[Intermission] Me making a debut as a Gundam pilot

January 19, 2009 at 1:50 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 These days are hectic. What makes me busy must be only one thing, yes that is cosplay! Two of my cosplay buddies took me to the cosplay event at Tokyo Dome City(next to Tokyo Dome), and we exchanged our costumes only for the day. I lent him my Kyon’s costume, and borrowed this costume.


 This is Kira Yamato[キラ・ヤマト]who is well-known as a 総受けin Gundam Seed. I hadn’t tried any Gundam characters, so this was a nice chance to me. Though I knew Kira had several costumes, but what I wanted to try was his casual one. Since Japanese cosplayers like to copy every one costume of the character they shall cosplay, this is, of course, one of Kira’s costumes, too.

 Kira is gentle, but a bit soft. The most difficult thing to me was how I could make such a tender smile. I am good at making an evil face, but it was my first time cosplaying a pure boy. I think this character requires a shota-look.  

 Another pleasure was that I could use my Halo which I bought when my Internet friend came to Japan last spring. I didn’t think I could use it as a property this time.




水の流れを静めてくれる 大地を潤す調べ 今はどこにもなくても きっと自分で手に入れるの いつも いつか きっと


 聴かせて 心の詩 そばにいたい このまま明日まで…



  1. goodyfun said,

    Very sweet. I bet you had to practice in the mirror a bit. ^^ As for me, I feel sort of weird about the fact almost everything I do people seem to think is sweet. I was just showing my friends what I do with my hands when I’m thinking and they all said, “That’s so cute!” And people are always telling me my smile is cute. It’s funny.

  2. bangin said,

    Then you should be a cosplayer, too.^^

    First some photos looked so stern, but as we took, I finally got used to. Above photos were actually from the end of the photoshooting.

  3. 子犬 said,

    I like this cosplay! Your face in the last photo reminds me of a picture of Mudou Setsuna from Tenshi Kinryouku.

    Are you going to do anymore nice boy cosplay?

  4. bangin said,

    Angel Sanctuary! You know such a nostalgic series, don’t you?
    I think this cosplay is popular in Paris for some reason.

    I will have two more sessions, so that is why I can’t make a post on a new term now. >< Please stay tuned!

  5. 子犬 said,

    I am happy goodyfun introducted me to Yuki Kaori (Cousin is a huge fan who’s favorite manga is 少年残像 by Yuki.). ^^ Are you a fan?

    I look forward to seeing more cosplay. 😉

  6. bangin said,

    Are you talking about the story between the serial killer and the teacher? That is really a long time ago.
    I like such a deep and sad story even if it is BL. At that time, BL wasn’t in the mainstream like now. But instead of that, the storyline was good. I think 風と木の詩 was something like that.
    This is why I like Mirage of Blaze, although that is classified as yaoi, I think I can’t sum it up that way.

  7. 子犬 said,

    Yes I don’t really think of it as BL. It is just a story. Why goodyfun praises the Yuki manga is because there is a part where a neighbor says Adrian didn’t seem like a killer. In real life if you know someone and they turn out to have done a crime you still can’t stop loving them. Like if you get to know a character in a book that might be a killer or something, you still like them because you know them right? This is why I think a horror movie where a person just kill is inferior.

  8. goodyfun said,

    “Then you should be a cosplayer, too.^^”

    Heh, I haven’t tried because I’m too darn tall. I’d fit really perfectly into costumes for thin characters, though.

  9. mochie said,

    The last picture is good! ^^

    Hehe, you look a little uncomfortable posing as a soft and warm character in the photos. I guess that you are not used to cosplaying someone that’s not evil. XD

  10. bangin said,

    mochie: Argh, this is my weak point in cosplaying!

  11. mochie said,

    ah, just get plenty of practice! There’s a first time for everything. ^^ There’s one tip you can try which is, well as Supermodel Tyra Banks puts it “Smile with your eyes”. It actually works really nicely in photos. What I tend to do is for example if you are taking warm, happy shots (like kira) just constantly think about things that make you happy and make you smile.

  12. bangin said,

    Ah, then I should think about Laqus, and close my eyes…

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