Welcome to the decayed world![腐の世界へようこそ!]

May 2, 2009 at 4:09 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))

 Like things change, words shall evolve out of what they used to be. While I am not aware of, this classification has evolved out again…So I’ve got to update it, haven’t I? This world is getting decayed…not only enviromentally but in “another” way. When you come across a kanji, [fu] or rotten in the otaku society, the meaning must be only one. I don’t need to say, do I? This time I am going to take you to the world which is full of 腐. Don’t get yourself decayed unless you are a fujoshi.

a. 主腐[shufu]: As I have mentioned here, the classification changes depending upon how old you are. 主腐[shufu] could indicate 30-something or merely married BL fangirls. In fact, a correct kanji is 主婦[shufu] or housewife, madam. By replace fu with 腐, it makes a funny pun. Another saying is 腐レディ[fu-lady], not Freddy in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

b. 腐ェニックス[fenikkusu]: The highest class used to be 汚超腐人[ochoufujin] or 麻婆豆腐[mapo doufu] which are for over 40. But here comes an ultimate end, that is 腐ェニックス[phoenix] or 腐死鳥[fushichou]. A correct writing is フェニックス and 不死鳥 respectively. Yes, it is a rotten bird which, accroding to ancient stories, lives for 500 years, burns itself in a fire, and is then born again from the ashes…They never die, and will be born again and again. Well, this generally indicates fujoshis around 50 or 60, however, I don’t think real 腐ェニックス claim who they are on the web. Maybe young fangirls ironically use it as a joke. Like,”Ah, I wonder how longer I will go on being a fujoshi? I will be a 腐ェニックス someday!”

c. 腐レンド[furendo]: Forever Friend. Nothing is important than friends. Yes, it is wherever you are. Even in this decayed world. Anyway, a correct writing is フレンド[furendo]. Replace [fu] with [fu], or you can call your fujoshi buddy 腐レンド. An irrelevant note, otaku buddy is オタ友[otatomo], and cosplaying buddy is コス友[kosutomo].

d. 腐通[futsuu]: No matter how weird it seems to be, it is usual, perfectly normal for fujoshis. Such is 腐通[futsuu]. A correct writing is 普通[futsuu] or normal. Then やおい穴[yaoi ana] is also 腐通?

e. 腐ィルター[filter]: If there are two things here, fujoshis always filter them out and make a pairing whatever it is. You can say  BL filter, otome filter, yaoi filter, 腐視線[fushisen] or decay gaze. I am not a fujoshi, but I think I can understand why they do this. You know…having a dellusion is not a crime.

f. 腐純[fujun]: A correct writing is 不純[fujun] or impure. What if it is decayed? Yes, you are totally decayed. Whatever you see, you end up using 腐ィルター. You can’t stop it. Because you are 腐純.

g. 腐臭[fusyu]: If here is a corpse, it smells like that. Same thing. If you smell a scent of BL, it is 腐臭[fusyu]. If you get near Otome Road, you will smell the odor.

h. 腐教[fukyou]: To mission something related BL. In other words, to brainwash others’ mind with BL. A correct writing is 布教[fukyou] or mission. Get your friend decayed, and turn him/her into a 腐レンド! I don’t mean to do it even though I sometimes recommend Mirage of Blaze.(苦笑)

i. お腐会[ofukai]: オフ会[offkai] means to meet up with your internet friend. But what if the friend is a 腐レンド? The meeting would be decayed!

 That’s all I could update now. But sooner or later, I will have to again. Because all the fujoshis’ lives are everlasting like a phoenix.



  1. w said,

    Counting down to the day when people will start using 腐倫 🙂

    Who cares about real-life partners! I’m ditching you for my 2D boyfriend. Sayonara~
    I think it could happen.

  2. bangin said,

    腐倫! That’s well put, I am sure that will come!

    I am not decayed, but very pure. くわっはっはっは lol

  3. 子犬 said,

    My favorite word is 腐レンド here. I want to use it for my 腐レンド now! Ha-ha.

    Oh, no. Freddy. 😄

  4. bangin said,

    Please good take care of your 腐レンド!

    Freddy and 腐レディ are good 腐レンド, maybe.

  5. magnetic_rose said,

    oh god i think i’m the local promoter of お腐会 here in my neck of the woods — my BL fan friends (腐レン?!) make me bring tankoubon and doujinshi all the time, and there’s so many of them i have to use a suitcase with wheels to lug them around -.-

  6. bangin said,

    Ah, you are talking about カラコロ[karakoro] or a suitcase like that. That is so light and makes it easier to carry. It’s necessary for fujoshis!

  7. ponytale said,

    Thanks for the awesome post as always 😄 cos I know so much more about myself now lol~ yeah I often wondered how long my inner 腐 will last… probably lifelong (phoenix)! -gasp- (*~*|||)

  8. bangin said,

    Be a phoenix, and fly away! lol

  9. Goods: Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth x Cloud FACE OFF « Ponytale in LalaParadise said,

    […] my BL-filter firing when I saw the condition of these boys when I opened up the delivery […]

  10. Ayanta García said,

    This made me laugh so hard xD fujoshis truly are scary…

  11. bangin said,

    Fujoshis are more passionate than male otakus in a way…

  12. 子犬 said,

    “Fujoshis are more passionate than male otakus in a way”

    “fujoshis truly are scary”

    I have read that BL is empowering to women since this is fantasy has nothing to do with reality. Unlike in Shojo Manga, where a girl might say: “I hope that can happen to me.” (Which it will not) With BL they say: “Wouldn’t it be nice if these characters were together?”

    Now there is less dependence on man. I think that is why they are not scary, but they are so full of life because they are strong. But people are still afraid of strong women.

  13. bangin said,

    The scary thing about fujoshis is their dellusion. Except for it, they are so natural.
    I am not afraid of strong women.

  14. 子犬 said,

    Not all are delusional Fujoshi. They may seem that way because they embrace the fantasy for a little while. I think that especially men who like Moe and lolikon things are even worse, because they really think of themselves with the cute character (unless it is Yuri). But Fujoshi thinks of another person with the character, which makes BL pure fantasy, and healthier. The delusional Fujoshi still pretend they are the uke, however.

  15. goodyfun said,

    bangin: Ha-ha. The word for H is something my friend does. And she’s very good at it.

    子犬: You clearly haven’t talked with enough Fujoshi. I believe that a more accurate word you are all looking for isn’t “delusional”, but “ignorant”.

    I agree that it is just as delusional, if not more so, for a man to say, “Someday I will find a girlfriend like the ones in this game!” because that will never happen. But I’ve also heard stories of Fujoshis seeing a gay couple together and going, “Kiss! Kiss!” Which is pretty dreadful.

  16. bangin said,

    Having a dellusion is not a bad thing so long as they know that they are having a dellusion. The real problem happens when they cross the line.

  17. goodyfun said,

    Bangin: Exactly. But if a person understands something isn’t real, they aren’t delusional (Do you see how that’s contradictory?): BL for a logical person is not a “delusion”, but a “fantasy”.

  18. 子犬 said,

    goodyfun: Oh. I didn’t know about that sort of thing. That is pretty bad… But that is better then prejudice, maybe.

  19. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Lol, the phoenix term is the most awesome. I think there’s still no counterpart in the otaku term? Like supreme otaku or grand master.

  20. bangin said,

    Well, maybe 濃人[noujin] would be, but not really. We know how strong 腐 is!

  21. Ran said,


    Ah, “slash goggles”! 😀

  22. bangin said,

    That’s well put!

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