[Cosplay] Big Blue…

September 16, 2009 at 4:49 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 The cosplay event I joined last Sunday took place near my place, and that was so nice. The venue was the local park where you can enjoy swimming, golf, and tennis. The admission fee was free, and the location is close to the sea. In such a boring town, this must be the only one good thing, really.

 At any rate, there is no new charaters I can cosplay now, so if you have followed my blog for a long time, you might have already seen me cosplaying him.


 He is Tsukimori Len[月森 蓮] in Kin’iro no Corda-primo passo- which is based on the otome game. I think I have cosplayed him more than three times, and this time I decided to cosplay another version of him…that is 学ラン[gakuran]. Actually, you can’t see Tsukimori wearing a gakuran in the anime nor the game. So where does he show in a gakuran? The answer is in a certain illustration from the manga. You say no one can recognise! But actually Tsukimori cosplayers can do so because we Japanese cosplayers like to complete all the costumes the characters wear. Anyway, gakuran is useful because you can use it for any characters who wear it. If you happen to be a cosplayer, I recommend you should buy one!



何も飾らずに ただ素顔の君が眠ってる

君を眺めると ここに 帰る場所が ある気がする



想い出 さびついていた


振り向けば 君がいた こんな傍に君がいる

だから何も 言わないで Stay そのままで…



君となら 行けるだろう 世界の果てまで


この孤独な街で なぜ 僕らは出逢って 許し合う

何が言えるだろう? 今 大切な君に何が出来る?


Ah 自由とわがままを はきちがえたら



P9132092君はいつでも 日々の大切さ教えてくれる

だからもう離さない Stay そのままで…

愛という約束に 縛られず生きてゆこう

誰も知ることのない 未来に賭けよう


違う理想を比べても 答えは出ないはずさ



振り向けば 君がいた


誰も知ることのない 未来に賭けよう





  1. goodyfun said,

    The fifth photo is my favorite. The “looking over yonder” pose makes your eyes look pretty. 😀

    • bangin said,

      The tree I am leaning on is nice. It helps me have a decent light. And I llike this contrast between the sky and my wig.

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