February 19, 2009 at 3:26 pm (otaku word, slang)

 This post contains some discriminatory contexts. Viewers’ understanding is required.

 I think I have explained something like this before, but this time it is really strong. Before I made a post on this, I actually counted how many of my friends are fat, and how many of them are otaku. No, I don’t think otaku has anything to do with this. Fat people are just fat, that’s it. Who said otakus are fat? Nonetheless, people tend to think otakus are mostly either fat or skinny. Especially, this term does indicate such a fat otaku…that is ピザデブ[pizadebu].

 ピザ means a pizza, and デブ means a fat. So why do these two things get combined? Yes, because it is said that pizza is commonly a favorite food for fat people. Besides, it has a connotation that such an otaku grabs a pizza in the room and watches Nico Nico…This is just a saying, I know it’s not true. Anyway, this is definitely an insulting word as you may imagine, so this is mostly used on an internet bulltien board to insult the others. Actually, ピザデブ is an abbreviation of ピザでも食ってろデブ[piza demo kuttero debu] or grab a pizza, you fat. It might even mean, “We don’t need your opinion, so just shut up and grab a pizza.” That’s so rude! Having said that, you could see how they shall react for this, もう半分食い終わった[I have already finished an half of a pizza] or 悪いな、これから二枚目だ[Sorry, I’m gonna have another helping] to mean,”So what?”

 I know a pizza has a large calorie. One large pizza is more than an average calorie that a normal adult ought to have in a day. What if a coke comes up with it…? When I was in Canada, I used to see a lot of people around me eating a pizza almost everyday. I didn’t eat a pizza that much, but I was really fat at that time because any food was nice there…Also, pizza is really cheap(one dollar or two?) there whereas it’s very expensive in Japan. Most foreigners complain about this.


 On an irrelevant note, I found an interesting line in the manga, 昨日何食べた?[What did you eat yesterday?] which follows a gay couple(you can see this comic’s review here). When one of the couple who is a 44(or so)-year-old lawyer wonders why a lot of women have come to him after he turned 40. He doesn’t think he is handsome himself because guys like him were everywhere when he was in his 20’s. Then his boyfriend who is a hairdresser answers that it is because his physique hasn’t changed at all. Most men would start to be fat after 30’s, and even go bald after 40’s. So he dares to say that the thing is, not fat, not bald. In other words, anyone over 40 would nearly look handsome so long as these two things keep working.  Makes me laugh, is that so?

 But wait, upon hearing this I thought of the people I know over 30. Yes, they are overwhelmingly either fat or thin. And the people who count the latter are all handsome(inculding the man who cosplayed Naoe here. He is 33.), but the others are…Umm, if they are not fat, they would look handsome for sure. Too bad. 

 I will be 30 soon, so if that’s the case, at least I will try not to be fat. Is there still a hope for a guy like me?

 Oh no, I want C.C’s body! What’s the secret behind her good shape?

Give me your Geass that never makes me fat!
Give me your Geass that never makes me fat!


  1. Boreas said,

    Well, most people I know above 30 always tell me that after you get 30 you do get (easier) fat and always have to be careful of how much you eat. So I guess it is true more or less. About getting bald, I think it is more genetically concerned than age. People that get bald with age start loosing hair after their middle twenties or so I think, so you don’t just wake up one day being 40 and have almost no hair on your head anymore

  2. Shii said,

    Ahahaha… I eat pizza everyday… I’m not fat, but my arteries are probably turning to sludge.

  3. khim said,

    not need to worry much, most men get fat bcoz they get married

  4. Hinano said,

    I posted a video on niconico comparing American cosplayers to their original anime counterparts and half of the comments were ピザばっかりっwww

  5. goodyfun said,

    That is… a really mean word.

    Nutritionists say staying thin has to do with eating habits. As long as you eat natural foods, get enough healthy fats, and enough vitamins you’ll be in good shape. And exercise, of course.

    I actually… look like C.C. ^^; I loose wait really fast and I have some trouble keeping the weight on, so I need to eat enough. People wonder how I can eat so much. I say, “because I have to!” ^^;;;

  6. 子犬 said,

    This is a mean word! (O_O)

    I read that a new study shows that weight gain can help older people faces look younger because the wrinkles will be less conspicuous. Too bad bodies do not work like that.

  7. Chibi-Chibi said,

    I find it a curs not to be able to get fat in any way. Sweets, typical fast food, slow food, pizza, hamburgers, you name it, nothing made me fat and i’m around 50 for the last ….. 5,6 years <_<
    for this new year i said i’ll gain 1 kilogram till the end of the year but 2 moths past and i’m actually less than usually 48 (cloths included <_<) T___T usually it did not go below 48,5 TT___TT
    Its a curse not to be able to get fat in any way D: …. but i guess its the same if you can’t get thin.
    Wither way pizabebu is a mean word because being fat or not is something on what people have little influence as it a lot depend on the digestion your body has; accept if you really do eat a ton but i think cases a like that are rather rare.

  8. mochie said,

    Haha actually I would imagine that most otaku will just eat instant noodles instead of pizza. But that’s probably very stereotypical of me to say that as well (as I don’t like instant noodles).

    I think it really depends on the person because most of my otaku friends are rather skinny since they are concerned about their health and well being (I think I am the fattest one out of them all), however when I was still at school, my friends who don’t like anime were actually very large because of the food they eat and lack of activity.

    I have been recently inviting dance studios to teach dancing lessons at the Anime Event over here to promote activeness and let people get some exercise. A lot of anime fans actually enjoy it a lot. (And when I say dance, I don’t mean Hare hare yukai).

  9. bangin said,

    Boreas: That’s true. Even if you don’t eat a lot after 30, it would be easier to get fat. But it is also true that it becomes hard to eat that much after 30. So there would be just two types of men above 30; fat or not fat…
    I am concerned of my hair, too!><

    Shii: You’re still very young, so it is fast to consume calorie. But me…orz

    khim: Happiness sometimes makes people fat, huh?

    Hinano: Oh no, so they are mostly…BTW, I like a pizza in USA. Cheap and nice!

    goodyfun: I usually do exercise, but I don’t think I always eat healthy food because sometimes I eat some snacks. Though I don’t forget to have some vegetables! If I were who I used to be in my Canada days…I wouldn’t be able to be a cosplayer. I geassed on myself to go on a diet!

    子犬:Yes, too skinny is not good, either. It would look older.

    Chibi-Chibi: I know there are some people who don’t get fat no matter how much they eat. I wonder how it functions.

    mochie: Do you know Welcome to NHK? The hero is always stuck in his room and eats only instant food from the comvinience store. But he is not a pizadebu…

    That’s cool! Now I want to learn three dances, Hare Hare Yukai, Motteke, Sailor-fuku, and Yaranaika!

  10. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I agree that being fat doesn’t have a relation with being otaku, its just a matter of healthy life style. And otaku just like to bark at each other using each other’s weakness. This is just my theory but maybe otaku becomes fat because they never come out? in Japan people does a lot of walking, right?

    Btw the theory of 40something is very interesting, I wonder what I’d look when that time comes.

  11. bangin said,

    Well, we do. But I guess that could be because of too much stress. If they are always inside the office all the day, it is easy to get fat. And after they are done, they go for a drink…No wonder they get fat.

    I don’t drink beerat all except for when it is necessary.

  12. khim said,

    rare to see adult japanese who doesnt drink beer

    you are the 3rd person i know

  13. Teko-chi said,

    A yaranaika dance?? x-)

    Here in California, I don’t really see many fat people, though everyone I know loves pizza. :> I love it too, but I’m actually underweight.

  14. bangin said,

    I have spent two weeks in California, but I don’t think I saw a lot fat people, come to think of it…

  15. rzncu said,

    I think everyone want C.C’s body XD There are always going to be people with better bodies, not just when it comes to being fat or skinny.

    But if you don’t like to drink beer, you probably won’t ever be fat~ My parents always tell me that they gave me good genes, that I can eat 5 times as much as another person, and exercise 10 times less than the average person… and I will still look skinnier than people who are on diet and exercising like crazy…

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