April 20, 2009 at 3:35 am (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), otaku word)

 There are some men who like to choose コスプレAV[cosplay AV] that porn actresses show in various uniforms like a nurse, a secretary, a flight attendant, an elevator girl, or something like that. That is, uniforms from those occupations. We can call such a genre 職業系[shokugyou-kei] or occupation thing. Please go to the porn video section at the rental shop if you can, or you will see there would be such a shelf named 職業系 or 職業もの[shokugyou-mono]. In those video, we are always shown such a cliched plot(お約束) like a nurse is raped by a doctor(or a patient)「先生、止めてください!」「次の手術は君だ、くっくっくっ」, a stewardess gets laid with a pilot「ああ、機長~!」, a female teacher teaches her virgin student how to do “something,”「せ、先生…僕…」 「うふっ、怖がらなくていいのよ。先生が教えてあげる」a secretary and her boss do blah blah blah「し、社長止めて下さい!」「いいのか?ワシに逆らったらクビだぞ」…Well, I have seen this kind of thing hundreds of times so I am too bored to watch this. 俺だって男だからね(笑)

 However, lately I noticed those who love 職業系 are not even necessarily men, but also BL fangirls(腐女子). I don’t really know what to say, but they have much much deeper dellusion than we men do. I only know there is a genre called リーマンもの[reeman-mono] or salarymen thing in BL. That is, a love story which takes place between two salarymen. But actually there are some more occupations that fujoshis really adore. I found a ranking in the certain magazine, I mean, “which occupation does it turn you on? or something like that.” The top is…医者[isha] or doctor, and there is even a genre named 医者もの[isha-mono]. Of course you can say 医者萌え[isha-moe] if you really like such a doctor thing. The ranking is like below,

1. Doctor

2. Teacher

3. Soldier

4. Salaryman

5. Bartender

 As for no. 2 and 4, I have nothing to say. But why soldier? According to those fans, it seems like soldiers are stoic about sex. But when they do it, they become very wild…such a gap sure is a turn-on. Also, those cool uniforms is one of the reasons. Come to think of it, Hetaria[ヘタリア] is really popular among cosplayers…Could it be…?


 Back to the main topic, why is doctor the top? Looks cool, is that why? Those fans say it is because they are wearing a white gawn, very erotic! よくわからない…And if he wears glasses, it could be perfect! No matter what, glasses is an essential item…it seems like. 

 As I have said, fujoshis love to have a dellusion. So in other words, they love to create a story in mind. What kind of doctor is he? A surgeon? A shrink? What is his patinet like? Is he mentally exhausted because of his wife or job? Is that why he needs help? The more he sees the doctor, the more he is in love with him…



 See? Even I can make such a fuckingplot.  That means there are a lot of BL fangirls who really love 医者もの. Come to think of it, when I go to the bookstore, I sure see such BL novels. The cover obviously tells that.

 But even that, I don’t understand why doctor comes to top yet. There has to be an assumption…Oh, I have heard something a while ago. Most doctors are hentai, but there are as many gay doctors as straight hentai doctors. I don’t really know this is true or not, but let’s see…OMG, what about…あの…えっと…その…the proctology department? だって…do they look over anus every single day, right? That is their job, I know. Here is a question, can doctors choose the department they want to pursue when they become a doctor? The surgeons wanted to be a surgeon, so that’s why they are who they are, right? Same goes to the proctology? Did they want to look over anus? If that’s the case, it’s no wonder they happen to be…そっち系?Does it make sense why 医者もの comes to top?

 Suppose you are a proctology doctor, and come across your very old friend on the street.

a(your friend). Hey, long time no see! How’s it going?

b(you). Yeah, fine.

a. What are you doing now?

b. I am a doctor.

a. Cool! What kind of doctor?

…Can you really answer it? Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? Why are you lying, huh? 嘘だッ! 

 BTW, what kind of occupation do you like the most?



  1. ponytale said,

    uwa~ that’s an awesomely huge syringe *shiver* XD You look -very- cuute, Bangin sensei!

    I always found men in uniforms (military especially) very handsome, not just in BL. (^///^) not particularly due to the sexual reason/imagination you mentioned in the post. I thought bartender was kinda cool too but it wasn’t due to BL but was cos of Tom Cruise’s movie Cocktail ^^;;;

    As for the other uniform genre, like teacher, Doctor-moe + megane is a learned fetish after I became a fujoushi XP

  2. goodyfun said,

    I think interesting characters and smarter writing make adult material sexier (However, this is coming from a person with an intelligence fetish.). http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GeekyTurnOn

    It should be noted that as long as its done well, it can be good to have a few fetish tropes… just as long as you avoid fucking plots. :p

  3. bi said,

    I think it mostly has to do with what women want for themselves. Isn’t it any woman’s dream to marry some handsome man who earns good money? Aren’t doctors the top of that category? This ideal somehow translates in finding really hot their white gawn, and when you double that with 2 hot doctors doing hot things to each other, it becomes a real turn on.
    This also goes for soldiers: a man in a military uniforms is hot, 2 men in military uniforms “having fun” is super-hot! XDD

    Well, this is just my personal opinion on this mental-process XD

  4. bangin said,

    ponytale: Yes, this is a very big and thick shringe. Of course I have no lisence as a doctor! XD I like a bartender, too. Wish I could cosplay it and make a cocktail with a shaker. Oh you mean Tom Cruise’s Cocktail! Sounds very nostalgic. I like his navy costume in A Few Goodmen.

    goodyfun: Come to think of it, I like ER, not because it is a doctor’s thing.

    bi: Ah, hot x hot =super-hot! But wait, what about a lawyer? They make a lot of money as well, but it is not in the ranking. Maybe that’s because they don’t wear a white gawn!

  5. bi said,

    The ideal image of a doctor is of someone gentle who understands the pains of others, while lawyers often have to be very cold hearted to do their work, so maybe the dont match the perfect ideal of moral integrity. Doctors are “more perfect”, if that could be said XD
    Also, doctors have a specific fashion (white gown), so it’s easier to make a genre out of it compared to lawyers who just wear suits.

  6. bangin said,

    Speaking of a doctor, my ideal one is Dr. Koto’s Infirmary! Usually, doctors in manga are very cool like Blackjack or Team Dragon. But Koto-sensei is very warm-hearted.

    A lawyer’s badge doesn’t turn fujoshis on, haha.

  7. khim said,

    why not trying cosplay blackjack sometimes?

  8. 子犬 said,


    You look so pretty. *_*

    About what bi said women are not always attracted to what they want. I like some of those characters in those occupations as accessories to Ukes in BL (Glasses also will make it more attractive. I do not really like masculine men.).

    Surgeons do not get to know patients and become Jaded. I have seen a story where a surgeon is not nice like other doctor fantasy, but a kichiku-megane.

  9. bangin said,

    khim: Then I need to get older a bit more!^^

    子犬:white gawn + glasses = kichiku-megane. How come those men who show in BL are all very skinny?

  10. goodyfun said,

    “How come those men who show in BL are all very skinny?”

    The Shoujo art style essentially simplifies everything to basic expression. This can make a character’s expression and appearance more attractive, if the artist is good with details, or boring. In other words, if you remove the little details that make people human, they loose personality, or they look perfect.

    In other words, the physiques of the men in BL look perfect because the muscles are toned down, giving the characters an androgynous look. The same thing would happen to you if somebody drew you in that style. You look fit as a character in a Shoujo series in that picture. You should never hope you look exactly like a cartoon. You wouldn’t be healthy if you had the body of a boy drawn by CLAMP.

  11. 子犬 said,

    What goodyfun said is the technical stuff… Cartoons let us look at fantasy of perfection and androgynous men is why they are drawn that way. It is true, you can not expect things like that in real life.

  12. ponytale said,

    Hehe am scared of needles *hides*

    Bartender cosplay would be cool! XD http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/dynamic/imgs/031124/154157__tom6_l.jpg And I think you’ll look great in the Navy uniform too. ^^)b

    As for skinny men in BL~ there are art styles where male characters are physically proportionate/realistic (more manly I suppose but I’m not referring to the other extreme end of muscle-men in Bara tho’) ^_^ Anyway, I think every art style has their own appeal and fans.

    I never really understood the kichiku megane appeal in BL until later cos I’m megane-wearing person myself *raise eyebrow* lol~ So can I assume that the fetish came up from people who don’t wear megane?

  13. bangin said,

    goodyfun&子犬: Any characters in shoujo manga or otome games have to be drawn that way. Huge eyes, sharp chin, long arms, legs, straight hair are necessary. That is why it is hard to cosplay such a character in 3D. If my legs were like Lelouch’s, they would break very easily! I want a manly looking so that I can cosplay such a musculine character. Oh no, I won’t be able to cosplay Zero anymore in that case.

    ponytale: I haven’t cosplayed any soldier characters yet, but if I could, I want to cosplay someone in Hetaria. Thanks for the image, this Tom looks very young!

    Maybe you’re right, I am obsessed with overknees because I don’t (can’t) wear overknees.

    BTW, I visited your blog. You sure know some BL games, am I right? Do you know about Crawl beneath Me?

  14. jaredinnakano said,

    sorry for the late comment. bangin, you look great in isha-moe cosplay!

    which magazine did you see with the fujoshi shokyugou rankings? i wonder how you know so much 😉

    lastly, maybe it’s because i am a guy, i like suits-and-glasses business types, but also other uniforms: forest and park rangers, Japanese construction workers (particularly white towel wrapped on head), Japanese policemen (particularly plastic cover on hat when it rains), surfers/saafas (wetsuits and boards), firemen (from all countries), auto mechanics (jumpsuits), astronauts (helmets) . .

    are these other professions ignored in fujoshi lit?

    in my poor Japanese, i was talking to my in-laws and mistakenly said “fujoshi” when i meant to say “fundoshi.” i hope it’s not too late for me to learn to speak even mediocre Japanese. .

  15. ponytale said,

    Uwah~ XD Hetalia! Please do!

    We’ve not seen you in overknees boots before so we wouldn’t know (^///^) Surprise us?

    Yeah Cocktail is Tom’s earlier works and probably the best (or entertaining) bartender movie ever made… I feel. ^^

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Mmm, I’ve only played a few BL games. I’ve read good reviews about Crawl beneath Me and it is not the usual “Choose-your-own-adventure” story game. I’ve been thinking of getting the game for some time now. There are PC and PS2 versions right? Have you played them?

  16. bangin said,

    jared: I read it on the magazine for cosplayers, COSMODE. I will show you when we meet up if you want.

    Then of course those uniforms can turn fujoshis on. Especiallyt policemen things are often seen in BL.

    Don’t worry, most people do not know what fujoshi is supposed to mean.

    ponytale: In fact, that game was really popular among my friends at university.
    And…if you know that game a bit, I think I can show you something interesting next month.

    Please stay tuned until then!

  17. ponytale said,

    I see… Looking forward to it! 😀

  18. Mundo Fujoshi – Moe para todos os gostos – parte II « said,

    […] Fonte : Japanese Words of anime fans, by fans and for fans […]

  19. rzncu said,

    ❤ megane! I think in profession moe, I probably like teacher and bartender more than isha… isha makes me think of characters that are just… more messed up, for example, muraki from yami no matsuei. whereas teachers, there can be all kinds, they can be hara ga kuroi or ii hito~ bartenders are most usually iyashikei~

    but my other profession moe might just be… mangaka or seiyuu XD

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