[Cosplay] Endless Sorrow -Mirage of Blaze-

May 17, 2009 at 12:27 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 There is no doubt―I am doing 腐教 to you guys with Mirage of Blaze[炎の蜃気楼] even though I don’t mean to do. If you have followed my blog since last year, you have seen how much I love this series. That is why I can’t stop cosplaying someone from this series, and this is going to be the third character I cosplay.


 He is the lead character, Naoe Nobutsuna[直江信綱]. He and another lead, Takaya are actually the reincarnated though Takaya remembers nothing about his past. Naoe tries to make him remember who he actually is, and realise they are wrapped up in an ancient war of darkness and tragedy which began during Japan’s chaotic Warring States period. In case you don’t know this anime, I shall upload the OP here.

 I think I tend to like a sad character like Suefumi in Maihitoyo who I cosplayed as well. Here is my favorite adjective in Japanese, 切ない[setsunai]. If you hear sad, you would translate it 悲しい[kanashii]. My dictionary also translates 切ない sad. But if you ask me, 切ない is a bit more complicated than 悲しい. It is like a feeling that is a mixture of not only sadness, but loneliness, pain, nostalgy, and love. See what I mean? So I dare to say Naoe is a very 切ない character because he is hopelessly in love with his master, Takaya. While he protects Takaya, he is suffered with his own feeling for him. Although he knows there is no point in this love, he can’t stop himself…Even he truly wants to end this never-changing-relationship as a master and a servant, but he can’t…He knows his beloved master never comes to him, but he even gets rid of his girlfriend. He even tries to die together with Takaya and end everything at the bottom of the lake…Ah, 切ない!ちょっとヤンデレ入ってるけど切ない!I really like Naoe. I cosplayed Takaya first, but I like him the most. He is almost the same age as me, oops, this is perhaps the first time that I cosplay someone who is the same age as me.  

 Mirage of Blaze is in general categorized as BL(yaoi). Maybe. But please know this is not such a meaningless story. If you have a chance, I recommend you give it a try.



Lord Kagetora…




Why are you hesitating to use your power? I won’t be nice to you anymore.




If you stop to think about it, to have a life as a possessor is very similar to having a life of the mirage. We appear through connection with others. And its existance is uncertain, unstable, and easily wavered…










  1. wa-chan said,

    lawlz is this yaoi? OwO

    • bangin said,

      Technically, it is. But to me, this story is more than that. If you have a chance, I recommend you to watch it. BTW, what does lawlz stand for?

      • wa-chan said,

        yay ok i’ll watch it XD
        lawlz= same as lol (laugh out loud)
        XD XD XD

    • ponytale said,

      Bangin-san!!! *MOE *(^///^) Naoe is one of my all time fav characters~

      I noticed that you combed the same hair parting as Naoe? kekeke… but your natural parting came back in the later pics XD

      @wa-chan: Mmm… I’ve only watched the anime (a pity cos I’ve heard that the novels are so much better) so if you’re worried about seeing BL in action… there really isn’t much. I would say the anime has sexual tension instead, so it is definitely “safe” for general audiences unless you’re extremely homophobic.

      • bangin said,

        Oh thank you.^^ And you are smart, yes, I combed my side hair to look like Naoe, but I forgot to check the mirror as we took pictures. lol

        The novels are much better and longer than the anime. This anime got too abbreviated as a matter of fact.

      • ponytale said,

        (^_^) You look very good! Mmm how about try photoshop you as Takaya together with you as Naoe~ kekeke.

  2. khim said,

    ただスーツを着るだけやんかヾ( ̄o ̄;)

    • bangin said,


  3. 子犬 said,

    You always look handsome as a manly character. As you said, it is helpful to choose a character that you look alike.

    lawlz is like another way of saying lolz, isn’t it? …Hey, I think I remember that scene in the first picture. ^.^

    • bangin said,

      I am too lazy to be serious like Naoe. ^^

      The first picture is from episode 4 in which Naoe is asking Takaya if something weird happened at school.

  4. 子犬 said,

    That is the reason why cosplaying is fun. Since these kinds of things don’t matter if you act. ^^

    Oh, episode four. I forgot which one. I can read, though. :p

    • bangin said,

      Whatever I wear doesn’t matter because cosplaying is to be someone and act someone. At least to me, cosplay is such a thing.

  5. bangin said,

    ponytale: I wish I could use photoshop well. I want to do so! I want someone who can cosplay Takaya~

  6. ponytale said,

    Mmm it’s definitely better to have a real person to cosplay with ^_^ cos there are many things Photoshop can’t do lol~

    I think your photos look great (I probably haven’t seem them all but…)! If you’ve used photoshop on them, it’s not obvious and that’s important, unless it’s a special effect/photo treatment you want people to see or something impossible to achieve without photoshop. Maybe like create the flaming fireball that floats just above your palm That said, I want to be better at photoshop too~ XD

    • bangin said,

      I always edit photos before I upload, like lighting up or getting rid of noise. If only I knew about other special effects.
      Please check my cosplay album, too. You can go there from the sidebar.

      • ponytale said,

        Uwa~ how could I have missed that link! o_O Thanks! They’re lovely! XD

  7. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Wow you’re one of those “guy who looks cool when smoking” XDD
    But smoking is bad for health, so I think its just better for cosplay

    • bangin said,

      Wahaha, this cigarette is a toy, not real. Because I never smoke. I use it when I cosplay someone who smokes.

  8. Teko-chi said,

    XD Naoe is so fitting on you…
    I last watched Mirage of Blaze when I was 11, so I’ll watch it again. o.o

  9. bangin said,

    Thank you. Please watch again, or you will get into Mirage world!

  10. Irene said,

    Ah, Mirage of Blaze. I love/hate/love/hate/love the anime and novel. The novel is exceptional….and depressing. Never have I wanted to strangle an author so much after reading a book.

    bangin, you’re doing a good job at Naoe. I do think his character fits you more than Takaya. I can’t help but think you’re poking fun at the series with pic #4. At any rate, it makes me laugh and I think it’s good cos Mirage can be a bit dark sometimes. 🙂


    • bangin said,

      Oh thank you for your comment here. I still remember you did on my first Mirage cosplay!

      Yes, in fact I love Naoe more than Takaya. Naoe is cool, calm, gentle, and so passionate, but sometimes he becomes mad when he breaks down.

      I am seriously wanting a cosplayer who can collaborate with me! Because I want to cosplay a key scene from OVA.


  11. jenn said,

    you’re very interesting. ^_^
    Mirage of Blaze is fantastic. It is deeper then 99% of the BL/Yaoi stuff out there. It has twists and turns, descends in and out of madness. Its heart wrenching, addicting, and obsessive. I love this story, ^_^

    • bangin said,

      OMG, thank you very much! I really love Mirage of Blaze, so I am so happy to hear you say that. Yes the storyline is very nice. It’s very heartbreaking…but love it!

  12. azu-chan said,

    Love it!! you looked great as naoe..

    you know what? i just finished watching the anime series.. you keep on mentioning this anime in your blog so i just had to watch! XP
    and i love the anime series..i love the story and i just weak with that kind of love.. *raburabu*
    i’m currently downloading the OVA series.. ^^ as for the novel, will read them soon after my exam finished.. ^^;

    • bangin said,

      Oh so my 腐教 worked! I took you in to this Mirage world.
      This story is very long, so the anime got abbreviated so much. You will see much deeper world for sure.

      • azu-chan said,

        yep.. you did it for sure.. btw , what’s 腐教?? >.<" huhu.. i'm sure you had posted in this blog before..
        oh.. ok.. i cant wait to read the novel.. X3

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