February 27, 2009 at 2:42 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word)


 This is something I can’t understand. That might be because I am a man, no? Yes, this is something women feel hot…it looks like that. In Tonari no Yaoi-chan, there is a scene in which Yaoi-chan makes his boyfriend wear a suit before they go outside on the summer day because…she has a スーツ萌え[suit-moe].

 When it comes to a suit, you might think of the genre, リーマンもの[reeman thing] if you are a fujoshi. リーマン[reeman] is an abbreviation of サラリーマン[salaryman]. リーマンもの is such a BL story which takes place between two(or more) salarymen. If you are a man and usually wear a suit at work, there would be nothing particular, however, why is it that hot for women?



 As Yaoi-chan said, a suit could make a man look more(30%) handsome than he actually is. そうなの?So I quickly investigated how women feel about this in general. Let’s see, most of them prefer a black suit(I don’t understand why, but there is even a 黒スーツ萌え[kurosuit-moe] or a black suit-moe), a clean shirt, shiny shoes, and slacks mustn’t be too loose, nor too tight. A hairstyle should be neat, otherwise it would look like a shabby host. A plain black hair is preferable. Plus, if he wears glasses, it might be much better for people who have a glasses-moe[メガネ萌え]. Anyway, you can sum up such a guy as a スーツ男子[suit danshi], or a suit guy.  

 There is often a saying, women shall be surprised to see a man in suit if he wears it all of a sudden. I mean, he doesn’t wear a suit at all, but one day he shows up in suit for some reason…and women get surprised,”OMG, what happened to him? He looks cool!” In this way, a suit has such an awesome power to attract women. If you don’t usually wear a suit, why don’t you try this in order to surprise your girlfriend or other women? They might be intrigued, haha. Don’ say ただしイケメンに限る!

 I don’t think of any characters whom a suit looks nice. Sorry this is my personal taste, but I definitely say Naoe Nobutsuna in Mirage of Blaze. He always wears a suit though he is actually a monk, oh he looks cool. I want to be a man like him! Or else, I have seen some characters occassionally wearing a suit like Hibari Kyouya in Katei Kyoushi Hitman Reborn! Among doujin fans, this really happens a lot. It is even a rule-of-thumb, I mean, to get your favorite character to wear a suit.


 Speaking of  リーマンもの, I do wonder why some fujoshis like it. I think this is because here is an imcomprehensible business world that they don’t understand. I don’t mean to be rude, but リーマン is something embodies a men’s society that women can’t get in. The more secret there is, the more people want to pry…Such is a thing that a fujoshi office lady hallucinatesthinks of. Incidentally, if you happen to be in Tokyo, please go to Shimbashi[新橋] after 7 or so. You will see a lot of  drunk リーマン whining each other. I have a fujoshi friend who sees “things” when there is two drunk salarymen on the train. 左の上司が受けで右の部下が攻めだわ。この場合先輩受けと後輩攻めね!

 Meanwhile, there is another type of スーツ萌え, that is 戦隊スーツ萌え[sentai suit moe]. 戦隊[sentai] means a ranger. 戦隊スーツ[sentai suit] is something such a ranger bishoujo wears when she is off to the battlefield. It should be so tight that her shape is obviously seen. Those plugsuits in Neon Genesis Evangelion are perfect examples. Me? Of course I like Asuka’s one! But a friend of mine said the plugsuits of Shinji and Kaworu look gayish. What about Zero’s costume? Oh there is C.C’s pilotsuit in Code Geass. Ah, she is so hot!

Someone, please stop my ハァハァ(*´д`*)
Someone, please stop my ハァハァ(*´д`*)

 No matter what, don’t get your boyfriend to wear a suit in summer like Yaoi-chan does so. A suit is really hot in summer. Not that hot, of course.


  1. Dan said,

    Maybe many girls like suits because it makes the guy look serious and hardworking ^.^” .
    I’m a girl, and for me, suits are OK :p .

  2. bangin said,

    Ah looks serious and hardworking!
    And does it make a guy look more intelligent, no?

  3. bi said,

    I think it’s something like women who love men in uniforms, be it policemen, soldiers or marines… I know a lot of non-fujoshi ladies who love those! XD
    It’s something about how the suit shapes your bodyfigure and makes your shoulders look straighter and broader……….. Yes, I have suit-moe and you’re looking pretty good there, Bangin-san ♡

  4. Dav said,

    Another girl who has suit-moe here. :3

    My view is similar to what Dan and Bangin commented above. To me, men who wear suits convey an image of being intelligent, hard-working and well-groomed (of course, this could only be limited to the workplace. As for drunk salarymen stumbling out of izakaya, I change my mind :p). I find men who dress neat and smart appealing, but it’s not necessarily limited to just suits. I find any guy who knows how to dress smart appealing. Guys who wear, say, 3-piece suits are probably the optimum of what my ideal image of a smart-looking man is. 🙂

  5. Dav said,

    Btw, if there’s anything I find more moe than suits, it’s white lab coats and trenchcoats. 😉

  6. coeli said,

    Men in suits look cool, clean and professional.

    But for some reason, I think it looks hot (literally) especially since I live in a tropical country and men who wear suits here are mostly old businessmen. Otherwise, the young ones who do just end up all sweaty and it isn’t a pretty sight XD

  7. bangin said,

    bi: Hi, it’s been a while. I was wondering how you had been. Thanks for coming again.
    Yes, a navy, a solider, a pilot…those uniforms are nice, too. Maybe each has a moe!
    Yes, my shoulders are not broad, so a suit makes it look broader.

    Dav: Oh yes, a white lab coats and trenchcoats are also in the category of suit-moe. Yaoi-chan said something like that, too!

    coeli: Ah let me guess, you live in Malaysia or Singapore?

  8. goodyfun said,

    My sister and I were once talking about how we find women extremely sexy in suits/uniform, too. Like Annie Lennox, who was famous in the eighties for wearing a suit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQHrspjw4aA

    Whenever you say, “I don’t understand this moe” I am reminded of how many differences there are between people and their sexualities. For instance, once people have been wearing something long enough, people will become attracted to it. Like, people are attracted to nuns in America, and there are people are attracted to mikos. Those outfits don’t show any curves at all, in other words the human brain adapts to being attracted to them. Isn’t that funny?

  9. Michael Tim said,

    I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  10. coeli said,

    The Philippines actually ^^

    Oh and I hope you don’t mind, I added you to my blogroll ^_^

    • bangin said,

      goodyfun: Makes sense. Different place, different moe. Our traditional costume like Miko could be a strong moe for non-Japanese people. Moe has no shape!

      coeli:Of course not. Thank you for adding my blog.^^

  11. dcal said,

    I kindof like suit-moe… but I prefer my fantasy characters without the coat. The best scenerio is working overtime in the office, with the tie undone, the top buttons open and the long sleeves rolled back… *drools*

    Speaking of uniforms, I really like the Waiter-type uniforms… like the Antique Bakery style or Cafe吉祥寺で. Half vest/ half apron. -sighs-

    • bangin said,

      dcal:The important thing is the way a man wears a suit. Like you said, being neat is not even necessarily a moe. A bit loose sometimes becomes good.

      子犬:Makes sense. Kichiku megane tends to wear a suit with glasses. Most likely such a man shall be a kichiku.
      I wonder how Rolo looks if he wears a suit.

  12. 子犬 said,

    This is definitely a favorite for a uniform lovers. And as you said, better to have glasses, I have never seen a Kichiku Megane-Moe, without a suit!

    I actually know how other girls think about this Moe, because my friends like it too. Some girls like the various parts. You have the tie, shirt, jacket and trousers to look at. The most like that a suit makes a man look mature and intelligent, but others like a more Shota-looking boy in a suit, too because then the contrast makes the boy cuter. I have been told Gokurakuin Sakurako once wrote a short story with a Shota-looking man in a suit.

  13. Chibi-Chibi said,

    I’d say that one of the reasons that this moe exists is the same as girl in swim suit is super hot but nude not so much any more. Looking at a man being dressed in a suit, looking all pweety an with no creases at all it’s a satiation where , at least i, somebody will want to mass him up. But after that he’s just not attractive and whot as he was before. Just like the girl after she removes her bikini.
    Not very good cooperation but hopefully it got across 😀

  14. bangin said,

    Chibi-Chibi: I prefer such a bikini rather than a plain nudity!

  15. 子犬 said,

    “I wonder how Rolo looks if he wears a suit.”

    Go to an event selling comic. Code Geass is a popular series, I bet you could find an image such as that in at least one Doujinshi!

  16. bangin said,

    Yeah for sure!

  17. mochie said,

    Hmm… I don’t like men in suits or salary man much haha. Perhaps to me they always look very serious or boring people?? I like the way some people wear suits I guess, like if they are wearing a suit jacket and it is a very modern and casual version, for example it has patterns or embroidery on it then I think it will look good but generally when people wear really formal things like suits I generally don’t really like. But your cosplay looks pretty good! First time I’ve seen you in a suit!

  18. bangin said,

    In fact, I don’t wear a suit everyday. Sometimes I have to.
    This photo comes from my Nube-sensei album!

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