[Intermission] オフ会にようこそ! Ⅲ(welcome to off-kai)

September 23, 2009 at 3:23 am (Blogroll)

 I don’t know why so many foreigners like Japan. What makes them come to Japan? One of my friend is coming soon again from UK for business. He has already worked here for over a year, but he still loves Japan so he applied for a job again to come to Japan. I am glad to hear people like Japan since I am Japanese. I don’t think here is such a nice country, though.

 Anyway, my Singaporean friend named double came to Japan again so we met up in Tokyo. He has been to Japan for five(?) times! And this time his main purpose was to see the live performances in which his favorite rock bands showed. He has some friends in Kumamoto(熊本) and Nagano(長野) so he can get a free accomodation when he goes there.

 Last year, He and I joined the cosplay event to do Evangelion. But this time there was no time, so we met up just one time during his staying. When I saw him at Shinjuku station, he looked grown-up more than last year. Time flies. Maybe he can’t cosplay Shinji-kun anymore? Yet I still cosplay Nagisa Kaworu!  I think I must be looking older. ホント俺どーしよ(泣)

 We had lunch, talked, and went to karaoke with his friend named Soshi who is studying a certain university here. And lastly, we went to an izakaya (pub) to have dinner. OMG, he won’t be coming Japan until he finishes the national service…and is he going to get shaved? No way, Shinji-kun…okay don’t worry, I am flying to Singapore to save you with Unit 01. 楽しかった、またオジサンと遊ぼうね!

Just the way you are...our days are always going on.

Just the way you are...our days are always going on.



  1. Hinano said,

    JP and I are going to Japan (Tokyo) in March 2010. We should meet up or something! One of our days is planned to go to Akihabara XD

    • bangin said,

      Oh really? Then please let me know when the detail is decided! Let’s have fun!

  2. Soshi said,

    Uwa, I’m so sorry for all the terrible photos I took! >u<;;;

    • bangin said,

      No no, thanks for being a photographer!
      I wish I could know about my camera properly.

  3. animemiz said,

    What is there not to love.. Japan is like Mecca for anyone who is a fan of Japanese animation/culture.

    • bangin said,

      Then would you like to come?

  4. w said,

    You’re sounding more and more like a scary sort of ojisan, Y-dono~

    Just make sure you’re somewhere in Japan in 2011! I’m going to be there for 2 semesters. There, you’ve got received notice of it a YEAR in advance.

    • bangin said,


      Oh no, so are you planning to study here?
      Yes, please definitely let me know when the time comes. I doubt if I could keep this blog until then, though.

      • w said,


        I hope that statement was just a blanket disclaimer of uncertainty rather than a fairly clear hint that this blog will ~not~ be around in 1.5 years’ time… You better not give up on this fun blog any time soon, unless you’ve decided to throw yourself at your job 😦

  5. 0ne said,

    カヲル X シンジくん (笑)

    • bangin said,

      Where Shinji-kun is, I will be. Because I might have been born to meet him.

  6. bangin said,

    w: No no no, I won’t give up so soon. This blog is a part of my life because I have made friends with a lot of people. For example, just in case I got an accident or sick. I don’t want that kind of thing to happen to me.

    So long as anime fans create a new word, this blog will go on!

  7. 子犬 said,

    double does look older. He used to be more skinny then you!

    Time goes really fast. I think it is a month since I read your blog. orz

    • bangin said,

      I think he would be cooler and more muscular after he finished the national service, and he won’t be able to cosplay Shinji.

      And maybe I got skinnier, that’s why it seems to be that way.

  8. 子犬 said,

    I think skinny is better. You can fit in more clothes. I am tall with broad shoulders so I’m jealous!

  9. mochie said,

    I want to go to Japan to eat and shop haha and also to see some concerts if I can but my money is limited for now. There is so much to do in Japan compared to Australia, all the shops close here at 5pm and 4.30pm on Sundays. There are only a few places with game centres and purikura and only 1 karaoke place with somewhat latest japanese and anime songs.

    So yea, not much to do here. Haha.

    • bangin said,

      They are everywhere in Japan, and I would like to see some beautiful scenery in Australia. I am sure you would get bored soon if you came here!

  10. Mariusmink said,

    I agree with animemiz: Japan is one place all Japanese popculture addicts hope to go at least once in their lives.

    I don’t know what it is about Japan/Korea but I feel more connected to those countries than my own (US). Things just “make sense” to me there. For instance, I am studying in Taiwan right now and here I fit in more than I did in the US. Now, I’m considered “cool” for liking things that are considered stupid in the US.

    Anime fans are looked down on in the US, but in Asian countries, it is different. Sure, society looks down on them but it’s not considered weird unless the obsession is extreme (all we have to do is keep the intensity of our fandom a secret!).

    No one questions why you watch Crayon Shin Chan religiously in Taiwan. No one. I can stop by in an anime shop and find anything I want–where as in the US all I had was the internet.

    I too plan on studying in Japan in university!

    • bangin said,

      You studying in Taiwan? I travelled Tainan to pay a visit my friend. Yes there are a couple of anime shops, and in Taipei, there is even a maid-cafe. Cosplay is also very popular there, and I sometimes browse Taiwanese cosplayers, they are AWESOME! I wish I could join a cosplay event out there.

  11. kyatto said,

    I like Japan…..mostly because I met a lot of nice people there 🙂 I studied in Osaka for a year, and I stayed with a host family….they were the nicest people ever, and I think Osaka people in general are just really cool.

    I like Japan also because it’s not the U.S., which gets boring! XD Traveling to other countries is much more fun and exciting than staying at home at working at a used bookstore <_<

    • bangin said,

      For me, U.S. is more fabulous than Japan which gets boring!
      I spent a year in Canada, and most people are so nice that I could make friends with the locals so easily. I still miss them!

  12. Arikoto said,

    Japanese are known for being polite and well mannered. That’s what people said. That alone make good impression about Japan in foreigners’ eyes.
    Japanese is the best kind of Asian! That’s why. :)) 😛 Just kidding 😛

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