February 10, 2009 at 2:12 pm (doujin(同人), otaku word)



 Yes, it’s pretty easy to guess. When an otaku breaks down in anger, it is going to be this state. Technically, this is an abbrevation of オタクがキレる[otaku ga kireru]. キレる[kireru] means to get mad or furious all of a sudden. Because such a hot temper makes difference between general people and otakus, a word like this exists, I suppose so.

 Particulary, when such an otakish event takes place, this is likely to happen. For example, Comic Market, a handshaking reception for an idol, a game shop that is going to sell brand-new games or something like that. When otakus humbly line up for it, one or two rude ones mess it up for their own…and they would start a fight, yelling at each other. The way otakus get mad looks awkwardly odd. Since they are mostly humble, it would look more peculiar when they get mad. Sometimes they would utter a word that doesn’t belong to human beings like Nagato Yuki. When things like this happen, the press would pick it up…and people would have a bad image towards otakus again…How many times are we gonna see this?

 Having said that, as far as I am aware, I have never heard that there has been a single death because of オタギレ[otagire]. I bet there has been a lot of otagire fights at Comic Market where more than 500,000 people get together every year. Nonetheless, I have never heard that there was a death because of such a fight. So I’d venture to say that otakus are harmless. You know, there has been a lot of casualities because of a ridiculous fight in Japan. It sure happens everyday. Some people even die. And the cliched statement from an assault must be カッとなってやった、今は反省している。[katto natte yatta, ima wa hansei shiteiru], or I did it because I got mad. Now I regret.  Comparing to this nonsense, I think otakus wouldn’t do something like this. What do you say about this?

 I have encountered this before. It was when I talked with my fujoshi friend about the BL doujinshi she had.

a [me]. Hey, I don’t understand this.

b. What is it?

a. Look at this cum, this looks weird.

b. How weird?

a. How come it looks very watery? A real one is stickier and more slippery.

b. Don’t care about such a little thing.

a. This looks too clean. Looks like Volvic or Evian. And he got too many cumshots. We men don’t have that m…

b. Shut up, this is a fantasy!

a. If you read any ero-doujinshi for men, you would see what I mean. You know, men make them, so that is why they know how cum actually looks…


a. I-I-I mean yaoi manga-ka ought to know how a man’s body works…


 …How could an otome[maiden] talk like this?  



  1. Hinano said,

    haha when I get angry I curse too xD
    Of course I usually don’t get angry over otaku related matters (like ero scenes in a yaoi doujin) hehe ( ̄▽ ̄)

  2. bangin said,

    Then let me ask you some mysteries about yaoi! XD

  3. w said,


    I am normally an angry person so it looks normal when I get truly ticked off! Never been about otaku-related stuff though.

  4. bangin said,

    You do it right. Yes we are normal rather than otakus!

  5. otomezako said,

    Sounds really scary… O_O

  6. double said,

    I’m LOLing at that conversation. If only I could witness such a scene in real life.

  7. goodyfun said,

    I don’t ever get upset about fictional things. It helps that I can explain my opinion when someone asks me something like, “How can you like Lucy better in the original ‘Sweeney Todd’?” Rather then just blurting, “Just because! Shut up!” I start a conversation which eventually leads to the person I’m speaking with saying, “Yeah, I can see your point.”

    This topic reminds me of what us gamers know as the “console wars”.

    Why your fujoshi friend got upset is a different matter. She didn’t want you to “ruin” the fantasy for her. That’s a real fujoshi for you. “Reality has nothing to do with it!”

  8. 子犬 said,

    Your friend is silly. She should be more willing to hear the truth. XD

    Maybe some fans/Otakus feel like they need to go to war over things that they like because they have nothing else?

  9. Chibi-Chibi said,

    I’m 100% behind your friends opinion 😛
    But i have a better contra line than “MAN, DID YOU THE FUCK HEAR WHAT I SAID!? SHUT UP!”
    And that is: “Do you know that the same sh*t happens in ero-doujinshis?!”
    sry, but there is no way that female fluids could came in rivers *sadly shakes her had*

  10. mochie said,

    “Having said that, as far as I am aware, I have never heard that there has been a single dead because of オタギレ[otagire]. Nonetheless, I have never heard that there was a dead because of such a fight.”

    You mean “death” (instead of dead).

    Haha I don’t think many fujoshi or otome will get mad at something like this I guess. I get really annoyed when someone say something stupid, like the other day I was talking to some guy and he said “In our society, it’s cool to be an otaku”. -_- That sentence really annoys me because, well, speaking from a general public’s point of view, there is nothing cool about being an otaku if the media keeps portraying bad things like otagire. Though I think such fights also happen a lot at concerts, especially at rock concerts people in the crowd will just start physically fighting half way through the concert.

  11. Teko-chi said,

    XD I’m gonna be a medical-student, but my yaoi doujinshi is impossible~ (=* w *=)

    In America, we call it nerd rage! *lol* But I can really get mad when someone steals my place in line at conventions…>:O I’ll yell and beat em’ up…
    No, just kidding, I really just throw them out! >:D

  12. Neutrinos said,

    That conversation is made of pure win! haha
    I think getting angry is part of the passion one has. Whether if it’s a soccer fan who sees the referee making an unfair call on his fave team or an otaku getting his fave artwork nitpicked by another otaku. =3
    That being said i also believe Japan is pretty civilized; as in having low numbers of (violent)crimes committed in moments of passion…
    btw in japan it’s not acceptable to use dirty language even among good friends? ^^;;

  13. bangin said,

    otomezako: No, it doesn’t sound that scary actually.^^

    double: Then why don’t you piss off your otaku friends? lol But I can’t take any responsibility!

    goodyfun: You have a point. I am not supposed to spoil her maiden’s heart. She insists fantasy is fantasy.

    子犬:She doesn’t like to mix up yaoi and reality all the time. Otome is more difficult though I am an otomen.

    Chibi-Chibi: Yeah, doujin is a bunch of mysteries. Same goes to men’s ero-doujinshis. She can use it as an “objection”!

    mochie: Oh thanks, I shall correct it. Because of Densha Otoko, to be an otaku used to sound good, but not to be a nerd. To be familiar with something more than anybody else is called choi-ota[ちょいオタ]. But I am not sure, because of the stupid otaku murderer, it became too far from the glory again.

    Teko-chi: Nerd rage! That’s well put! I like it.

    Neutrinos: There is a name for such a passionate soccer fan, isn’t it? Fooligan? Hooligan? I forgot, anyway do they vandalize or something?

    No, I believe we do. I for one think it is okay. My friends and I are not that strict. But don’t ask that to any characters in Maria-sama ga miteru.

  14. Stifler said,

    lol That converstation just made my day.

  15. Neohybrid_kai said,

    LOL! I thought that you’re only teasing your fujoshi friend? seriously, getting into fight just because an ero discussion is just stupid (though its amusing to for the others to see). In my circle, everyone had different fetish and we use that to make fun each other but that’s all.

    Hm, but sometimes I do rage though usually because of no otaku related reason (work and stuff). Since I’m an otaku, does that still count as otagire, I wonder ^^?

  16. bangin said,

    Stifler: It sure did, huh?^^

    Neohybrid_kai: So long as you are an otaku, it would be otagire if you get angry, no matter what.

  17. Teko-chi said,

    Bangin, I’m in an argument, do you think otaku is a bad word because of the bad things some otaku did? o-o

  18. bangin said,

    That is a long argument. Please search 逸般人 on the sidebar, or you will see the detail more there.

  19. Dan said,

    Many otakus should stop taking their hobbies too seriously.

  20. bangin said,

    If necessary, yes.

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