[Intermission] Once in a lifetime-一期一会-

January 25, 2009 at 3:11 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 A while ago, I got e-mail from my aunt. One of her acquaintances had tried to contact me, so I spoke to the woman. She, who is a designer, has a friend who is a professional photographer who basically works in NY, and he got an office in Tokyo lately. The photographer named Jun Takahashi is planning to have a new gallery with a brand-new theme, that is, NIPPON-JIN[日本人]. He is going to take a lot of Japanese people who quite embody the “color” of Japanese. For example, Goth girls in Harajuku, Gaten-kei[ガテン系, blue collar], salarymen[リーマン] or something like that. So he seems to regard cosplay as one of such colors. Oh yes, I agree!

 Anyway, he is seeking for such people so she gave me this oppotunity. B-But I am a man…is he sure about this? こんなオッサンでもいいの?So I asked her to tell my web album to him and he can decide.

 A bit later, she told me that he had never taken any male cosplayers before, so I was welcome. May I?

 She let me know his site, so I visited…WHAT? Is this Robert De Niro? Toshiaki Karasawa? Takako Matsu? Shidou Nakamura? All those celebrities were taken by him? He is going to take my cosplay?

 Am I in a dream? If so, I don’t want to wake up! Don’t stop my dream! So yesterday, I went to the certain studio in Tokyo…

 There were a couple of people who was getting ready for the session. A kimono girl, a dancer girl, two blue collars…and me, cosplayer. I cosplayed Kakei Jubei and Tsukimori Len on the day. Most of the people was surprised to see my light-blue wig. My turn came. I entered the room, and saw Mr. Takahashi. Even though he was such a high-rank person, he was so friendly! A really awesome person is not arrogant, that is true.

 The room was fulled of  the staff and the other guests, so I choked. But I did my best…and after that, he said, “You have a strong eye power, nice cosplay.”

 ああ…泣けてきた、泣いていい。Cosplay is a cliquished hobby here, so everything in my cosplay life was not even necessarily good. Because of this, some of my good friends stayed away from me. But now, everything got recompensated, or I can say it is okay if the world ends tomorrow.

 I don’t think I will meet someone like him again, so I…I did my best.





愛を込めて花束を 大げさだけど 受け取って 理由なんて聞かないでよね


いつまでも そばにいて







  1. dcal said,

    Wow! That’s definitely an experience to remember! I’m sure you did a fantastic job representing “Cosplay”. ^^ I’m so happy for you!

  2. goodyfun said,

    There is nothing quite like being in the spotlight, right? I bet this will make you want to cosplay forever after this. 😀

    “A really awesome person is not arrogant, that is true.”

    It’s amazing how many impressive people are very nice in real life. They’re the kind of people you should look up to!

  3. w said,

    WOW! Congratulations on getting such an awesome chance! Now there’s no way you can give up on cosplay 😉

    They’re really nice photos and it’s awesome that they were all so nice to you. Skills appeal to me I suppose, but someone of lesser skill with great humility and kindness appeal to me far more.

  4. Ariyana said,

    Congrats on a good shoot! I’m glad you had a good time and got some awesome photos from it. Sorry I haven’t been online lately, I’ve been trying to get a job.
    But hopefully we can chat again later.
    Congratulations again!!

  5. khim said,

    congrats bro
    did u meet any celeb during the session?

  6. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Wow, you must have gained a lot of experiences from the shoot. Congratulations!

  7. bangin said,

    dcal: Me happy, too.^^ This is unforgettable…

    goodyfun: Yes I really have to look up to.^^

    w: There is nothing to wish for…but I can’t give up on cosplay!

    Ariyana: Oh it is okay, hope it goes okay. Thank you very much!

    khim: Thanks^^ But no celeb was there, but I think some of them are real models.

    Neohybrid_kai: Yes I did. I didn’t think about this way when I started to be a cosplayer.

  8. az said,

    nice cosplay and pics! what an opportunity that was! why do you call yourself an ossan.? haahahah! >o<

  9. bangin said,

    That was a great oppotunity!
    Because I am nearly 30! But I am cosplaying a 17-year-old boy. ><

  10. jaredinnakano said,

    おめでとう、バンギン先生!It’s so great you met this famous photographer, and had such a cool photo shoot. These are your best photos yet!

  11. bangin said,

     This is not even me! Oh no, what shall I do from now?^^

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