[Intermission] めぐりあい・・・-Happy Ending for Suefumi-

January 27, 2009 at 4:41 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 This post gives away some spoilers, so please do not read this enrty if you are going to play the game, Harukanaru toki no naka de-Maihitoyo-.


 My first cosplay was Oono Suefumi[多季史] in Harukanaru toki no naka de-Maihitoyo-. It was more than a year ago…time flies, really. For some reason, I wanted to cosplay him again because…I wanted to return to the days I used to be a beginner. Now when I choose a character to cosplay, I consider how I would look. Sometimes my love for the character doesn’t matter. However, Suefumi is who I really loved and wanted to cosplay. So I decided to do him again.

 If you watch the film, Maihitoyo, you know what happens to Suefumi at the climax. Before I upload some photos, I have to tell you about him.

(Spoilers start) He is a living-dead, so that Miko(the heroine) has to exorcise him eventually. Because of this, there is no happy ending with him unlike any other characters. However, the game which came after the movie allows you to have a happy ending if you meet the special condition.

 When Miko is on her way to home (at this point, she is already back to the world she should be in), she starts to think about Suefumi. Whenever it rained, he always showed up before…All of a sudden, she heard a voice from behind, and it is…

When the next rain comes, we will.
When the next rain comes, we will.

 Yes, I cosplayed this Suefumi! Sorry, unless you play the game, you would have no idea. But the fans seemed to be a bit disappointed because his speech was too short, なぜだろうな、逢えると思っていた[For some reason, I was sure I could meet you again.] So I made this cosplay a bit more of my taste. Nah, just self-satisfied!^^



…Where am I…?


What am I doing…?


 I am…back? Why…? I was…exorcised, wasn’t I?


Why am I back…yes…because I wished for…


 I hope so did she…I hope.


 I have a feeling that I can see you again…I can sense something.















  1. 子犬 said,

    You look really pretty! ニャー The sun light is nice.

    I kind of like the idea of a character does not have a happy ending. It has a different formula that way. And if there is a good end version, there will be more fun to see like a bonus. It’s like the Tears For Fears song says “Everybody loves a happy ending”, which is why you have that option. ^^

  2. w said,

    Okay I’m just going to sound entirely unlike myself and insist on saying this:



    And that’s the fun of cosplay, you don’t have to care! (too much, anyway. If you did this at the age of 58 you might have less readers!)

    BTW if you’re thinking of any words to introduce one of these days… how about メシウマ? Sometimes it’s used in rather disrespectful situations on 2ch, of course (what else.)
    (Those guys just died in a huge plane crash? Man, my food tastes sooo good right now!)

  3. bangin said,

    子犬: This is not the first time for this game to use this formula actually. In the previous series, there was the character you couldn’t pursue. But after that the extra version came out because his fangirls died to see a happy end. This is how KOEI always exploits money from the fangirls!^^

    w: ネオロマは恥ずかしいセリフのオンパレード!とことん恥ずかしくてOK!^^

    When I turn 58, I would cosplay someone who is 58.

    他人の不幸で飯がうまい! But now my food tastes bad, メシマズ.

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