[Cosplay] Take love, get all love, get back love in our hands!

April 22, 2009 at 1:09 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 I have noticed I don’t basically cosplay more than two characters from the same series. Some of my cosplay buddies can do more than three characters or so from the same series. The series I cosplayed more than one character is just Mirage of Blaze. Takaya and Ranmaru. Nah, Takaya doesn’t count cosplay at all, I know.

 That probably is because it is hard to find so many characters that really suit my physique and face in the series. Also, before I try to find another character in the same series I would give up and find someone else from a different one, that’s why.

 But this time is not. One day when I was shopping around, I happened to see a pair of glasses which closely resembled a certain character’s…I couldn’t resist. In the end, I bought it. So I decided to cosplay him.


 He is Midou Ban[美堂 蛮] in Get Backers[奪還屋]. I actually cosplayed Kakei Jubei[筧 十兵衛] before, so it was my second time cosplaying someone from Get Backers. This time, it was the hero! Jubei is a supporting character, though. Anyway, Get Backers is kind of an old series so I think most people probably know it a bit, but not that much.

 The two young guys, Ban and his buddy Amano Ginji are called Get Backers around the city. Their job is to get back something you need to do so. If it is too confidential to even report the police, you just ask them. Or they shall get it back for you. Such is the main plot of this anime. 

 In case you don’t know this anime, I shall upload the OP here.

 This cosplay didn’t need a lot. The glasses, the white shirts, and the black slacks, that’s all. But you know, the most difficult thing was to make his hairstyle like a sea urchin. It took more than 30 minutes!  



Hey, young ladies! We will get back anything!!




Just one minute. Did you have a nightmare?



  1. animemiz said,

    Neat and simple cosplay!

  2. bangin said,

    Very simple. Because I can’t afford to pay such a gorgeous costume!
    How may I help you? I will get back anything!^^

  3. w said,

    ♪Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner,
    but he knew it cooouldn’t last~♪

    BTW, the last picture’s very good! Maybe a little eyeliner would’ve made your eyes stand out a wee bit more for the far shots, although I frankly have no experience with makeup.

  4. kesenaitsumi89 said,

    Kinda scary with those eyes. I mean you can really scare off some bad people..

  5. bangin said,

    w: Thank you! I edited the last picture as though he was using his eye power named 邪眼. Lelouch, Ranmaru, and Ban-chan. I think I like to cosplay a character whose eyes are very powerful! So I wonder who is going to be the next…

    kesenaitsumi: Some people say like that actually. I wish I could have a power of Geass or Ban-chan’s Evil eyes!

  6. goodyfun said,

    Grammatically it’s correct to say, “which closely resembled *a* certain character” rather then “*the* certain character”. 😉

    I definitely think your best cosplays are of cool looking characters like this. You have the perfect attitude for them (I could never keep up such an attitude.)! My friend 千春 is a fan of this show and has a few doujinshi based on it. Since she’s a fujoshi you can guess what kind of doujinshi it is. ^_^;

  7. bangin said,

    Thank you, and I am pretty sure what kind of doujinshi your friend has. If nothing else, Get Backers is a thing for fujoshis. Seemingly, this anime is a shounen manga, but actually…

  8. Marie said,

    *gasp* I’ve just noticed that I haven’t seen GetBakers /(>.<)/
    And by the way, love your cosplay ^^b
    With that hairstyle, I think you can also pull off Kenpachi! hehe ^^;;

  9. bangin said,

    No one can get any closer to me, this spiky hair scares people.^^

  10. Ayanta García said,

    Those glasses are similar to Leorio’s as well x9 You could cosplay as him too!

  11. bangin said,

    Oh yes, I think I should cosplay him when I get older a bit more. XD

  12. 子犬 said,

    You really look a lot like him.

    Your hair looks good that way! 😀

  13. bangin said,

    Thank you.^^
    BTW, this character’s grandmother is German.

  14. coeli said,

    Heyyyy awesome Ban cosplay!

    I love the color of the contacts that you used~

  15. bangin said,

    Thank you.^^
    Contacts are important. It really makes your cosplay fabulous.

  16. Yoko-chan said,

    I haven’t seen Get Backers so i don’t know if the character is scary or not, but i totally love you cosplaying him! Also, he sure seems like an interesting character. Now i must see Get Backers! 😀

    • bangin said,

      Get Backers was over a long time ago, but I think it is nice to look back such an old series. I would be happy if you like Get Backers!

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