[Intermission] 再会の輪舞曲

January 21, 2009 at 2:12 pm (cosplay(コスプレ))

 I don’t have time to introduce a new term since I have some more photoshooting. I promise I will when things cool down, so please wait until next week.


 After I cosplayed Kira Yamato, I joined another cosplay event to do this character. He is Tsukimori Len[月森 蓮] in Kin’iro no Corda[金色のコルダ] which is based on the same title otome game. I actually cosplayed him before, but this time I cosplayed his occasional costume that he wears when he plays the violin on the stage. In this way, Japanese cosplayers like to cosplay all the costumes that the character wears. The more you love the character, the more you want to complete all the costumes, no?

 Well this time, I went to the local cosplay event which took place at the rose garden. But too bad, now is not the best season for roses so we didn’t see a single one. Even that, the location was so nice.

 However, I am supposed to cosplay him once more this weekend. I will make a post on it with the photos soon.





追うほどただ弦は 歌いながら叫ぶ…



  1. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Wooow.. what a nice outfit, so elegant XDD
    definitely have to save the picts for future reference

  2. bangin said,

    Yes I like this costume.^^
    I really yearned to wear a taxido like this, like Sebastian in Black Butler!

  3. goodyfun said,

    You really look a lot like this character; it’s a great match. The last photo is awesome. Seeing a tuxedo makes me feel nostalgic from when I used to attend concerts. Oh well, I can still play CDs and records no matter how busy with life I get.

    I’ve never played an otome game. I bet that character is popular because the violin is so romantic!

  4. mochie said,

    “The more you love the character, the more you want to complete all the costumes, no?”

    Yes that is true!! I want to cosplay as Sakura in all of her costumes she wears throughout the series but there are so many and I am too lazy to make them.

    The indoor shot is really nice btw.

  5. bangin said,

    goodyfun: Yes I like this character. His fangirls shall cosplay more costumes of him whereas I can cosplay just two of them.

    He and one more boy play the violin in this game, and other boys have a different instrument.

    mochie: So I will cosplay him today again^^

  6. goodyfun said,

    “I can cosplay just two of them.”

    Why only two?

    I’m guessing the game music themed then. Is there talk about music in the game or is it simply aesthetics? I find that with dating games the knowledge about subject matter chosen is fairly shallow since it isn’t what people playing the game specifically want to see (Obviously. (If you know what I mean.)).

  7. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I think La Corda has quite a reference about classical music, though not as deep as Nodame (but I only watched the anime, not playing the game). The only thing that bother me in this series is the magical violin and fairy, why can’t they just make it down to earth +_+?

  8. goodyfun said,

    Neohybrid_kai: I can answer your question with another question. Are dating sims ever down to earth? I might play more of them if they were. Like in Lucky Star one of the girls mentions that nobody ever has a boyfriend. 😛

  9. bangin said,

    Corda soundtracks play a lot of classical music, and each song is played by the certain player who is supposed to be someone in this series.

    >why can’t they just make it down to earth +_+?

    Because this is an otome game.^^

  10. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I think some of the dating sim has down to earth atmosphere like Kimikiss or Tokimeki. But on second thought, I like Tsukihime and Air and they’re not down to earth either, lol.

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