オッドアイ [odd eye]

October 8, 2009 at 3:24 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word)

 I used to be a big fan of GTO[Great Teacher Onizuka] when I was a student. I am pretty sure you don’t know this anime since it is a very old series, so I shall quickly explain the summary. The story is simple, a 22-year-old Onizuka who used to be the head of the gang starts a new life as a teacher in Kichijoji[吉祥寺, does this ring a bell to you if you know Cafe吉祥寺で]. The class he shall manage is actually the worst at the school. All of the teachers have been boycotted because of the harrassment by the students. Onizuka tries to understand the students and figure out why they hate the teachers.

odd eye

 At any rate, there is a girl I really like in this anime. She is Kanzaki Urumi[神崎麗美]. I will tell you about her more later, so now please look at her right eye. It’s light-blue, isn’t it? Just one eye is colored…that is オッドアイ[odd eye]. Technically, it’s called Heterochromia[ヘテロクロミア] Iridis and in Japanese, we say 虹彩異色症[kousai ishokushou] or 金目銀目[kinme ginme]. This is often seen among cats or dogs, and as for human beings it’s very rare. But it sure exists. In the history, Aleksandros ho Megas had オッドアイ. Because of such a legend, it is said people who have オッドアイ have a mysterious power to see things we can’t see. Yes, we say 邪眼[jagan] or 魔眼[magan]. So オッドアイ seems to be kind of charming though I wonder how those who have it actually feel. This is basically a kind of physical disorder, so it requires understanding and patience to treat it as a genre of moe. 

 In real life colored eyes have no special power, however, it is not in anime. If there is a character who has オッドアイ in the series, watch out, there is a story.

 Kanzaki Urumi has a deep secret with her birth. In fact, she is a test-tube girl. Her mother bought an intelligent man’s one from the sperm bank. We are never told who her father actually is, but that is why she is extremely intelligent. Just because her father could be a Caucasian, it doesn’t mean she has オッドアイ. But it has something to do with that…At any rate, she is almost an outcast in the class because of her awesome intelligence (besides, the school treated her as a special student). In such a time, just a female teacher of her was nice to her when she was 10 or so. Urumi was so happy that she came to her place to study almost every single day. The teacher actually got frustrated as Urumi even surpassed her, so there was nothing to teach. When Urumi pointed out her mistake during the lesson, she spoke out the secret that Urumi was a test-tube girl in front of all the classmates. Since then, she stopped trusting people and that is why she hates teachers.

 One more example, here is Oskar von Reuenthal[オスカー・フォン・ロイエンタール] whose nickname is Bewitching Eyes from Legend of the Galactic Heroes[銀河英雄伝説]. He used to be maltreated by his mother because of his eye when he was a kid. Even though he acts like a playboy, he doesn’t trust women at heart.

odd eye 2

 Okay, I shall pick up someone from more recent series…then it is still old but I mustn’t forget Suiseiseki and Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden. Their eyes are green and red, but as if they have totally different thoughts each other, the colored eyes are placed in a reversed position. 


 Since the big hit of Rozen Maiden, we have seen a lot of characters who have オッドアイ, haven’t we? Ryomo Shimei[呂蒙子明] from Ikkitousen[一騎当千] and Iba Itsuki from Rental Magica. Ryomo Shimei possesses Ryubi’s dragon in her left eye. Itsuki possesses Glam Sight [fairy eye, 妖精眼] in his right eye. The common point is that both are using an eye patch[眼帯, gantai] to cover. Putting aside オッドアイ, we can find such a half-eyed character so easily in anime, can’t we? If either eye is covered or veiled with something(mostly front hair), you can say 片目キャラ[katame chara] or メカクレ[mekakure], and such a girl is 目隠れっ娘[mekakrekko]. Of course, if you love such a girl, you have 目隠れっ娘萌え[mekakurekko moe]. If both eyes are covered, it is メカクレ like Belphegor in Katei Kyoushi Hitman! Reborn. My favorite is Dokuro-chan, her eye patch is a moe to me, yes I have 眼帯萌え[gantai moe]!

 Back to the topic, as odd-eyed characters become popular, cosplayers are willing to buy カラコン[colored contacts] to copy. Now young people including アゲ嬢 are buying them for fashion, and they are not so expensive at a discount store. But know this, those contacts have no prescription, so it would be dangerous to wear for hours. If possible, you had better buy prescripted ones for your eyes. I have light blue, purple, red, and yellow brown ones. I wear contacts only when I cosplay, and as soon as I finish, I take off.

color contacts

color contacts

 As I have said, Heterochromia is kind of a disorder so this might require your understanding. We have to be aware of the fact that there are people who have Heterochromia, and I am hoping we could understand and accept the differences in order to enjoy the creativity.



  1. animekritik said,

    what do you call eyepatch girls? like ryomou of course, but also like Chihiro from ef…

    • bangin said,

      I forgot to mention, so I updated the article. We say 眼帯っ娘萌え.[gantaikko moe]

  2. Micchi said,

    Ahhhh heterochromia, one of my fav moe traits ^o^

    The one that actually first ‘opened my eyes’ to this trait was Lasty from Angelic Serenade. In that game, people avoided her because of her heterochromia and her story was very sad. From then on, I have looked upon characters with heterochromia as those with an eventful past or inherent magical ability.

    Other ones that I’ve seen are Shuffle’s Mayumi, Natsuyume Nagisa’s Maki, Nanoha’s Vivio and Saki’s Mihoko. Personally, I didn’t like Suiseiseki because I don’t like the dolls in Rozen Maiden. They scare me.

    I’ve done some looking around the topic as well and usually you can’t even tell unless you look closely since the effect is not as apparent like in animals. I think if one has heterochromia, it just adds to the uniqueness of that individual.

    Eyepatch-moe is not really my type though. It gives off a more obvious ‘broken’ feeling.

    • bangin said,

      Where a girl with Heterochromia is, there is a sad story or past. It gets me so much! And as for Lelouch, it is not an inborn gift since C.C bestowed him. But I like his odd eye, very cool. I want the power of Geass!

  3. 子犬 said,

    Dokuro-chan? That is a very sophomoric guro and lolicon comedy thing right?

    I think I saw a character in Venus vs. Virus was gantaikko. And odd eyes. Did you know that if a cat is white and with blue eyes they are deaf in both ears? If they are white and have odd eyes, and one is blue, they are deaf only in the ear on the side of the blue eye!

    • bangin said,

      No, I meant Dokuro in Katei kyoushi Hitman! Reborn. She is a gantaikko.

      I didn’t know about that. Cats with odd eyes are very cool, I think.

  4. mochie said,

    GTO is actually very popular over here despite it being an old series. Even the live action GTO is somewhat well known except I don’t really like the live.

    When you mention odd eye I firstly think of Yuna from Final Fantasy X and Ciel Phatomhive. Odd eye characters are very lovely to cosplay except they are very expensive because it means that you have to buy two pairs of contacts. As I wear colour contacts for normal everyday wear I sometimes like to wear odd eye ones as well (like one blue, one green)

    • bangin said,

      Yes, I bought a single purple lense to cosplay Lelouch, and a pair of red lenses, so I had to pay for them. But color contacts make a great difference when we cosplay. Some people manage it with photoshop, but I don’t know how to do so I buy.

  5. Platypus said,

    When I decided to cosplay as Suiseiseki, I was worried that I would have to spend a lot of money on contact lenses — not only do I have bad eyesight but I also have astigmatism (乱視?) in both eyes.

    But since plain red lenses are fairly common and green lenses even moreso, I ended up spending under $100 USD. They must be a lot cheaper now that cosplay has become sort of popular in the US — thankfully. They really put the finishing touch on a lot of cosplays.

    A lot of my friends think heterochromia is moe but it doesn’t do anything for me. :O

    • bangin said,

      Here you can buy color contacts at $30 or so, but they have no priscrption. It’s so painful to be blind while I cosplay. If I am afford to buy priscripted contacts, I will definitely buy.

      Some cosplayers do not like to wear contacts, but me, want to do because it makes your cosplay more fabulous.

  6. ChessurCat said,

    hello sorry sir if i just reply after 2 3 years… but i have a question for you…

    in thi anime this character say a word

    Yappuuu! (i think is correct as i wrote) i want know in the details what she means with yappuuu! and if is a way for say Hello or something else…

    • bangin said,

      You are right. I don’t think it is Yappuuu, but Yahhooo or Yappooo. Anyway, it means hi.

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