August 19, 2009 at 4:07 pm (general, otaku word)

 It’s so simple, this just means to stop being an otaku. That’s 脱オタク[datsu-otaku]. [datsu] means to stop doing sth. For example, there is a typcial saying, 脱サラ[datsu-sara] or stop being a salaryman. It’s an abbreviation of 脱サラリーマン. If you are a salaryman, and stepping down to start a new business, you can say 脱サラする[datsu-sara suru].

 But 脱オタク doesn’t go that way, I mean, it seems like it means to stop being so geeky, and try to be neat. Sounds like you should not carry such an otakish goods(like a T-shirt printed an anime character) with you, and be more like a general person. I don’t want to say like this, though…あんまりこういう事は言いたくないのだけれど。To be honest, I don’t like the way people regard otakus as an otaku. What’s wrong with carrying a keychain of Lelouch with me?

 We have to know how a word, otaku[おたく] was considered when it was born. In 1980’s, this word was born and at that time, there was a famous nerd 宅八郎[Hachiro Taku] who used to carry a figure with him. His looking was really otaku-like, so that is why people think about him or a looking like him when it comes to otaku(please find his picture yourself if you want to see). And then otaku became a kind of negative label, so people even used to be scared of being an otaku.

 Even if you like to play tennis, but you have to stop, we don’t seem to say 脱テニス[datsu-tennis]. Because tennis is just an outdoor sport, and doesn’t have such a negative image. But you can use 脱 for such a bad habit such as smoking, gambling, playing around women or something like that. So being an otaku is something you shouldn’t follow forever, that’s how people interpret. But why?

 Tennis, golf, or whatever, people can enjoy it as a hobby while they are having a steady life. Comparing to it, otaku people are really enthusiastic to follow what they love. Sometimes they go too far, leaving such a steady life. うっ、それって俺の事じゃん(苦笑)They don’t love somebody, don’t marry, and purchase weird stuff(looks that way from people) or follow a 2D girl. There are really otakus who are in a strong obssession like me

 Besides, there was a landmark incident called M事件[M-jiken] which a geeky man kidnapped four little girls and killed in 1988. He turned out to be a figure otaku, and was obssessed with a little girl. Because of this, the press strictly insulted otaku people, so that more and more otakus couldn’t come out of the closet. So 脱オタク was actually born in the otaku society. To leave what they love behind and have a steady life, or to go on being an otaku and try to be neat, that was a desperate decision…To be an otaku, or not to be an otaku, that’s the question.

densha otoko

 Don’t take it so seriously, please. The meaning of 脱オタク has changed since the hit movie 電車男[densha otoko] in 2004. This is a love story between a geeky man and a young lady. The otaku acted by Takayuki Yamada shows in a geeky fashion first, but he tries to change his looking, like buying neat clothes and going to the hairdresser’s. Because of this scene, 脱オタク seems to mean to improve your looking so that no one thinks you are an otaku.

 If you have watched 電車男, you would know how the hero looked in the movie. That is a typical image we have towards otakus. I don’t think someone like him still exists in this world even now, but there are…still, but few.   

 There is nothing wrong to be an otaku, but if you are an adult with a common sense, you should be neat so that people don’t feel uncomfortable. It’s not difficult at all. Keep your hair tidy, shave, and wear a clean shirt and shoes. That’s it.

 Me? When I was a student at school, I looked like a densha otoko. So I don’t want to look back then. Maybe only my old friends know how I looked. I am a cosplayer now, so I have to try to make myself look like a character I cosplay as much as possible. To do so, I mustn’t be like a nerd…oh I don’t know. I know my place, I mean, whatever I do, I can’t do 脱オタク. Because…I enjoy my cosplay life! When I do 脱オタク, I would have to close this blog and say good-bye to you.

 なんちゃって、そんな日が来るのかなぁ? いや来ないな(笑)





  1. Hinano said,

    I don’t think there’s anything WRONG with say watching anime or drama but when I think of otaku I also think of the nerds who don’t take showers, and plaster their room with figures and posters. (like kimoota hahaha)

    I just enjoy watching anime and drawing fanart but I only have a small bookshelf with manga and figures. I have no anime posters on my walls and I don’t wear anime tshirts. I don’t even go to anime conventions that much anymore…I even quit cosplay ^^;

    Maybe I am a datsu-ota after all? XD

    • bangin said,

      To pursue something you love is an otaku spirit, so even if we stop following otakish things, you will follow another thing unless you leave the spirit. If I quit cosplay and insisted I did datsu-otaku, my otaku spirit never dies, and exists in my heart forever.

  2. brianleung8912 said,

    There are many people who gives off the densha otoko look, and yes, they are not the popular group in my school. Suprisingly, none of them likes anime, or at least I dont think so. ( I say suprising because of the stereotype -Otaku- gives out, I myself am not suprised at all, afterall Anime is a niche market in UK, even more so than basketball. ) Then there’s me, and few of my friends, we likes anime, we go to expos, cosplay once in a while, and not neccessary talk about anime all the time (I say about 1/20 of our talking time is about anime, thats a guesstimate). Although we like anime, none of us are dirty like the group of people I mentioned above. So I think, it doesn’t matter if someone likes anime, you just GOT TO CLEAN!!!

    • bangin said,

      Such a densha otoko look gives people a misjudgement. In other words, people wouldn’t think you are an otaku so long as you keep yourself clean.

      We don’t have to care about looking too much, but we should do more or less as an adult with a common sense. The lack of sociablility is one of the reasons why people have a negative image towards otakus.

  3. Pentium100 said,

    I enjoy watching anime too (otherwise I would not have found this blog), but I do not have any figures or stuff like that, because all of the free space in my room is occupied by 7 computers and audio/video equipment like R2R tape recorders (I have 4 of them and am looking to buy a new one but they are expensive) and a tube radio.

    Other than that, I probably look like an otaku, just with a different field of interest.

    • bangin said,

      You have 7 computers in your room! Wow, your room must be like a cockpit!

      • Pentium100 said,

        7 computers but only one monitor/keyboard/mouse, because I am the only one using those computers and usually the other computers do not need to be accessed in this fashion (unless something breaks) and I use a KVM switch.

        But my room is full of devices and cables. And a lot of small lights.

  4. Neutrinos said,

    Please excuse my japanese. But I still feel a sense of foreboding,hope that I’m wrong and you will continue writing.

    • bangin said,

      Of course I will continue.^^
      I just said good-bye in such a mood, I don’t mean it at all!

  5. goodyfun said,

    A lot of people labeled as “otaku”, that have tendency to be noticeably socially awkward (Such as carrying a doll.) are people with some form of autism, and likely to be undiagnosed. The fact such obvious signs get overlooked/misunderstood is sad.

    • bangin said,

      All the otaku people are not like that, but people sum it up that way. That’s sad.

      But even that, I want to say that I love what I really like. I have to say I like what I don’t really like sometimes.

  6. 子犬 said,

    I do not feel awkward about being an otaku because the stuff I like is not as childish as collected toys or things like that. I just like manga.

    It would be a less stressful world if good people are not afraid of rejection for their taste. As long as somebody is not completely blinded by stereotypes, when they find out somebody who is normal in every respect just likes manga, they will probably not be disrespectful.

    • bangin said,

      I just cosplay someone I like, and to do so I watch the series. And I choose a nice place and take a picture with my friends.

      I don’t violate anything, but sometimes people overreact. But there are actually annoying otaku people. We just respect each other so that both societies can do well. Things are not that simple, though.

  7. Taiyaki said,

    Hmmm, it’s probably a bit too early for me to do 脱オタク. I mean, there’s still a lot stuff that I haven’t done yet but want to try sometime in the future, like cosplaying or writing my own visual novel. So, yeah, I don’t plan on quitting my hobby anytime soon!

    • bangin said,

      There are a lot of characters I want to cosplay, and I want to make friends with more through this blog. Actually I met up with some people I made friends with here, so it wouldn’t have happened without this blog…

      I have no plan to do datsu-ota for a while!

  8. w said,

    脱オタ is definitely a state of mind rather than an action to me.

    And I think the use of the word 脱 implies that it’s an active choice, rather than the passive falling-out that happens to many of us (even myself, I’m afraid). Hence although my anime activity has gotten really low for nearly a year, I wouldn’t describe myself as 脱オタ… maybe just plain old 萎えた. Although frankly that word makes me sad 😦

    • bangin said,

      The real me is an otaku whatever I do. So even if I do 脱レイヤー, I wouldn’t do 脱オタク. When I get too old to cosplay, I would have to quit. But I am not suited to be a 一般人. Maybe I am not social.

  9. mochie said,

    Haha I watched Densha Otoko – the drama version. I think that to stop being an otaku is rather hard, it’s not something you can do over night but I don’t believe that if you are an otaku you have to dress like one.

    I think most otakus can still have normal lives, like go to work and then when they come home or during weekends they can stay at home and watch anime. As for me, I have to dress well because I get judged on the way I dress at university.

    • bangin said,

      Yes, most otakus have normal lives, and they have to make money for their collection, so it means they are working.

      Any girls working at a boutique have to dress well and do make-up. They really have to take care of their looking. Otherwise, the clothes wouldn’t sell well.

  10. rzncu said,

    There are many otakus/fujoshis that would never look or act like a otaku/fujoshi on the surface, i had four mutual friends back in high school and i knew all four of them were fujoshi but they didn’t know each other was fujoshi even tho they were good friends since jr high and had known each other longer than i did, when i told them that they were, they were all °◇ °|||

    Some people actually likes to be “secret” or “underground” fujoshi or otaku which I think could be almost painful to hide who they really are to save their public image,it’s like leading double lives, lol. But I guess not everyone was able to make friends that had the same interests, so they were kind of forced to contain their otaku/fujoshi side in order to be friends with people that aren’t otaku or fujoshi. XD Lucky for me, my friends who weren’t fujoshi or otaku at all, accepted me for being one, lol.

    • bangin said,

      None of my co-workers know I am actually a cosplayer, and I don’t talk about otaku thing. And I have some non-otaku friends, of course we are doing well. Meanwhile, otaku are particular. Non-otaku people often say like otaku can get along together because they are otaku. But this is not true. I know some otaku are not so sociable. They only talk to people who share the same interests and never speak to anyone else. After all, whoever it is doesn’t matter. The important thing is to open your heart.

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