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 A while ago, a charismatic visual-kei singer who actually claims to be a Gundam otaku, Gackt crossdressed in the cover of his brand-new CD. What surprised people was that he cosplayed an アゲ嬢[agejou]. I didn’t mean to introduce this word because I didn’t think this could interest anime fans, however, I am sure Gackt has a lot of fujoshi followers so I decided to introduce it. Actually, I like him because Gackt is a nice cosplayer!

koakuma ageha

   There is a monthly magazine by Inforest Inc., 小悪魔ageha[koakuma ageha]. 小悪魔[koakuma] means a gremlin, and ageha[あげは] is a swallowtail butterfly. Most of the readers are young girls who work at a hostess club. A young hostess is called キャバ嬢[hyabajou]. キャバ[kyaba] stands for キャバクラ[kyabakura] or cabaret, and [jou] is a young lady. Those girls would follow such a high-end label and a current fashion. アゲ嬢[agejou] is a young lady who follows this magazine, or a model who shows on it. Even in this recession, this magazine is doing good, I heard. This means women can’t stop following beauty no matter how terrible the economy is, am I right? Same goes to otaku, we can’t stop following moe, can we? Can you live without moe? Me, nothing without cosplay. Cosplay is my everything, my life! No cosplay, no life. No moe, no life. そうでしょ?


 Anyway, I am not an アゲ嬢, so I don’t know how to be. According to the resource, the most important point is hairstyle and make-up. As for hairstyle, they shall either roll or wear in a bun like a peacock’s feather. And they do strong eye make-up. The bigger the better らしい…If necessary, they wear false eyelashes. Color contacts are also necessary. Even black ones are very popular because it makes your black eyes look bigger. I can’t explain well, so I shall upload some images. Please learn from them, sorry.   

agejou fashion


 Until アゲ嬢 got in the mainstream, there was a similar word ギャル[gyaru] which means a young girl who does a loud make-up and shops around in Shibuya[渋谷]. But ギャル may refer to a teenager, a schoolgirl whereas アゲ嬢 implys around 20’s. And to be an アゲ嬢, you have to be rich…You know, to be an otomen, it takes no money. All you need is 乙男心[otomengokoro]: a gentle heart and shoujo stuff.



 I don’t think this could be moe, so I can’t think of anyone like an アゲ嬢 from anime. Wait, there is one, Anya Alstrelym in Code Geass R2, no? I mean, her hairstyle is like an アゲ嬢. Come to think of it, I have seen some Anya cosplayers and most of them look like an アゲ嬢.


  1. 子犬 said,

    Wow. I have always thought Gackt was very beautiful! Now I now he can be beautiful in every way. ^_^

  2. bangin said,

    Ah, Gackt is 30-something, if I get older, I would like to get older like him! He is a really bishounen.

  3. ponytale said,

    I wouldn’t have known the cover girl was Gackt if you didn’t point that out. XD I think they airbrushed his face to make it rounder? But I find this other cover isn’t as flattering as the one you shown in the post http://img.hmv.co.jp/image/jacket/400/35/9/4/402.jpg ^^;;; Well, he can still carry the look tho’

    It amazes me how these girls can keep that up everyday. Anyway, I think this look is just not practical in a tropical country… the makeup just melts away in the heat and the big hair becomes a flattened crop when exposed to the humidity *_*

    Mmm… men has the potential to look more attractive as they age right? I’m sure bangin-san will be the same too ^_^

    • bangin said,

      Yes, agejou’s make-up is to make a face look whiter. He is a visual-kei, so he always gets airbrushed.

      To me, these girls look all the same. lol

      I wish I could be a nice karesen.^^

  4. Marie said,

    Agejou, just few years ago I’ve really thought they were pretty. Come on, they look like a doll! But now, my opinion is completely changed. I think they would look even better with a little or no makeup. I must be getting old. hehe xD Seriously, when I was still in teen and early twenty, makeup was part of my daily routine, but if I can go back I would not put any makeup on my face because you will need it later even if you don’t want to ^^;;

    Have you seen ロンドンハーツDiamond Girl? I’ve noticed a lot of Japanese women look actually younger when they get older. In my opinion, I think it’s because they put less makeup on ^^!

    Love Gackt (>.<)b

    • bangin said,

      I am jealous of the skin of young girls. Very smooth and vivid. When I look at a mirror, I feel I am getting old. They don’t need make-up yet, and go out with no make-up.

      Yes women are good at making themselves look younger. But men…

      I want to be Gackt!

      • Irene said,

        bangin, Gackt is not human. He’s an alien from outer space who after seeing a bunch of Greek statues and Final Fantasy games decides to take the form of an androgynous human male. Unfortunately, he was oblivious to reality and made himself too gorgeous to be human. Thus we know that Gackt is an alien-vampire set to conquer the universe with magazine spreads and his psychedelic rock music no matter how good they are, is just an excuse to put more pictures on his album booklet. Now you know.

        J/k. I love him to bits. Mwahaha! I wanna be Gackt too! He’s filthy rich, that bastard. >_<

  5. mochie said,

    Haha this is very funny because I used to buy Koakuma Ageha monthly (until it got very expensive here, I just buy when I have money now). I heard that this way of dressing has become very popular in Japan lately and many otaku guys like agejou?

    To me, I think koakuma kei is like a very sexy way of dressing, similar to how a hostess would dress I guess. They don’t necessarily have to have big hair but usually is preferred. I have not yet seen an agejou with black hair before either and usually very heavy eye make up, colour contacts and fake eyelashes. Like gyaru-kei they go according to trend and what’s popular.

    The magazine has some information about hostess clubs in it as well and usually the style in the magazine ranges from sexy to rock (popularised by Sakurina) to hime kei and lolita kei. Comparing it to gyaru magazines like egg and popteen, the clothes in there are rather pricy so yes I guess having money would help in this area (since we all know how expensive hime kei can get… jesus diamante.. -_-)

    • bangin said,

      I am so sorry, my skype got disconnected all of a sudden.

      Koakuma ageha is available in Australia!? Some otaku guys try to be a gyaru-o though it doesn’t go well at all.
      Hime-kei is also expensive, but I haven’t heard of a magazine for hime-kei girls. Most agejou are working at a hostess club, you can see them after 5 o’clock. Egg or Popteen are mostly for teenagers, so cheap clothes are relatively shown.

      I have read Men’s egg, but I want nothing in there. -___-

      • mochie said,

        That’s ok. Haha I think with fashion it comes down to personal preference.

        There is a Kinokuniya here in Sydney which stocks Japanese magazines, manga and books (so we get shounen jump and hana to yume, etc as well). I don’t really like gyaru-o that much, probably because most of them are so tanned I think it doesn’t suit them, but I do appreciate guys who can dress nicely. There are some hime-kei clothes in Koakuma Ageha as some of their models are that style.

        There is a magazine called Vanilla Girl which specialises in Hime-gyaru/Hime-kei fashion (but I think it has been discontinued). Apparently there is a new one called Hime Style? (http://himestyle.net/)

        In my opinion, I don’t really like men’s egg that much either, I think smart, Woofin’ and CHOKi CHOKi have better casual styles for guys.

  6. bangin said,

    Your message was left on skype. Well, most of my friends say Toradora, K-ON, and Hetaria are recommendable.

    Oh so Kinokuniya is everywhere, I heard there is one in Singapore.
    My favorite is Men’s Casual Style(Onii-kei? Like Koizumi in the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi), and my favorite shop is in Shibuya where109-② that caters to gyaru-o is. But 109 is very expensive though they all look cool.

    Hime-kei is as expensive as agejou. I think Hamasaki Ayumi is more of a hime-kei.

  7. mochie said,

    I think Ayumi Hamasaki changes her style according to fashion lol. Hime-kei is very expensive. I think they were selling a Jesus Diamante coat for $2000US+ ??

    yes, Kinokuniya is international, there is one in Singapore and one in the US and I think one in Hong Kong as well. I would like to visit Shibuya 109 for shopping sometime, the prices seemed similar to how much I paid here for clothes (when the economy was better) and I’m guessing it is pretty cheap during sale time?

    Also, I found that picture of Ranka and Sheryl you were talking about.

    • bangin said,

      My favorite shop often does a bargain sale, and everytime they do, they let me know by a post card. That’s very cheap. But even during sale time, 109-② is very expensive. If an agejou has to be a hostess, those guys who can buy at 109 could be hosts.

      Sheryl has a lot of cotumes so it is really hard to complete all of her costumes. Ranka is still easier, I think.

      • mochie said,

        Haha maybe I am used to buying expensive clothes so I think the prices in 109 are pretty reasonable, especially for anything imported here, they will charge you up to 4 times the amount you pay for it in Japan.

        Because in my opinion, Australian fashion is pretty bad, I usually by my clothes around Chinatown where they import from overseas like Hong Kong or Japan and the prices are pretty much the same with what I would pay for at 109 (going by the old $1AU > 90 Yen ratio that is -_-). So yes, I am someone who thinks that 5,000 yen for a t-shirt is very cheap, as I would usually pay 7,500Yen for one here (or more if it’s from Japan).

  8. w said,

    I heard there is one in Singapore.

    Two. ( ̄ー ̄)

    I’ve been to the San Francisco one though and that kinda beats both of ours I think. ‘Course, it’s SF… I feel sorry for folks in the UK without stuff.

    I dunno how you guys keep up with fashion trends, it’s entirely way over my head. And just not worth it I guess… We got Uniqlo here recently and it’s branded as ‘affordable’ I think but in reality it’s not something cash-strapped students would get unless they were treating themselves.

    • bangin said,

      Oh I like Uniqlo, too. The jeans T-000 is my favorite, which I have three of them, blue, black, and white. It makes my legs look thinner and longer than they actually are.
      And I usually spend from 2,000 to 4,000 yen at a time since I always get a discount. Those clothes I wear in the pictures are something like that.

    • ponytale said,

      @w: I would consider Uniqlo as affordable esp cos of the quality of the materials used. I think the prices have come down a lot compared to a couple of years back. That’s my impression. Was first introduced to the brand years ago when it used Hyde as the spokesperson during a campaign. ^^ Anyway, I’ve become a fan too cos I found some of its dress pants very well-cut (and slimming -YES!!!- XD) (oops~ off-topic)

      • bangin said,

        I learned Uniqlo has arrived in Singapore from my friend’s blog. I think they are doing good in this recession.
        I also like MUJI[無印良品], is there one out there? I have seen one in Manchester.

  9. mochie said,

    Speaking of Agejou, have you read? http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-4931

    So tragic

    • bangin said,

      Yes, she was still 21. Too young…
      I heard the news on the evening paper. I truly feel sorry about it.

      • mochie said,

        Yes, it is such a shame. The terrible thing was that she had been getting headaches for such a long time but did not go to the doctor about it. =( She was really pretty too.

        I also found something quite interesting http://garuzupress.livejournal.com/2009/06/10/ . 109 brand JSG is doing a collaboration with Evangelion.

  10. 福岡noデリヘルsukki said,


  11. teko-chi said,

    I’ve loved Gackt since I was 9~ >w<
    This is my favorite single cover. owo

  12. bangin said,

    Lately he challenged Masked Rider.
    I like him of the single cover, No ni saku hana no youni[野に咲く花のように]

  13. オッドアイ [odd eye] « Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans, for anime fans said,

    […] cosplayers are willing to buy カラコン[colored contacts] to copy. Now young people including アゲ嬢 are buying them for fashion, and they are not so expensive at a discount store. But know this, […]

  14. bangin said,

    Irene: In fact, Gackt is not doing well with his business lately. He runs a restaurant or some more shops, but none of them are doing well. And he had to dismiss his guardman to save up money!

    But even that, he has a lot of fujoshi followers. I hope he could do well again!

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    […] Eruru no Kobeya in Utawarerumono Vol 2 is due 3/25 apparently the jacket art will feature Eruru in agejou (cabaret girl style) cosplay – something like this? I’ll probably wait till they […]

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