[Cosplay] Katei kyoushi Hitman REBORN!

August 29, 2009 at 1:31 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 Speaking of JUMP anime series, what would you think of? In America, Naruto and BLEACH are popular, and in Europe, it’s D-grayman. Death Note are everywhere. Too bad, my favorite series from JUMP are less popular out of Japan…yes, I really love Gintama and Katei kyoushi Hitman REBORN![家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!]. For some reason, in China and South Korea both are famous, I heard.

 Among cosplayers, those two series are very popular because there are many characters so that you can form a group easily. And then they always seek for someone to join at an upcoming cosplay event. If you happen to cosplay Gintoki, and want to have fun with other cosplayers, you just go to an event or you will see a lot of Gintama groups for sure. Most of my cosplaying friends can do someone in Gintama or KHR. I can cosplay Hijikata from Gintama, but I hadn’t cosplayed anyone from KHR, so I decided to cosplay him.


 He is Hibari Kyouya[雲雀恭弥], who is the leader of Namimori’s Discipline Committee, or Prefects, whose members happen to be a group of delinquents loyal to him despite his lack of care for them. Though he mostly speaks in a calm tone, Hibari is an excellent but violent fighter himself, who uses a pair of tonfa as his primary weapons. Though he uses his status to harass others, he actually has great pride in his school and has a soft side toward animals. However, students are not the only ones who fear him, teachers and other town residents know of him as well since he enforces his form of order throughout the entire town. He prefers to be alone, usually beating up those who crowd near him.

 Sounds cool, and the reason why I like him is that he is not sure of his own age. I mean, he forgot it so that he can be any age as he likes it, he insists. Sometimes he shows up around the first year students’ territory or anywhere. OMG, that’s me! Because I forgot my age, I can cosplay anybody. From a 14-year-old boy to 34-year-old guy, no one knows my real age. Even I don’t know(笑). なんちゃって、嘘です。ホントはただのアラサーレイヤーでーす、よろしくー♪

 A while ago, I already uploaded the 10-years-later him but the school uniform version had to come first, darn it. I actually cosplayed already, but I did it again because I didn’t like any of the pictures.










  1. tokyo moe said,

    Great photos, backdrops (power lines, chain link fences, tunnel and flowers) and expressions. I like the combination of danger and softness.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you^^
      The sunset was good. It gives the photos such a nastalgy.

  2. 子犬 said,

    I’m with you. I am usually reading humor and a good feeling comics now. Other genres are falling apart…

    I like the picture with the fence. 😉

    • bangin said,

      Looks like a countryside, doesn’t it? Yes, it is. It’s near my home, such a boring town.^^

  3. khursten said,

    いいじゃん~ 噛みを殺すかい? ふふふ~

    ちょっと!ヒバードがいなくて、雲雀じゃないの。 :<

    • bangin said,


      • punkednoodle said,

        うそつき!ヒバードがディノーの頭の上にいるかも~ フフフ~

        ちょっと人気だとおもうよ。It recently came out on Philippine television, but it’s been popular among girls here for quite somewhile. They can’t resist the bishounen after all. To be honest, I’m not so fond of it as much anymore. リボーンのストーリが変になった。That’s what I think…

  4. bangin said,

    Yes there are so many characters, and so many bishounen as such. And the timeline is a bit weird in the story, and makes things a bit complicated.

  5. mochie said,

    ahh your cosplay photos makes me want to cosplay now~ (i have been so busy with uni D= and coz I sew every week i am getting sick of it too).

    I think it is the time lapse that makes certain animes more or less popular in countries. Since South Korea and China are closer to Japan as well as Taiwan, it is easier to get the latest Anime and because the market is bigger, even the translations end up coming faster.

    Whereareas compared to us western countries, the market is smaller so a lot of people have to download the series or some wait for the english version to come out. Australia’s popular anime is….extremely shocking… there are still a lot of pokemon cosplayers here and ouran high school and naruto and bleach. Vampire Knight is also popular and there are some Hetalia and Vocaloids cosplay. Inuyasha seems to be dying out finally. And some people have never heard of Death Note and Evangelion. D=

    • bangin said,

      Oh Pokemon! That is very popular here, and Hetalia is, too. I like Italy and UK the most.
      You’re right, Reborn or Gintama are popular in other Asian countries. Speaking of Taiwan, I heard there are a lot of cosplayers and conventions. I have been to Taiwan, but I didn’t come across any conventions.

  6. az said,


    • bangin said,

      I wonder if Hibari likes this flower because he is scared of cherryblossom!

  7. Anime said,

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    Thank you for your info.And this is **anime** site/blog.
    It pretty much covers ###anime## related stuff.

    • bangin said,

      Thank you very much. ^^
      And what is your language? I couldn’t read the main language in your site.

  8. Watch Reborn! said,

    ah cool, more awesome pictures. btw do you take these yourself? they are pro ^^

    • bangin said,

      No I always have to ask someone. They are too far from pro. lol

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