ずっと俺のターン![my turn forever!]

March 23, 2009 at 3:39 am (doujin(同人), otaku word, slang)

 If you happen to follow Yu Gi Oh[遊戯王], you might be familiar with how often nico bugs coin a new word from the series. I have introduced ふつくしい[futsukushii] before, but there are some more terms as a matter of fact. I am not following Yu Gi Oh, but a while ago I found some really funny terms so I should make a post on this.

 I have no experience in playing with trading cards, but for those who really like it, there’s no need to explan how the various cards work. Once I have had a duel with my friend at school, I had no idea how those cards worked. So I gave it up soon. だって全然分かんないんだもん…The rule was too complicated, and there were too many exceptions.

 Especially, the certain cards can skip or stop your enemy’s turn so that you can continuously attack it twice or more. In this way,  to keep attacking your enemy all the time shall be called ずっと俺のターン![zutto ore no turn!] or my turn forever! There is no turn for your enemy so that it can do nothing while you attack it. 

 This term stems from the certain scene of episode 162 in Yu Gi Oh. There is a duel between Dark Yugi and Insecter Haga. Yugi gets furious for some reason and uses the magic, Berserker Soul. He keeps using his monster cards ignoring Haga’s turn. Almost no mercy and no forgiveness. Yugi nearly finishes him off because of this. I am sorry for the bad subtitles. 

 This one-way attack was named ずっと俺のターン! among the fans, and it started to be so famous that the bloggers used it everywhere. As for the most typical example, on such a bulletin board you might see someone who keeps insulting the certain person. The victim seems to have no turn to fight back. Yes, that is ずっと俺のターン!

 Okay, I must say Yu Gi Oh amazingly made some famous words. I don’t know anything else that has done something like this. At any rate, if you see someone being blamed on the board, you could see another person who is shouting もうやめて!○○のライフはゼロよ![mou yamete! xx no life wa zero yo!] or Stop it! So-and-so is almost dead! Seemingly, this seems to save the victim to accomodate. But actually no. This is actually used to make things worse. Saying something like this, it makes the victim look much more mizrable.

 This comes from  Kyouko who watches over the duel in the episode. She tries to cool Yugi down, and says もうやめて!遊戯!とっくに羽蛾のライフはゼロよ!もう勝負はついたのよ![Stop it, Yugi! Haga’s life is already zero! The duel is over!] She shouts this at 4:25 in this video. Check it out.

 Then, I shall show you an example. This video is from Final Fantasy Ⅶ International, and shows Barret conquers Ruby Weapon. This enemy is outstandingly strong, but gamers always find a breakthrough. I don’t know how the player let this happen, but Barret keeps shooting at Ruby Weapon so that it can do nothing…and the battle ends. Yes, this is ずっとバレットのターン![Barret’s turn forever!] and please shout もうやめてバレット!ルビーウェポンのライフはゼロよ![mou yamete Barret! Ruby Weapon no life wa zero yo!].   

 Wow, I bet Barret saying 覚悟しろよ!このウェポン野郎![Get ready, you fucking weapon!]



  1. khim said,


  2. goodyfun said,

    Yu Gi Oh based words/phrases… Well, it is a popular series.

    I’ve noticed that people on 2ch, 4 chan, YouTube, and Nico all find interest in things that stand out, but are not as big as they make them. They’re all totally different things, but the general idea is the same. Well, I guess that’s sort of like a Memetic Mutation… something that is taken out of concept until it has no relation to its source.

    Come to think of it, almost all fandom makes things out to be bigger then they are… maybe it’s just a nerd thing? ^^:

  3. sunya said,

    Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I always enjoy all of your posts and commentary.

    Your post today seemed like such a coincidence, since I was just watching some Yu-Gi-Oh parodies last night.

    I kept seeing the word/phrase “AGO”, and was wondering if you knew what it might mean. Actually, I often see it beside a certain image of Kaiba, so maybe it is related to him…? On another note, I also see the phrase “レイプ目” associated with Kaiba too…haha.

    Thanks very much for all the interesting posts!

  4. bangin said,

    khim: 自分がやる分にはいいけど、やられるのは嫌だよね。

    goodyfun: I have no idea why it has to be Yu Gi Oh. We never know what comes out from which series. But for some reason, Yu Gi Oh has done more than any other series did.

    sunya: Hi, thanks for coming. Ah, AGO…well it means 顎[ago] or chin. Kaiba’s chin is amazingly too sharp. Just like a diamond. That ridicules him, saying AGO Kaiba.

  5. goodyfun said,

    My guess is that the reason why so many words came from this series it that a lot of the young people coming up with words and memes on the Internet today watched it when they were kids. Wouldn’t somebody who watched or read it when they were seven be about nineteen years old now?

  6. w said,

    Well duh these aer memes… what else would they be?

    About AGO, it’s not just Kaiba’s chin in general but the Yugioh drawing style – particularly when this particular animation director called Inoue does the drawings; the chins are pretty prominent. There is one famous screenshot of Kaiba looking really stupid from episode 147 or something like that (where he is battling Bakura on the rooftop)

    Why do I know all this?!! I have not shaken off niconico douga from my memory…

  7. kesenaitsumi said,

    ^^ Watching Yu-gi-oh once again have make my blood boiled up for some more card game. Haha

    Didn’t really following the Yu-gi-oh series but still like it.

  8. bangin said,

    goodyfun: Actually I have some friends who follow Yu Gi Oh. And they are all over 20! I was surprised to see how well this series grasps adults.

    w: Do you happen to be Kaiba’s fan? A sharp chin is often seen in shoujo manga. But yeah, Yu Gi Oh drawing style sure uses this. My chin is also sharp, umm can I cosplay Kaiba?^^

    kesenaitsumi: Neither did I. I am not good at playing cards. orz

  9. Shii said,

    Hey, this could be fun to write about.

    You didn’t explain “meshiuma joutai” yet. The American equivalent is “delicious pubbie tears” or simply “lulz”.

  10. bangin said,

    You are the second person who mentioned meshiuma. I should make a post on this, shouldn’t I?

  11. khim said,

    yes please and also other terms in the links too

  12. 【翻訳】永遠都是我的回合!-「ずっと俺のターン!」 « 空想サーキュレーション said,

    […] 以下是吐槽時間: 原文出處:ずっと俺のターン![my turn forever!] 謹以此向作者致以崇高敬意!( ;∀;) […]

  13. Yu-Gi-Oh said,

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    İ like the yugioh 🙂

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