The classification for 童貞[doutei]

September 8, 2009 at 2:34 pm (general, otaku word, slang)

 I have been waiting for a chance to introduce this, but I didn’t know how since there are not only one term, but a few more. So this time, the right time came along when I watched the movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin[40歳の童貞男].

40 year old virgin

 If there is American style of 電車男[Train Man], I must say this really fits. The story follows a 40-year-old guy, Andy who works at an electric appliance store. Although he is a nice guy, he actually loves to collect figures and play video games. Yes, he is a figure otaku. The clothes he wears in this movie reminds me of the hero in Train Man, I mean, it’s a bit too conservative. In fact, when I walk around Akihabara, I sometimes see someone like him. Even non-Japanese…日本人じゃなくてもそういう人っているんだ…Back to the topic, he has never dated anyone, yes, he is virgin! We say 童貞[doutei] to mean a virgin guy, and 処女[shojo] means such a woman.


 When Andy and his friends are talking about sex, he pretends to be experienced, but it doesn’t go well. As a result, he ends up admitting he is virgin. And his friends decide to help him graduate from being virgin, it’s called Lost Virgin Project[童貞喪失計画].

 Makes me laugh so much, but after I watched this movie, I decided to make a post to classify 童貞. Like 腐女子[fujoshi], there are some classification depending upon the experience he has or the age.

Her breasts are like a sandbag!

Her breasts are like a sandbag!

a. 神聖童貞[shinsei doutei]: This kanji is wrong, the right spell is 真性[shinsei] which means bona fide. 神聖[shinsei] means holy or sacred. This is something 2ch bugs misspell on purpose to make a pun. 真性童貞 is a bona fide virgin, which mean a man who has never had a sex nor any experiences of women. Andy pretends to be experienced in front of his friends although he is virgin. 神聖童貞 is used to insult such a person on the web. Could he be actually a 神聖童貞? If you doubt such a dude, do point out, You are a 神聖童貞!By the way, virgin sounds sacred in a way, so I think that’s a funny pun 真性 is written as 神聖.

b. 素人童貞[shirouto doutei]: He has had a sex, but only with a prostitue. In other words, he has never succeeded in love. If you start to date a girl, you meet her, know each other, have fun, and…make love. That’s a normal course. But for some reason, he can’t get a girlfriend, so he can’t have a sex even if he wants to do so. So he makes a shortcut, yes, he buys a sex. In this way, he graduated being virgin. 素人童貞 is such a man. 素人[shirouto] means an amatuer. Yes, he is not skillful in love…


c. 非道童貞[hidou doutei]: Almost the same as 素人童貞, however, 非道童貞[hidou doutei] sounds not good. 非道[hidou] means anti-humanism, that’s to say, it’s a cheating way. Paying a big money, he buys women…there is no love. Besides, rumor has it that most ero-manga artists are 非道童貞 because they could be using their own experiences of such things to expolit money from virgin readers.

d. セカンド童貞[second doutei]: I guess this “second” comes from the baseball terminology. When the first pitcher is away from the position, he is going to be the second. He has had a sex, or used to have a sex a lot before, but he has been sexless for ages. That’s セカンド童貞[second doutei]. How long does the term require in order to be classified as a セカンド童貞? A year, 5 years, 10 years? I am not too sure. But why do they have to be a セカンド童貞? I assume it has something to do with an otaku. If he is not interested in having a sex or girls, he would follow something else. And when he realises, he finds himself being a セカンド童貞…and the final destination is going to be a カレセン[karesen]. Or else, if he got traumatized in the past, such a terrible heartbreak, he might give up. あーなんかこの方がカレセンっぽい!

e. 二次元童貞[nijigen doutei]: 二次元[nijigen] means 2D, not a real thing. To be more simple, it means a man who has never masterbated with a 2D girl. Mostly 2D girls mean anime or eroge girls, but it could mean figures or dolls. There is no scene Andy masterbates with his own collections, could it be…?

f. 魔法使い[mahou tsukai]: It’s a wizard. Ha? What are you talking about? I know, let me explain. Legend has it that any virgin guys are going to be a wizard after 30. But things changed, I heard the age has come down to 25. If you hear a wizard, you would think something cool like Harry Potter. But the truth is no. In the olden times, magic was a scary and uncanny thing. So most people used to think wizards were outcasts. In general, it is said that all the men finish learining how the world works after having a lot of experiences(of course not only about sex) at the age of 30. However, they are still virgin even though they are over 30…so that most people consider they are outcasts like 魔法使い. 別にそんなことないと思うけど(苦笑) At the same time, those people are most likely to be mislabelled as gay or lolita-complex or shotakon. In Japan, some gossip magazines often say some of the single male cerebrities are gay. Lately, Fukuyama Masaharu[福山雅治] has become a target. BTW, you can get promoted to 妖精[yousei] or fairy after 45.

 There is a catch line for this movie, 遅くて何が悪い![What’s wrong with being late?] Yes, there are many ways in life. To get married and have kids, or to be a 魔法使い, it’s up to you. And I have chosen this way…to be an otomen cosplayer. Whatever you do, don’t be like me. 僕のような人間になったら人生終わりなんで(苦笑)



  1. w said,

    Cool! I didn’t know you could become a 妖精 after 45. But first I shall aim to be a 魔法使い. 昇進がんばります(苦笑

    BTW, I think it might be a little clearer to use something other than “bona fide” for 真性, like I dunno, “inborn” or “intrinsic” maybe… Or am I the only one who kept thinking “honest/sincere” at first?

    So it was referring to 真性童貞! all this while when I saw people complain that they’re 真性 I thought they meant 真性包茎… which would, incidentally, be a good reason to be a virgin if you’re afraid of surgery, I guess.

  2. bangin said,

    You are a girl じゃん…

    What about sheer?
    真性 sounds like…yeah, that kind of thing, like 仮性xx. Oh yak. Then can I say 仮性童貞?どんな童貞や!

  3. Shii said,

    Seems like Japanese people know something about wizards that we don’t…

    • bangin said,

      I don’t know about wizards well, but I barely know about witchhunting.

  4. khim said,


    • bangin said,


  5. Micchi said,

    魔法使い sounds pretty cool XD Interesting read.

    • bangin said,

      I end up thinking of Negi-sensei in Negima! when it comes to 魔法使い? Well then, I doubt he is a wizard in that way. www

  6. goodyfun said,

    Do you like Negima? I don’t really. It’s bland. I think some people only read Negima! because it sort of looks like Harry Potter.

    There’s plenty better magic stuff, like the Bartimaeus Trilogy [ バーティミアス], which I recommend anyone to read. I think that you would like it.

    • bangin said,

      Negima is just a harem anime, and I don’t follow.

      Thanks for the info, and I have finished all the Potter books. I haven’t read any magic stuff lately, so I will give it a try.

  7. animekritik said,

    excellent article. of course none of this applies to me, but it’s very informational 😉

    • bangin said,

      Thank you. ^^

  8. Ayanta said,

    Oh lol. Tingle is 35 years old, and he wants to become a fairy… I wonder if he’s actually talking about staying a virgin until he turns 45 xD…

    • bangin said,

      I heard even those who are over 60 can do it, so 45 is still alright!

  9. mochie said,

    Haha I love that movie. It was very funny when I watched it.

    One of my friends was a 40yr old virgin. A friend of mine hooked up with him and they got married 2 yrs ago and she told us he was a virgin. He is 24yrs older than her and an otaku. Haha it’s quite funny that they met at an anime event and he said that she reminds him of an anime character. (ok maybe that sounds a little scary??)

    I also don’t understand the second virgin idea haha, when I was watching ‘How I met your mother’ that was brought up in there as well when the girl he was chasing after having had sex for over 5 years.

    • bangin said,

      Oh have you watched this movie? I laughed a lot!

      Does someone like Andy really exist in real life?(゜д゜) I know a 38yrs old single otaku, and I doubt he is virgin, but not so sure. He doesn’t seem to have any porn video…

      BTW, he is a Gundam otaku.

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