緊急家族会議[kinkyu kazokukaigi]

January 14, 2009 at 2:56 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word)

 A long-lasted shoujo (gag?) manga, あさりちゃん[Asari-chan] showed me a really hilarious and realistic scene years ago. The episode starts with 10-year-old Asari-chan who is reading a BL doujinshi in her room. When she enjoys it, her elder sister Tatami comes in and sees her reading a manga from behind. As soon as Tatami learns it is a gay manga, she gets shocked in terror since she doesn’t know anything about BL. Asari explains what BL is to her, however, Tatami who is still upset confiscates the doujinshi. But after that, the mother finds the doujinshi in Tatami’s room, so she misunderstands it belongs to her. They end up having a big fight over the yaoi dounjishi. 

 I found the closet scene in Tonari no yaoi-chan. Here shows up Yaoi-chan, her younger sister, and their mother. Yaoi-chan is a fujoshi, but her sister is not. However…The important moment is between 1:28 and 2:08.

 Makes me laugh, but this could be a serious matter to all the otakus. It is not uncommon that a mother finds a porn magazine underneath her son’s bed when he is out. Then when he gets home, he finds the magazine which is supposed to be underneath the bed, on his DESK. At this rate, it is still okay. But the more imcomprehensible the thing is, the more parents would be shocked. For example, what if your mother finds a lolita-looking girl’s DVD, bishoujo figures, or full-size dolls? If you happen to be a BL fangirl, what would you do when your brother found your BL comics(or unfinished drafts if you make a doujinshi)? Are you really okay if your parents knew you are a big fan of shota games? To much worse, if you happen to be a fudanshi(BL fanboy), what would you do if something like this happened?

 This kind of thing is a matter to, of course, cosplayers. Unless they live by themselves, they would have to hide the costumes in the closet or whatever, and make an excuse when they are questioned why they carry a trolley. I live myself, and my family knows I am actually a cosplayer. Nah, I am grown-up, so whatever I do, they don’t really care. If I crossdressed and danced on the street in Akihabara, they would repudiate me(I swear I don’t). So long as we follow the general rule and have a common sense, I think it doesn’t matter. We know we just have fun with that, but it sure requires understanding for others. If your parents can understand your taste, it would be great. But it doesn’t go well in Japan. I have mentioned that such an otaku thing is considered as a trigger of juvenile crime on the past entries, so when your parents accidentally find your stuff, the dinner is going to be…緊急家族会議[kinkyu kazokukaigi], or urgent family meeting. The dining room is to be a court, a father is a judge, a mother is a prosecutor…and you are a defendant. Don’t worry, I will be your attorney, and protect you shouting 異議あり!(Objection!)

 If an otaku becomes a parent, it is going to be an オタ親[otaoya] or an otaku parent. If your parents happen to be オタ親, your otaku life would be very happy. You can even go to the comiket together, watch a tokusatsu[special effect] hero program! If you become an オタ親, you can possibly make your children otaku. Actually sometimes I see a mother cosplayer accompanying her little cosplaying boy. He doesn’t seem to know what he is doing…^^ But I wonder what will happen to him when he is grown-up.

 Wait a minute, what if an otomen becomes a father? Can I say 乙父[otochichi]? Can I be the one?

 Oh never mind.



  1. dcal said,

    -lol- I remember that bit in Tonari no 801-chan.

    My family is aware of my manga reading and anime watching habits, and the occasional cosplaying moments. But to what extent my interests are… I think they haven’t realised. Given that I’m a pretty hardcore Fujioshi, I think my parents will freakout if they find any of my BL manga lying around, which is why I keep me hidden under stacks of innocent looking shojo manga. =D

    I just hope they don’t pry into my laptop, as that is where all the really disturbing stuff is. ^^””

  2. khim said,

    i dont understand how come kenshin n sanosuke looked homo in her eyes

  3. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Nah, I am grown-up, so whatever I do, they don’t really care.

    Lol, yea, that’s true. Though sometime I feel that being adults is so tiring but when its comes to this kind of thing, it sure has the benefits.

    If you’re going to have a kinkyu kazokukaigi, I shall be an attorney too. Lol. Objection!

  4. goodyfun said,

    My family embraces my nerdier side because I am an intellectual. The more unusual parts of the otaku’s world are obviously only minor elements if your tastes are more highbrow (Ick. I must sound like such a snob.).

    I can only think that when you are a teenager and going to school, parents would want you to not get distracted by comics. You know how people are always saying kids don’t read enough these days (They really don’t in America. It is really sad.).

  5. bangin said,

    dcal: At a glance, shoujo manga and BL comics look similar. Unless it is too erotic, I think they don’t tell, maybe?

    khim: Because she is a fujoshi.

    Neohybrid_kai: If you fail to protect the defendant, all of my collection would be confiscated.

    goodyfun: While they are school students, yes school comes first. But BL is too shocking for general parents, and they can’t even talk about it to neighbors. I feel sorry a bit though it is not a big deal.><

  6. Marie said,

    Interesting post ^^! I read/watch BL related manga/anime, but I neither try to hide it nor announce it to everyone in my family aloud xD hehe ^^;;

  7. goodyfun said,

    Wouldn’t less liberal parents be shocked by any borderline pornographic material being in the hands of their children, regardless of subject matter? Or is it just BL? I wouldn’t know since my family talks openly about sex (I have read over and over that psychologists these days believe it is best that way.).

  8. mochie said,

    haha.. otaoya. XD I think I will be like that in the future. I am glad that my mother does not flick through my doujinshi so as long as the cover looks very normal (no nudity, etc), she will not suspect a thing. I tend to read BL doujinshi when I am at home by myself or when everyone’s asleep.

    Actually my mother doesn’t really like my otaku hobby but the funny thing is I have never bothered to explain to her what cosplay is, so she just thinks that it is some weird haute couture clothes I designed myself (I do fashion at university). So yes, my mum actually thinks cosplaying is normal. Haha.

  9. bangin said,

    Marie: That’s right. They don’t need to know, and you don’t have to hide, and nothing happens.^^

    goodyfun: Let’s see…that depends. Not only BL, but weird (to parents) costumes. Even if it is not porn, lolita girls'(つるぺったん, please use the search on the sidebar) photobooks would look dangerous(to them). If I were a fudanshi, and had some shota games, my parents would be shocked, OMG! My son has pedophilia!

    mochie: Yeah my family doesn’t think cosplay is weird, either. If this goes to most parents, things would be more simple?

  10. goodyfun said,

    Just to clarify, the word pedophile is only used for people who have abused children. It is perfectly legal to be attracted as long as you don’t do anything.

  11. shia said,

    I live with my Mom, but she doesn’t mind if i keep h- stuff around the house.
    The most amusing part about it was, i carelessly threw my dengeki hime around my room, she came in to clean up my room, she just looked thru and stacked it nicely in a stack on the table, and told me to keep it properly.


  12. bangin said,

    Haha, that is what most mothers do when they find a porn magazine.
    Make sure you hide it better!

  13. Teko-chi said,

    ;___; My mom found my shota sketchbooks and my yaoi too….
    It was the WORST. Dx
    I’ll make sure my baby sister never becomes a fujoshi!

  14. bangin said,

    Oh that was a big mistake, next time make sure it doesn’t happen! XD

  15. taki-desu said,

    Tonari no 801-chan xDD yay! lol!
    my younger brother is well aware of my interest in yaoi and all :3
    however my parents dont, my mother is easier to keep away things from
    but my dad-oh i fear the day if he ever found my doujinshis or manga or even foundout how to use the computer properly *implodes*
    but i love my parents, out of most parents at my high school theyre the only ones that can buy me anime/manga/games with a smile, even if its forced its still nice to know they arent pressuring me to get other things (clothes, makeup, etc) like the other kids XDD ha ha

    • bangin said,

      Nothing is more important than family. While you can do good to your parents, you had better do. Parents’ understanding is very important for your moe life.

      • taki-desu said,

        xD;; aha are you lecturing me? lol
        i guess so, they are the ones that raise me and all huh?

  16. bangin said,

    I am sounding like an ojisan because I actually am. lol

  17. rzncu said,

    I refused to talk to my parents about it when they found out (when I was still too young to be reading some stuff OTL)… and I think they gave up trying to convince me that the things I read and like are “strange” and “weird” and that I shouldn’t come into contact with those things. ^^; Whenever my parents gets mad at me, they will threaten to throw out my manga and other things so I had to obey them~ they used my otaku stuff to control me, lol!

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