腐男子 [fudanshi]

May 10, 2009 at 2:19 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word)


 Not I forgot to mention this in the previous entry, but I wanted to make a separate post. I was actually wondering if I should talk about this, but maybe I should. Now is the time.

 When I join a cosplay event, I sometimes see several male cosplayers who do characters from BL anime or games here and there like Lamento or Togainu no Chi. It is not very unusual. That they do such a character means they sure play or watch the original. Furthermore, they like BL. In other words, yes, they are 腐男子[fudanshi] or BL fanboys. You can also say 腐兄[fukei] or 腐士[bushi].

 When I browse other cosplayers’ sites, I sometimes see that some of them even claim thay are 腐男子. Like 腐男子でーす、よろしく![Hi, I am a fudanshi]. I was a bit surprised, but I got to used to it…I wonder how they decided to come out of the closet?

 But wait. Here is a question which anybody has in mind. Don’t say anything, I know what you must be thinking.

 Are 腐男子 gay?

 No. Not necessarily. Even though there are fudanshis who are really gay, most of them are straight. Those who do not about BL often say like, “They are truly gay because they like a homosexual love.” This is wrong.

 First, Boys’ Love(yaoi) is a fantasy of girls, by girls, for girls(笑). Although a story always follows two boys, it goes like a typical shoujo manga. Because the authors are women. How could they understand a real gay love? So, it boils down that fudanshis just enjoys BL like fujoshis do. In other words, their hearts are decayed(腐っている) as a fujoshi. It has nothing to do with gay.

 Meanwhile, how do real gay people feel about BL? Some(most?) are against it because it is too far from the reality. Yes, that is a fantasy(笑). It’s no wonder they feel impatient about やおい穴[yaoi ana]. あれは完全にファンタジーだから(苦笑) As I have said, there are some fudanshis who are really gay. As for them, they are gay in the first place. And then they see BL, and accept it. That’s it. Gay comes first, not fudanshi.

 By the way, what do fudanshis find in BL? They just follow a good story, I mean, not literally yaoi(yamanashi, ochinashi, iminashi, or no climax, no conclusion, no meaning), but a heartful story. Is there something like this in ero-doujin for men? So that is why they come down to the decayed world to seek such a heartful story. Even if it is homosexual, it is not a big deal so long as a story is worth reading. I think I agree with this.

brokeback mountain

 I strictly claim I am an otomen, but I have no prejudice towards BL. Because I give it a try if a story is good. Nothing comes out unless you do. そうでしょ?

 Anyway, anyone has something to love. I am sure you do. If you really love it, there would be no reason why you love it. Just because you love it, you do it. 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!Isn’t there a game like this? So please stop asking a fujoshi or a fudanshi why they like BL. Because such a question actually irritates them.



  1. Tekochi said,

    My cousin likes BL stories, but he’s not gay at all. :<
    He is also an otomen. ^^

  2. gelangenie said,

    The reason there aren’t as many gay fudanshi’s? It’s probably because gay guys have more ‘carnal’ needs that they can satisfy through other means–and in the real world at that. And since these other means are, by far, a lot more… engaging, they usually don’t see any reason to watch BL–they’re already living the fantasy.

    But for everyone else, and for the gay guys who do, they’re probably there to satisfy a completely different part of themselves that enjoys watching the macho-tough-guy loving: perhaps bromance. Sam and Frodo did this for me, the fudanshi in me teared-up a little too.

    • Jia said,

      haha…. nice try but it’s not because they’re “already living the fantasy”. It’s because yaoi portrays love between guys for girls’ enjoyment, like a shoujo manga. Gay love in real-life does not actually go that well. Meaning, yaoi does not portray real gay love life but a fantasy for the sake of entertainment. No wonder gay men would get impatient, with the sparkliness of everything in yaoi. xD Though it might be weird to have a replay after 8 years lol

  3. bangin said,

    Tekochi: I am seriously wanting more otomens. Can I make a brigade for otomen?

    gelangenie: I see. I know that some gay hate that kind of androgynous looking since it is like a fairytale. Here is a point to distinct whether he is gay or merely a fudanshi.

  4. 子犬 said,

    I wonder if it is harder for a straight boy to come out about liking BL then it is for a gay one? They are brave to admit it then. There are also Fujoshi that are not attracted to BL, but still enjoy it.

    By the way, Brokeback Mountain is a movie gay man like (with the exception of the scene, which is unrealistic… like Yaoi Ana).

  5. bangin said,

    I know at least three fudanshis who has come out. But well, I don’t think they are who they are in public. They are open while they are allowed, so I don’t think they are so at work.

    Brokeback Mountain is actually popular among fujoshis. They call it ホモ山.

  6. w said,

    I’m curious about the term ホモ. I’ve seen it so often on the net and on fansites used in a relatively non-offensive manner (as far as I can remember, anyway) But a Japanese friend once told me not to use it because it’s derogatory, in the same way “homo” is in everyday English speech in most places. So which is it?

    And I think it’d be awesome if more 腐男子 “came out”.

  7. bangin said,

    Your friend is right. Even among gay, they don’t like to be called ホモ. To call your favorite character ホモ on the net or in a conversation is fine, but it would be offensive to real people.

  8. jaredinnakano said,

    Japan can be confusing: straight fudanshis and straight soshokukeis. I love how with this over-abundance of heterosexuality, there is still a negative birth rate, huge men’s hair and the most severe male eyebrows on earth. The line between male vanity and moe is something that fujoshis and gay men can both enjoy!

  9. taki-desu said,

    :O aww i always was confused about this ^^;; ha ha how useful to have someone clear it up for mi
    over the years i’ve made a few male friends who would point out watching BL and mi first thought was the obvious but i get it now xD;
    a good storyline was always something i personally look for as well

  10. Selidor said,

    Most of the straight men I know would never try BL because they’re too afraid of being seen as gay and they think BL is all porn ^^;

    I can understand why gay men wouldn’t like BL – I’m a fan and I get annoyed by the lack of reality sometimes! Although the gay manga I’ve seen isn’t very realistic either, it’s just a different sort of fantasy.

  11. Marie said,

    Interesting post ^^;; I’ve also wondered what would real gay people feel about BL. I think the main problem is not with the questions like why a fujoshi or a fudanshi like BL. But it’s the labeling or stereotyping of these people and as always, the labeling can create a false image.

  12. imbeleth said,

    My gay friends are all against BL and Yaoi, it irritates them to no end that I read them. “Stay a faghag,” they say. “Not fujoushi or whatever you call it. That’s way too freaky.” I’ll love to meet a fudanshi though! So much to talk about!

  13. gelangenie said,

    @imbeleth: fudanshi desu!! Junjou Romantica toteme daisuki desu yo!! sorekara, otoko no koibito ga imasu ^_^

  14. bangin said,

    Whoa, what happened while I was away? Thank you for your feedbacks.

    jared: What confuses me the most is that a new word is being born putting aside otomen.

    taki-desu: I am looking for a good story. Whatever it is, it is not a big deal to me as long as it is interesting.

    Selidor: That is why most fudanshis are in the closet. I think thet do care about it more than fujoshis do.

    Marie: I agree. We Japanese tend to label people even if it is wrong.

    imbeleth: Thank you for your comment, and you proved what I said here, I mean, the fact that most gay people dislike yaoi. Good for you, now you got a fudanshi below.

    gelangenie: I didn’t think someone would come out here. NIce Japanese.

  15. jaredinnakano said,

    gelangenie, 僕も純情ロマンチカが大すき。Your Filipino Good Friday photos are a dirty pleasure. どうもありがとう。

  16. Teko-chi said,

    An otomen-fudanshi website? :O

  17. bangin said,

    What do you mean? This blog?
    Nah, here is a blog by an otomen. :p

  18. miskune haruna said,

    Dude……. about the [seibetsu-uke] or whatever in that anime the guy does NOT cross dress. he only did that to get info on some guy. =_= baka……..

    • bangin said,

      At any rate, you should have commented on seibetsu-uke, not here. Here is about fudanshi.

      Yes I know. I am not saying seibetsu-uke has to crossdress. Who are you talking about? Anyway, crossdressing is a way of making your favorite guy a seibetsu-uke. I think I explained it.

      Please read the entry well before you say baka to me.

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  20. Shotaro-kun said,

    Uhm, I’m gay and fudanshi, I really like BL, but I already know that all is fantasy. You mean “why?” Because is fun, cute and hot (sometimes) ;D
    Ah, I also like shoujo, shounen, seinen, etc series. I mean if a story get my attention, I’ll read.

    Pd: sorry for my bad english, but It’s not my native languaje as you can tell xD

    • bangin said,

      If a story is intersting, nothing matters.
      I understand you, no problem!

      • Marylouise said,

        “What we most need for the time in which we live are new ways to speak our truth about our God exp8eirnce&#e221;We COULD do that…if we believed you actually had experiences with an actual deity of some kind. But we (atheists) don’t believe that, so we’d have similar conversations with you that we have with every other believer.

  21. krkr said,

    Having experience in real gay sex doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate fantasy about gay sex. It doesn’t matter if yaoi is unrealistic – fantasy is usually about things we can’t get in real life. Women in real life straight relationships read straight romances that are far from realistic but fulfil an emotional need.

  22. krkr said,

    Hmm, one more thought occurred to me – I don’t like many straight romances for the same reason many gays hate yaoi – I seriously can’t relate to them even though I’m straight myself. It’s not just straight romance written by men that I don’t like. Just as many of them were written by women, and I just didn’t connect. This is why I don’t believe the unrealism is caused by the sexes or people of different sexual orientations being inherently unable to understand each other’s experiences, but because the purpose is different. Some women want to read fantasies I don’t because their values and particularly, beliefs about gender are different from mine, so different things turn them on (and off). Some of us value realism more than others. Yaoi for the most part doesn’t bother with realism for the same reason /manga/ for the most part doesn’t value realism – it’s fantasy.

    • bangin said,

      Noted with thank you.
      I like fantasy whatever it is. The thing is, the story is worth reading or not.

  23. Jenn said,

    I hadn’t really thought that deeply about it i just like yaoi manga,[i personally don’t know any males that like it]i like romance stories in general though.but prefer yaoi i never though of yaoi as real because its obviously not.but fantasy romance manga is the best.i’v never read any romance book where it’s really realistic but i don’t read it for that purpose.but because i simply enjoy a good story sometimes.guess i’m a semi fujoshi but i’ll never do cosplay that’s kind of weird to me.

    • bangin said,

      So do fudanshi. They just enjoy fantasy romance manga as well as shoujo manga.

  24. LuluChan92 said,

    Actually it’s shoujo that I find more unrealistic. That genre has deteriorated too much for my tastes. Well, I don’t say that yaoi is realistic, but most of them are not so over-the-top like most of the shoujo I’ve read in my 4 years being an otaku.

    Oh, my younger brother is a fudanshi!!! Well, he’s also gay, but I never thought about those 2 facts being all that connected. Besides, I first knew he was a fudanshi and then he told me the rest just recently. But he doesn’t like my favorite stories, our tastes on yaoi are so different!!!

    • bangin said,

      I see, so how different your taste is from your brother’s?

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  26. A Normal Person said,

    Fuck the fags.

  27. Nanchan said,

    …Really. The reason why most fudanshi’s are straight is that… most men are straight. o.O Seriously, you’re kinda over-thinking this.
    But it’s simple as can be.

    • bangin said,

      You’re right. Most fudanshi are actually straight. However, there is prejudice towards fudanshi like that are gay.

  28. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ said,

    I like to read all sorts of stuff that contain BL, as long as its not full-blown yaoi (pun not intended) and i aint gay. Well, if a guy looks exactly like a girl (i knew one in my old school, not a joke), or if he is extremely attractive in a grown up manly kind of way, id tell them “You can googly googly me like that any day! Fooly drooly head! Googly googly eyes! Fooly cooly this! Fooly cooly..!Fooly cooly..! Fooly co-!”

    well, you get the point. I am usually straight.

  29. shaki said,

    i like yuri as long as the story is good, and i can go all fangirlish toward a handsome looking girl, and I’m completely straight . so i dont think fudanshi is a strange case xD
    About BL, although yes they’re mainly girl’s fantasy, I have to say that BL nowadays have improved so much than the ones I knew back then. I love gay romance more than straight romance (i’ve been living among gays for more than half of my life) but I didn’t like BL manga that much 10 years ago, because they’re just like typical shoujo manga or plotless porn, and I don’t like shoujo manga or plotless porn.
    But BL today are just like romance manga in general. You can find the realistic ones, the less realistic ones, the well-written, the amateurishly cheesy, and well… so many variations that the typical BL description/explanation is no longer accurate in many cases, and so such a way to see BL become a prejudice (like prejudice against visual kei lol /offtopic)
    About Japan gays against BL, Could it be that it’s similar to the case of girls against shoujo manga ? (But we know not all shoujo manga is that “typical”) plus maybe they’re insulted that their difficult way of live become a subject of woman’s pleasure.
    Here, most of the gays I know who likes manga react positively to good BL, could relate to it and enjoy it, even love it xD
    The only thing that they complain from BL is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, “What!? They cut the sex scene!!!” Or “The d*ck is censored!!! WTF” haha.
    And I don’t believe you have to be a gay guy to understand gay guy romance and make a good story out of it xD Many (straight) romance stories in this world are written by gays, and many stories about psychopath, crazy people, autism, are so brilliantly written by normal people, right?

  30. Eva NSS said,

    What exactly is an ‘otomen’? Is it like a female-ish boy who isn’t necessarily gay? I could never really understand the term.
    By the way I agree so much with this post. Gay people do not always like yaoi (in the man-man love sense), lesbians do not always like gays, and people who watch yuri/yaoi are not always homosexuals. I don’t think it’s rude to ask, if done politely, but it IS rude to generalize and assume just by what they see or hear.


  31. whatinterestme said,

    As it is, BL do appeal more to straight people (especially girls of course) than gays. Maybe this is because we usually see the uke as the adorable female counterpart with no girlish-posh attitude. Plus, with the seme usually being so protective of his uke is just so sweet. The storyline is also nice with light drama and usually leans more on the friendship side of the story.

    The weird part is, I don’t usually refer to these characters as ホモ but rather just call them gays like other fujoshis. I can’t really explain why but it just feels like calling them ホモ is associating BL with the bara genre, which I find disturbing.

  32. anastadubu said,

    Reblogged this on anastadubu.

  33. coco said,

    What do you mean by fujoshis/fudanshis ‘decayed heart’?

    • bangin said,

      Decayes heart means, well, such a mindset which follows and loves boy x boy couples.

    • Gerrie said,

      It’s a plrausee to find someone who can think so clearly

  34. nat x said,

    LOL how about you show some actual stats and proof for your “OPINIONS.” People reading this should never assume that what you said is actually true and I think you’re misleading them because you’re writing as if it’s a fact. Which it isn’t.

  35. Daisuke said,

    After reading this article, I finally realized that I’m a fudanshi, and I’m glad I found out, haha

  36. Martin said,

    I think for me as someone who is actually gay I can say that I don’t like the yaoi or BL so much :/ Part of this is the aspect of fantasy. There is nothing wrong with a story which is unrealistic, but I find many aspects of yaoi is more like straight shoujo than the relationships which men have. Often also you find the lovers start out as straight but somehow they end up in love regardless of gender? I’m not so sure. This seems unrealistic and forced and makes me uncomfortable the thought that people somehow “change”.

    Also the yaoi often is found a sort of girl/boy dynamic which is not my experience at all. I think gays have less rigid roles so we don’t feel the need to say he does this and he does that. Many times i see the uke is small and very girlish with a girl’s face and body but most _real_ men aren’t like this. It makes me feel as if I am watching transexual (barf) and does not evoke feeling of actual gay relationships >_<

    That is just my feeling. I don't want to offend. You are free to like whatever you want of course. And I am sorry for my poor English.

    • Male said,

      I found interesting your point of view, though pretty transphobic, you know? I get it must be even offending to gay men that they’re portrayed that way but transsexual exist and they suffer the same prejudices as gay people so there’s no need to give the idea that they’re gross or something with your “barf” :\

  37. gemini1417 said,

    fudanshi truly aren’t gay, they are kinda shippers 🙂 bromance I thought. Even fujoshi sometimes read shoujo ai, ship a girl-girl couple because it’s interesting. It’s kind of sad when people came with the prejudice that fudanshi are gay and fujoshi are les O_O I don’t know where they infered the idea from. Just because we ship same-sex couple doesn’t mean we are homosexual!!!!

    • gemini1417 said,

      and also, gay will read BARA :v yaoi is nothing to them

      • Mike said,

        Bara makes me wanna puke, I like girly guys, like the ones from Momo Irodanshi! ..or Caesar from Eroica XD.
        That said, many of the ideas for gay comics I want to draw are Bara. Not many girly guys on WW2 Corvettes XD

      • yonyon5432 said,

        Well that’s definitely not true, I’m gay and I prefer yaoi by far, Nara is kind of weird and disgusting, and yaoi is super cute and fun to read

  38. Taco said,

    I can’t believe I’m responding to this in 2017 but here goes. I’m a gay fudanshi. I like yaoi and bara. I just hate the super feminized uke, boy/girl dynamic, cheesy storylines that only focus on their homosexuality, rape, and when they cry during sex. Just give me average anime boys in a gay relationship with an action/thriller genre.

    • bangin said,

      Hard to choose. I can think of NewYork NewYork. This is not anime, but a shoujo manga. It’s a story between two gay guys. Very serious.

  39. yonyon5432 said,

    Hey, I’m a fudanshi and I’m gay, just wanted to say that I became a fudanshi before realizing I was gay. By the way, the person who introduced me to yaoi later became my boyfriend, and we stopped talking about yaoi because it became kinda awkward😂
    So I just wanted to say that in response to something that you wrote, and I really enjoyed reading so thanx!

  40. yonyon5432 said,

    Hey, I’m a fudanshi and I’m gay, just wanted to say that I became a fudanshi before realizing I was gay. By the way, the person who introduced me to yaoi later became my boyfriend, and we stopped talking about yaoi because it became kinda awkward😂
    So I just wanted to say that in response to something that you wrote, and I really enjoyed reading so thanks!

    • yonyon5432 said,

      Oops I sent it twice sorry😂😅😅

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