ハイジ沖田ネロ[Heidi Okita Nello]

April 9, 2009 at 12:40 am (otaku word)

 I have been saying I am not that young here, but everytime I hear this word, I feel I am still young. Because the term I shall introduce now origins from the really really old anime series. If you have watched them in real time, you must be 40-something.

 Anyway, the fact that a word like this exists implies that the TV staff don’t want to spend money to make a program because of the recession, I suppose so. Come to think of it, I am surprised to realise there are amazingly a lot of programs which just broadcast the past video. They just edit the old video as if they are making a new program, show it to the showfolks, and talk about the past memories. This costs almost nothing because, as I have said, they just edit the old video. But this way could get people to feel nostalgy so easily, so that is why this kind of program is popular.  The harder the reality is, the more people want to dwell on the past memories…No, we have to come back. That’s what life is all about.

 For those who watch anime overseas it doesn’t ring a bell, but in Japan the omnibus which summarize the most famous and touching scenes of the old anime series is aired from time to time. The title is mostly like 視聴者が選ぶ!名作アニメ名場面ベスト100[The chosen-by-audience 100 famous scenes of the great anime] or something like that. This kind of program always pick up the heartbreaking scenes of the old anime series, and broadcast them again and again. How many more times do we have to see this crap? I know good scenes are good, but the more we are seen, the less we get touched. Yes, that is ハイジ沖田ネロ[Heidi Okita Nello]. It could be also  written as ハイジ起きた寝ろ[Heidi woke up, go to sleep].

 Why Heidi Okita Nello? This is the broadcasted order of below series,


a. Heidi: Heidi, Girl of the Alps[アルプスの少女ハイジ(Jan 6th to Dec 29th, 1974)] This is absolutely nominated. The cliched scene is always クララが立った![Kurara is standing up!] in episode 51. この手の番組では100%紹介されます(苦笑)


b. Okita: Captain Okita Juzou in Space BattleshipYamato[宇宙戦艦ヤマト(Oct 6th, 1974 to Mar 30th, 1975)]. The cliched scene is that Okita dies just before he returns to the Earth. “Oh our earth…everything is nostalgic…” in episode 26.


c. Nello: Nello in A Dog of Flanders[フランダースの犬(Jan 5th to Dec 28th in 1975)]. Isn’t it obvious? The answer is, yes, when Nello dies with his beloved dog in front of the picture in episode 52. “Patrasche…I am tired…” The angels come down to take them to heaven.

 Well, if I have to give some more examples, it would be みなしごハッチ[Honeybee Hutch(1970) when Hutch finally meets his mother. “Hutch!””MOOOOOOOOM”], or ベルサイユのバラ[The Rose of Versailles(1972), when Andrei dies.”Andrei! Don’t die! Please don’t leave me alone!”].

 Thanks to this kind of program, I just know what happens at the climax in those series although I haven’t watched all of the episodes. Meanwhile some fans might despise this kind of program since it is too repetitive. Having said that, good anime is good no matter how many times we watch. In fact, when I come across some scenes of my favorite anime which I almost forgot with this kind of program, I feel like watching it from the beginning. So I just go to the rental shop…

 By the way, don’t you think now is the right time to make this kind of program with the series which were aired 2000 onwards or something? この手の番組は腐るほど見たから飽きてんだよね。If it comes to pass, there are some scenes which I really feel have to be nominated. I gotta list it out quickly though I don’t give away any spoilers in case you haven’t watched.


1. Kamui in X movie. Nice bどうして…どうしてこんな事に…答えてくれぇッ!封真ーーーッ!![Why…why has it become like this? Answer me, Fuma!!] もう独りで歩けない~時の風が強すぎて~


2. Nagisa Kaworu(渚カヲル) in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Episode 24. 好きってことさありがとう、シンジ君[Thanks, Shinji-kun]。


3. Kamio Misuzu(神尾美鈴) in Air. Episode 12. No need to explain, right? あの海~どこまでも~青かった~遠くまで~誰よりも~遠くに行っても ここからまた笑ってくれる~


4. Sawatari Makoto(沢渡真琴) in Kanon. Episode 10. あう~あう~(ToT)


5. Rolo(ロロ) in Code Geass R2. Episode 19. 兄さんは僕の…だから…![Because bro is my…!]果たしてこの放送の後にルルロロに走った腐女子は何人いただr

 That’s all I can think of now. 全部死ぬシーンじゃん!!But umm, it is too difficult. I want people to know these great series. But at the same time, I don’t want them to think those scenes are everything about it. So broadcasting just such a touching scene is a good thing? Ugh…I don’t really know.



  1. goodyfun said,

    You mention how you aren’t old enough to have watched those series from start to finish. This is important. The scenes both old and new that you listed, you would have had to watch their respective series all the way through to bond with the characters for death scenes, scenes when characters reunite, etc. to mean anything. People should ask themselves, “Would this be touching?” If they just saw those scenes by themselves when they’re following a long runner.

  2. bangin said,

    I am not too old enough because I actually haven’t watched Heidi, Space Battleship, nor A dog of Flanders in real time. Even though I know those touching scenes, it is weird that I haven’t finished the whole thing. So I mustn’t say “I have watched them.”

  3. goodyfun said,

    Well, that’s my point. If you have not watched the whole series, you couldn’t have bonded with the characters. Its like listening to a song over and over. If you hear it enough you will love it.

  4. Ayanta García said,

    Oh my God Rolo!!!

    I was thinking you’d include something from Code Geass but wow, ROLO <3<3 Thank you~~!!

    Lots of people were touched by Rolo’s scene, weren’t they? Rolo is my favourite character, yet I was really surprised that those who hated him would forgive him after this episode, since his personality doesn’t change. I mean, we’ve always known he was willing to do anything for Lelouch. Plus we all had those spoilers from 2ch explaining that he would die for his brother weeks before he did <:3 I guess it must be Hitomi’s music…

    (By the way this is my first comment, but I’ve been lurking for a long time! I adore your blog ♥)

  5. bangin said,

    goodyfun: Oh yes, the more I know the character, the more I love.^^ Makes sense!

    Ayanta Garcia: Hi, you’ve been following my blog! Thank you.^^

    In fact I wasn’t interested in Rolo, but after the episode he became my favorite. The song, I will be a bird so suits him. Even I cried at the scene…

    BTW, your icon is Rolo!

  6. Ayanta García said,

    Thanks to you! Your blog is really interesting^^

    BokuTori is indeed beautiful. But I’ve been wondering something for a while. ><; If you don’t mind me asking you, the part where the lyrics go “急ぎ生きるけどごめんね”, what does it mean?

    I’ve seen it translated as “Although you say hurry up, live, I’m sorry” and “Even though I live in a hurry, I’m sorry”. Is it any of the two or is it something different?

    ロロが認められて嬉しい!! (I hope this makes sense! Haha)

  7. bangin said,

    I have no confidence to translate it well, my English is not good.><
    But well, there’s no direct translation as 生き急ぐ. To put it well, let’s see…, I might say like,”I’ll get busy living, I’m sorry,” or “I’m desperate to live, I’m sorry.” That’s what I think of now.

    Rolo is really desperate, I think. Because he has never been loved by anybody. He truly believes Lelouch, but even Lelouch just uses him. But Rolo learns how wonderful brothers are, how beautiful a family is although they are not real brothers. That is why Rolo does whatever he can for the sake of his beloved brother. So in other words, he is desperate.

    Rolo reminds me of Eagle’s song, Desperado. Yeah, he is a desperado!

    ロロは愛を乞う哀しい少年…ああ、なんてかわいそうな…I like him. But I am not shotakon, haha.

  8. Ayanta García said,

    Even though I’m Spanish, I’m sure your English is perfect. Thank you so much for the translation ♥♥♥!

    Yeah, Rolo suffered a lot, poor thing ;-; At least he could die happy… (although I can also understand those who can’t forgive him for what he did to Shirley ><` I like Shirley a lot, too)

    BTW I can think of other very sad scenes… But I don’t want to spoil you so I’m giving anime titles only… Hikaru no Go, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Saber Marionette J to X… hmm, and Kaiji is really painful the whole way through, but it has some really touching moments…

  9. bangin said,

    In brothers’ thing(you can also read 兄弟萌え in the search bar), this often happens especially when a younger brother loves an elder one. He could love his big bro too much so he tries to get rid of an obstacle. Just like what Rolo has done to Shirley.

    Darn it, I could have introduced one more term, xxではよくあること[xx dewa yokuarukoto] or this often happens in xx. So let’s say 兄弟ものではよくあること or this often happens in brothers’ thing.

    BTW, you pick up good ones. I love Hikaru no Go and Cowboy Bebop! There are indeed touching scenes in Cowboy Bebop.

  10. goodyfun said,

    Ayanta García: I was trying hard to think of a moment that would qualify as truly touching, or sad from a series, but was coming up short. Then I saw you mention Cowboy Bebop. The final episode ending is a perfect example!

    bangin: The song Desperado reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld. ^^ (Seinfeld was a show from the 90s that introduced the comedy style referred to as “A show about nothing”, (like you see in Lucky Star), if you haven’t heard of it.)

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