June 3, 2009 at 12:52 pm (doujin(同人), otaku word, slang)

 I think I already explained 中二病[chunibyou] here, but I noticed there are amazingly other similar terms, and then there are too many to sum up in one post. So I shall pick up one by one, and explain.

 First thing first though, I have to explain 厨房[chubou]. If you have been to 2ch, you must have seen a lot of slangs which are very common out there. 厨房 is really one of the basic terms, which simply means an idiot. In fact, it has to be written 中坊[chubou] which means a junior-high. In this way, wrong spelling happens all the time in 2ch. By doing so, they make a new slang. Though even 中坊 is a slang itself…At any rate, 厨房 means by rights a kitchen, however, it means a person who has incredibly no common sense or does such a stupid thing especially on the net. When a real 中坊 does such a thing, he/she is going to be labelled リア厨[riachu], that is an abbreviation of リアル厨房[real chubou]. 

 There has been numerous cases which 厨房 brought about. Especially the most troublesome and painful is 厨メール[chu-mail]. As you may imagine, it means such a mail from a 厨房. If you own a blog, have you gotten any so far?

 The impotant thing is when you can figure out a mail you get is actually a 厨メール. Of course, there are 厨メール that obviously look so. For example, you had better think it is 厨房 if he/she is not polite in a first conversation. We Japanese normally use polite Japanese[敬語] to speak to a stranger. Even if the person you want to speak to has the same interest or loves the same thing, please mind your manners(if you dare to speak in Japanese). If you sound too friendly, you would be regarded as a 厨房.


Back to the topic, you might not notice first if the mailer seems to be a good fan of you. But for example, such a mailer might write to you more than ten times in a day, or comment on your blog even though the passage itself looks nice. Or, if you write a fan-made novel(or a fanart) on your blog, such a 厨房 would misinterpret your idea or thoughts, and comment blah blah blah or write down his/her meaninglessly long dellusion. And first you might reply it, but when you feel it’s annoying, you would igonore him/her. Watch out, the 厨房 would change the attitude and show hostility. If you keep ignoring, the stupid might show at the event you join. It’s like stalking!      

 Since I am doing a blog like this, I sometimes get a mail. Mostly, they ask me to add my blog on their blogrolls, translate something, or simple questions. That is no problem. Once I really got annoyed by the continuous 厨メール. The 厨房 used to give me a lot of incomprehensible questions. Or comment that has nothing to do with the topic. I decided to ignore him, and after a while finally 厨メール stopped coming.

 What is the best way to get throgh 厨メール? If you ask me, it is to ignore. Such a 厨房 does not even realise how painful the actions look. In other words, there is no point in talking. They can’t communicate properly. The more you get involved with them, the more you get tired.

 When things go too far, you might end up closing your site. If you do that, your fans would be disappointed. Please talk to your friends if you get annoyed by 厨メール. And consider talking to your provider.



  1. Erica Friedman said,

    Thank you for this word! I get 厨メール all the time from people who get angry at me for my opinions, or because they are jealous or for some other reason. It is very hard to create something and very easy to be critical of other people’s work. And, as you say, many people are delusional.

    I deal with the 厨メール by laughing at the inherent absurdity of even emailing such things. I even keep a file of the funniest 厨メール I receive.

    Thank you again for this blog – I learn so much here.



    Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!

    • bangin said,

      In 2ch, there is even an exhibition of 厨メール. If only you can read Japanese, you had better go and see other 厨メール.
      厨メール is a big matter for all the bloggers.

  2. Hinano said,

    This sounds like the Japanese equivalent of a “troll”

    • bangin said,

      You mean, that big monster which shows in a fantasy?

  3. w said,

    I think the difference between trolls and 厨メール is that sometimes the latter may have good intentions, just that they’re INCREDIBLY self-centered and have no idea when to stop, whereas the former definitely knows better but is purposely doing it to piss you off. Trolls I think would be more like 釣り師 or あらし.

    I must shamefully admit I must have sent 厨メール once upon a time… I’m still repenting!

    • bangin said,

      True. あらし knows they are harassing, but 厨房 doesn’t even realise they are harassing. あらし is just mean whereas 厨房 goes to a good way or a bad way. That is why they are harder to treat.

    • Micchi said,

      Indeed, I agree that 厨メール is not really a troll although when I first read it, it sounded like it. They are very opinionated or overly fanatical, such as if you are good at drawing, they will keep asking for you to draw something for them. Luckily, I haven’t met many of these, but they are very bothersome.

      • w said,

        That reminds me of what is worse than 厨メール – people who do that IN REAL LIFE (and worse when they are your lab partners and are clearly not middle-school-age but CANNOT SHUT UP AND HAVE NO ARTISTIC TASTE AND THEN PRETEND TO CORRECT YOUR DRAWINGS WHEN YOU WON’T DRAW FOR THEM ARGH)

        Sorry, venting a bit there. Haha.

        Eventually people learn the hard way.

      • bangin said,

        Micchi: The 厨メール came to me asked me a lot of silly questions. And he tried to speak to me by MSN, but I sensed something dangerous so I didn’t tell him.

        Anyway, we ought to be aware of such a 厨房. BTW, your icon is kawaii.^^

        w: In cosplayers’ circles, there are a lot of 厨房. They would ask you to borrow your costume or props although you haven’t seen them in real life.

      • Micchi said,

        I thought about it some more and think it ties closely with immaturity. They see something new and ‘cool’ and want to learn (or try out) everything about it, which means a lot of questions or requests. In their excitement, they fail to consider how much trouble they may be causing.

        Thanks bangin-san ^^ Sana’s from the most recent game I’ve been playing.

  4. Shii said,

    If you’re talking about the websites of artists in particular, I think most Americans often wish to send crazy 厨メール when they see such a website. Maybe it’s better that most foreign wotaku don’t know very much Japanese because they can sometimes be very silly and not express their appreciation well.

    • bangin said,

      I didn’t know such a painful 厨房 exists out of Japan. I should have been aware of it.

  5. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Oh, I understand this one. One of my hobby is making pepakura, sometimes when there was a convention, I was called to display my collection or doing some small tutorial. I can get to meet people who has the same interest that way, but some usually just keep on asking or never trying to make one. I know they don’t mean any harm, but still…

    • bangin said,

      Sometimes people ask me about my cosplays, that’s fine. But once I was asked what kind of charactet suits her. Why do I have to find a character for her whom I have never spoken to?

      • bangin said,

        Micchi: I though she was Houjo Satoko in HIgurashi no naku koro ni. ^^

      • Micchi said,

        Hehe close, can’t really tell well from the small picture, but the eyes and hair are different ^^

        Satoko-chan is cute by herself though!

  6. Ryan A said,

    Haha, sometimes I guess I could say I feel like a 厨房. For instance in physics or math, when someone asks a question, is debating, or in tutoring. Often, the lack of insight is annoying and I feel the need to properly explain the way certain things work, and why/why not a question/argument is valid. Usually, people will just ignore it, and continue on with their invalid logic/reasoning. Perhaps I am at fault for trying, and it might just be better to let it go… I guess it’s okay for people to be blatantly wrong or misinformed. lol

    • bangin said,

      I am doing a blog like this, so I have to answer what people ask. I am Japanese, live in the country where moe was born, so I can’t say I don’t know.
      To keep asking is not a 厨房 unless the question is absurd, I think. 厨メール I got so far was really pointless, and was unspeakably silly.

  7. goodyfun said,

    One of the things I worry about most on the Internet is sounding like a 厨房. I’m always getting the feeling that the thing I said was so stupid or rude… Like, “Was that wrong to ask/say?” orz

    If I ever sound like a 厨房 please tell me!

    • bangin said,

      Most 厨房 don’t realise they are actually 厨房. So they don’t even care about being a 厨房.
      Even I am worried about it. Even if I think it is a right thing, it wouldn’t be for everybody else, that’s why.

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