[Intermission] Decayed, but women

May 24, 2009 at 6:19 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))


 Whenever I shop around in Akihabara, I always stop to think about. Especially when I see a long line in front of a maid cafe. Well, if you have been to Akihabara, you must have seen a lot of maids giving out flyers on the street. That means there are a lot of maid cafes as such. However, not all of them are doing good. When a new maid cafe opens, an old one might be closing somewhere. In this way, this industry is not that easy just because maids quite embody moe. When I escort someone in Akihabara, I always go to my favorite maid cafe. But although the cafe used to be full of customers before, it is very slow now. I wonder if it is going to close soon. Meanwhile, the popular maid cafes are doing okay since I can always see a long queue. What is the difference? 

 There is no question―the thing is, the maids are all pretty. Yes of course. And, the maids are acting who they are supposed to be. This is important. Once I got disappointed when a maid who served me was not really like a maid. We say 萌え[moe] when we feel hot, but you can say 萎え[nae] in such a situation. 萎え is a noun form of 萎える[naeru] or wither. When you see something turns you off, please say 萎え~[naeee].

 Putting aside those in-store events like playing a game or a drinking competition, here is one more point we should talk about. That is a quality of food and drink. If you go to a maid cafe, do you expect this? If the maids are all cute, don’t you feel it is okay even if food and drink are not that great. I am okay unless it’s really really horrible. If a maid like Souryu Asuka Rangley serves me, I would go again even if food and drink are mediocre. If you are a man, please think about this. Do you agree?


 I figured out something. Here is a difference between male otakus and female including fujoshis. Speaking of such a themed-cafe for women, it is definitely a butler cafe[執事喫茶] where handsome butlers serve for you. Because of some trendy anime or TV-drama such as Kuroshitsuji[黒執事] or Mei-chan’s Shitsuji[メイちゃんの執事], butlers are becoming popular again. Nonetheless, there are very few butler cafes in Japan (is there any in your country?). As far as I know, there are just three, which are in Ikebukuro[Otome Road], Shibuya[渋谷], and Roppongi[六本木]. I have been none of them, so I don’t actually know how they are. But according to some customers’ review, the good one is just that cafe in Otome Road. You have to wait for a month to make a reservation, and all the tables are full from open to close. Meanwhile, the other two are very slow now. I don’t even know the one in Roppongi, but as for the one in Shibuya, it becomes slower and slower. But why? Please watch this video, all the butlers are handsome, aren’t they? How come it doesn’t work?

 The answer is, the quality of food and drink they serve. Women are more particular when it comes to スイーツ(笑)food and tea, so it seems that they are not willing to go again unless such things are also good even if the butlers are all handsome. They shall call you ojou-sama[Miss] or princess, so you can feel you become such a noble lady. But that is why food and tea have to be nice. Otherwise, it would ruin your dream, in other words, you will say 萎え~. Those reviews said the same thing; all the butlers are handsome, but the tea wasn’t great; the cake was not great although it wasn’t cheap. Meanwhile, the butler cafe in Otome Road reportedly serve more than forty kinds of tea and the dishes and the tableware are very handsome. There are even professional pastry chefs and all the butlers get strictly trained for two months. By doing so, it can finally meet women’s expectations…That is why there are very few butler cafes, I suppose so.

 There is a proverb, 腐っても鯛[kusattemo tai] which means it may not be what it once was, but it is still first-class. [tai] is a sea bream. It is kind of a handsome fish. Even if it is rotten now, it is a sea bream. This means the value or the quality never change even if it doesn’t have a good-looking anymore or it gets too old腐女子[fujoshi] is literally a decayed girl, but they are strictly girls. 腐っても女子[kusattemo joshi], that is what I coined, and I believe. 




  1. jaredinnakano said,

    That’s funny. I haven’t been to the butler cafes yet. However, I visited Edelstein in Harajuku, the famous boys boarding school cafe.

    Granted it was a Monday afternoon, but the food Edelstein was terrible, the decor barely adequate, and the boys neither handsome nor convincingly in character.

    The strange thing is that this “boarding school” is popular, and we saw female customers who looked *thrilled* to be enjoying their 55 minute visit. I was confused.

    • bangin said,

      I know about Edelston though I haven’t beem there. The food is not good, and the boys are not handsome…then the possiblity that the cafe can survive is very slim.

      Unless they improve that, girls are not willing to go again. I wonder if they are open even now.

  2. Teko-chi said,

    T^T We need butler cafes in America!!
    To pay for a pretty gentleman to serve me tea is just heaven. 😀

    • bangin said,

      Someday it would come true if more and more girls wish a butler cafe.

  3. 子犬 said,

    At 0:42 seconds, when they say: “Yes, my princess,” I think they enjoy how camp it is. XD

    It must be fun for Maid and Butler with that job, they always look like they are having fun. ^^ I guess that is why a maid or butler that does not make it seem fun will make you say 萎え.

    • bangin said,

      Customers go see a maid or a butler, so we would feel 萎え when it doesn’t meet our expectations. Maids have to be like a maid, so do butlers.

  4. Kesenaitsumi said,


    • bangin said,


  5. w said,

    You can corner the niche market of カレセン+執事萌え girls! Somewhere out there is your target market, unsure where to go and finding something lacking in current offerings. Plus, you can cosplay for them on demand and make food for them in front of their eyes!

    I’m more of a food person, if I have to get dragged to a maid/butler cafe I would hate it if the food was subpar. The food *must* be good.

  6. ponytale said,

    Mmm, Ah~ I wanna try going to a butler cafe someday XD

    Like w mentioned in the comment above, to me, it’s not just about the illusion. It’s about the food lol~ I’m more practical. The food -must- be good! If not, I most probably wouldn’t go back there again even if the butlers were handsome.

    Food for the eyes is a bonus. If the butlers are gentlemanly and/or handsome, it completes the whole experience. (^///^) Just like these guys in Ristorante Paradiso (http://www.rispara.tv/) hehe. Oh~ just realised… Is that the カレセン+執事萌え that w mentioned? XD

    And you look delectable as Chikage in Antique Bakery too. (^///^)

  7. bangin said,

    w&ponytale: Okay my assumption seems to be correct since two of you girls agreed!

    I will get Watari in Death Note to be a doorman if I open a butler cafe. And Chikage can act such a clumsy butler. Of course the head must be Sebastian! Anyone else?

    • ponytale said,

      That’ll be lovely~ ^_^ I can’t remember which other notable butler characters to add to the list tho.

      • bangin said,

        There is one in Hayate no gotoku. ^^

  8. Marie said,

    I’m not so sure about butler cafe with western men ^^;; Perhaps, it would work for Asians living in Asia, but for those Asians living in US or any other western countries would find the cafe as nothing more than a restaurant with handsome waiter. I would rather visit cafes such as B:Lily-Rose or regular butler cafe where I can be an ojousama rather than a princess ^^! Where is my Sebastian o(>.<)o!!! hehe xD

    • bangin said,

      Shibuya is kind of a city in which young girls(not otaku) are looking for a date, even with foreigners. So above cafe in the video is good with the location, but they miss one thing, the quality of food and drink.

      If I cosplay Sebastian, I would make a tea for you, haha. lol

      • ponytale said,

        ooo~ I’ll appreciate that too and yeah I’ll like to have cake to go with the order please~ XD

  9. taki-desu said,

    i always wanted to go to one xDD being mi and all
    but i never thought about the food would be like, though i agree i would be rather picky growing up with a father whose the type to leave tips if its good and a few murmurs of a swear if its bad lol
    i read about a shota one but was quicklie dissapointed when it was just girls xD; i shuda known *sigh* lol

  10. bangin said,

    Ah you mean that cafe in which all the servers are acting younger brothers, and address you onee-chan. Yes, those shota boys are actually crossdressers. It is really hard to find such a real shota boy who are willing to work at such a themed cafe!

    • taki-desu said,

      D: yup that one
      yeah i shuda known when i was reading it before hand lol
      i guess it would be hard to find actual shota-like people out there, xDD; oops lol

      • bangin said,

        Besides, anyone who are under 15 are not allowed to work in Japan. So it is almost impossible to get someone like Ciel to work. It is easier to find a young girl who can crossdress after all.

  11. taki-desu said,

    i never knew that and if i did i forgot (*3*);;
    i learn so much here xDD;;

  12. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Whoa, I didn’t know that buttler cafe is that rare even in Japan.

    Yes yes, girls are pickier than boys when its come to food. Actually I have experience working as a waiter in a small restaurant too.
    腐っても女子, thats true.

    >If a maid like Souryu Asuka Rangley serves me, I would go again even if food and drink are mediocre. If you are a man, please think about this. Do you agree?
    YES, ahaha. But think like this, if your girlfriend is not a good cook, would you still eat her handmade food? I think most boys would say yes.

    >Ah you mean that cafe in which all the servers are acting younger brothers, and address you onee-chan.
    Eeh? too bad they’re girls. Straight shota is one of my favorite theme.

    Oh btw, have you ever cosplay with megane, Bangin-san? because I don’t recall if there’s any.

  13. bangin said,

    I will eat, but if it is really really horrible, I would help her, trying not to hurt her. I am an otomen, like to cook. Maybe I would cook with her or cook for two of us.

    Yes I cosplayed Himuro-sensei.

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