Death Note because it is cheap and recognisable. L is very simple; a white T-shirt and jeans, and Light needs decent clothes. All you need is a Death Note, that’s it. It is a piece of cake, you can make it in a few minutes. And get an apple or you can cosplay Yagami Light who claims to be God of the new world. Even though this series was over a long time ago, I feel like watching again because I really love Light, L, and how the story goes. Though the tricks are over my head. In real life, I am such a clumsy geek that I respect a smart and cool guy like Light or Lelouch in Code Geass. I think Light is smarter and more cold-hearted than Lelouch because Light does not hesitate to murder his own father whereas Lelouch cares about his younger sister too much.

 At any rate, I just wanted to cosplay Light for some reason. If you still love Death Note, I would be very happy! Read the rest of this entry »

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