囚人萌え [syujin-moe]

November 1, 2009 at 5:32 am (BL, otaku word)


Andy and Red from Shawshank Redemption

 It is too late of me that I finally noticed it. If there is a setting where only men are, it must be just one thing most BL fangirls (fujoshi) would expect. But what kind of setting would be? A boarding school for boys (男子寮) such as Gakuen Heaven or Here is Greenwood? Yes that’s right. But one more. The answer is a jail. There’s no freedom, no human rights, so prisoners are supposed to live under the strict rule. No way out.

 But why are they behind the bars? Each prisoner has a story; an insane man who killed a lot of people, a pathetic man who embezzled for the sake of his children, a man who wrongly mischarged because of ショタg冤罪[enzai]…See? You can imagine there are so many episodes in a jail. Suppose you are in a jail, what would you do? Try to make friends with someone who has a similar circumstance to you? Or avoid the other inmates, try to be alone? Try to get out of there? See how easy we can make a plot, right?


Shotacon game, Enzai. This is officially released in U.S.

 Anyway, I have seen some stories which take place in a jail such as Prison Break[プリズンブレイク] or Shawshank Redemption[ショーシャンクの空に], and I noticed one rule: there is at least one gay. 何でだろうね(笑)Is this because there is no women, or there is no way to clear a sexual frustration? If a man put himself in such a setting for a long time, he would be so desperate that he doesn’t even care about that it’s not a woman he is going to eat up, wouldn’t he? Come to think of it, in the movie Brokeback Montain I have seen something like this; since the two live at a mountain for a long time with no girls, they get kinky and feel like having a sex even though they know they are men. えーそうなの?そうなっちゃうモンなの、ねえ?

lucky dog

Do you like syujin fuku?

 At any rate, such has become popular among fangirls. Now we can find a lot of jail thing as I have said. And when it comes to BL, there are a lot of. We say 囚人[syujin] to mean a prisoner, and 囚人萌え[syujin-moe] is to love such a jail thing. It doesn’t seem to be so important, but the worn-out uniform[囚人服, syujin fuku] inmates wear are the object fangirls love. The most recent syujin thing is Lucky Dog[ラッキードッグ], and this is a really really popular BL game. I haven’t played this game, so there is not much to say about it. Has anybody played? Basically, things which handle syujin are so dark, serious, painful…and sad. And the friendship and the bond they swear are very beautiful. I like sad stories so I must say I have a 囚人萌え. I am not interested in shotacon at all, but I feel like playing 冤罪 a bit because I heard this is a really painful(not only that way) and sad story. By the way, if you happen to be American, however, please tell me: Is this really okay that such a shotacon game has officailly come out there? I mean, aren’t there people who strictly and ridiculously advocate the shotacon game motivates the pedophilias? 

 Wait, I was wondering. Speaking of a setting only men are, what about military service? In Japan, there is no obligation to engage in, but in South Korea or Singapore there is. Could it be…? 刑務所でのBLは聞いたことはあっても、軍隊の中ってのは聞いたことありません(苦笑)


  1. Marie said,

    You know, sometimes it feels really strange to read your blog – in a good way, of course. If I go crazy over certain things, you would actually write about it in your blog before long. It actually happened so many times, I’m beginning wonder whether you can actually read people’s mind ^^;;

    Talking about 囚人萌え, my wallpaper just recently changed to Lucky Dog. I love 由良先生! 囚人服, more specifically, it’s the “stripe” that I love and I think most people would agree or is it just me!?! hehe ^^;; Oh! And most importantly, Italian Mafia 萌え =^^=

    Really enjoyed the reading ^^b

    • bangin said,

      Because I have a rader. I can sense what you do want to know wherever I am! Haha.
      I have been wondering why we often see the stripe uniforms when it comes to a prisoner.

      I like Miracle Norton and Otometeki kakumei Love Revo! from Yura-sensei’s work.

  2. ponytale said,

    Hi Hi bangin-san, meant to drop by earlier ^^ I don’t particularly have a syujin-moe… but wow I didn’t even know this term existed! Learnt something again! XD Shawshank was a brilliant movie. I think everybody was cheering and going YES! at the way it ended.

    As for prison appeal in BL, I guess there’s this morbid fascination with all these men who are locked together. We hear stories about non-con MxM too in real-life prisons, don’t we? (x_x but I prefer them in fantasy than in reality) And the abuse in game Enzai was too much/realistic(?) for me… I couldn’t complete it after getting my first bad ending. I satisfied my curiosity of the stories by reading the game spoilers and endings in other players websites. In the US release, the official information raised all the ages of the shota prisoners to 18 and above, so that was how they got around the controversial setting.

    I haven’t completed Lucky Dog 1 yet. I only managed to get 1 bad ending before work came piling in. I love the character design. Yura-sensei is very clever in incorporating the prison stripes into their outfits. So fashionable looking! XD

    Military men have a different appeal. It’s the uniforms! Yum~ I never really thought about the uniformed men in a similar context of “prison” (compulsory enlistment lol~) But you’re giving me ideas… (^///^)

    • bangin said,

      Ah, does anyone make a doujinshi of Red x Andy? If there is, I would take it for sure! Because I wonder how they will be ever after the ending.

      When I grabbed an image from Enzai, some of the pics were too painful to see since the abuse was so hard. Ah that explains, they need to claim all the characters are more than 18.

      A friend of mine is now engaged in the military since they must do so, and he uploaded some pics on his site…they are all wearing the uniforms. It looked so cool! Now I can understand why Hetaria is so popular. ^^

      • ponytale said,

        Hmm, a Red x Andy pairing never occurred to me XP cos I didn’t see movie with a BL filter lol~ XD

        I’m not sure why but somehow I wasn’t able to stomach the Enzai game. Maybe the whole setting was too depressing… the artwork, music and so on were all very dark. I usually play BL games with headphones on, so it is more immersive and maybe made it worse.

        hehehe I love the anime adaptation of Hetaria XD Do you think you’ll enjoy military life? I know for sure that I won’t lol~ kekeke

  3. bangin said,

    Yes the abuse scenes in Enzai are so brutal that I can’t see. But I am still interested in other prisoners. Also I heard the hero shall die if you don’t choose a correct decision, oh so sad!

    I am just a coward so I don’t think I can even lift a rifle! And in the military basement, I can’t even cosplay~. But I still want to try the uniform. I like Austria the most in Hetaria.

    • ponytale said,

      Each prisoner (and even the “bad guys”) has very detailed and well-crafted back-story. And yeah, it seems that any wrong choice in the routes will lead the lead character straight to hell. ^^;;

      Real life military is not for me but I enjoyed playing those simulation type of shooting at the arcade. There was this game where players wear infra-red sensors “armor” and carry infra-red “laser” rifles. We split into 2 teams and enter the game arena. And basically stalk and shoot the enemy players/attack the enemy while trying to protect our own base during the game time-limit. So fun! (well that bcos nobody dies in there. Probably laughed ourselves to near-death but that was it.) XD

      Are you planning to cosplay Austra-san anytime soon? Ah~You must play the piano!!! (Is there a term for musician-moe?) XD There are so many lovable personifications in Hetaria… ^^

      • bangin said,

        There is a shooting range at a certain hobby shop here so that you can bring your model gun and military uniform. But I have never heard of what you mentioned! Is there something like that at the arcade in Japan…? Sounds so fun!

        I always fall for his favorite line, このおバカさんが!Oh no, I can’t play the piano!! I have cosplayed someone with the violin, though. Since Nodame Cantabile has become a big hit, there are people who have a musician-moe!

  4. ponytale said,

    Hehe this is what the game is like… found the video on youtube

    Its like if you get shot, you’ll be disabled for a couple of seconds. And if you run out of ammo you need to run to recharging stations etc. At the end there’s a ranking and you get to see how many point you got.

    Yep! I’m seen your album! Would you consider also adding Austria-san to your list? XD

    • bangin said,

      Oh so this is it! We don’t have this here.

      I have a lot of characters to cosplay! Okay, I shall list it out here, and some of them are ready.

      a. Break (Pandora Hearts)
      b. Usami Akihiko(Junjo Romantica)
      c. Sakiyama Youji and Shironuma Tetsuo (sweet pool)
      d. Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji)
      e. Asato (Lamento)

      As for a, I will do by the end of this year for sure. And d and e, I will do as soon as possible. My friends told me I am kind of uke-looking so I should cosplay Youji, not Tetsuo. Oh why!?

      • ponytale said,

        wow~ that’s a beautiful looking list XD Looking forward to them!

        Ah…Somehow you feel more like Youji than Tetsuo… ^^ not cos of uke-looking or not… I think you can do a broody Youji very well! Your current hairstyle is perfect as Youji too. Why not do both Tetsuo and Youji XD then photoshop yourself together lol~

  5. bangin said,

    Sounds so interesting. If only I could find Tetsuo, I would do BL cosplay again! I want to act some key scenes from the game.

  6. lolapeluta said,

    Ah, 囚人萌え。。。The BL classic is 定広美香’s Under Grand Hotel. And on the het side, the movie Caged Heat. The reality is doubtlessly horrifying, but… it’s fantasy, ne?

    • bangin said,

      Nice example, Under Grand Hotel. That is a story between Japanese and non-Japanese. Anyway, it’s fantasy. ^^

  7. goodyfun said,

    It’s been too long since I’ve read your blog. I missed it!

    Anyway, this is something I really like, too. I used to stay up late and watch documentaries about prison life on the History channel. It’s very complicated and structured, and I hate how BL games like Enzai get it so, so very wrong. 😦 I would like to see something good in this genre for BL someday (I doubt that will ever happen…). I’d like to look into this ラッキードッグ game. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

  8. Mundo Fujoshi – Moe para todos os gostos – parte II « said,

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  9. rzncu said,

    XDDD you posted about luckydog1!!! ❤ I think that game gave me 囚人萌え! The characters in there looks better in syujin-fuku than others could look in all sorts of other clothes. As for Enzai, I'm not sure about the shotacon aspect of it, but I guess people overlooked it when it was released years ago. Back then, public wasn't as aware of these kind of things.

    The United States Supreme Court's has been generally understood as permitting virtual, or cartoon, child pornography. However, that ruling actually said that images that did not involve the use of real minors in their production could not be prosecuted as "child pornography." The court very explicitly stated that those types of images could, however, be prosecuted as obscenity under the Miller standard. <— this is what wiki said, so people could possibly get in trouble for a different law for obscenity, and not the fact that it's shota… which is, a bit confusing.

    • bangin said,

      In Japan, the committee is going to change the law towards the child porno, but because most fans were against it, they postponed it. Next time will be next month. This case is not closed yet. I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t want them to take away moe from us.

  10. Mundo Fujoshi – Moe para todos os gostos – parte II » Blyme – o site que noticia tudo o que é yaoi! - Blue Lemonade Yaoi said,

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    • bangin said,

      Thank you. Anytime.^^

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