[Intermission] Crying Out for Love in the Center of Otome Road-乙女ロードの中心でアイを叫んだキョン-

January 7, 2009 at 6:58 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word, Otome Road(乙女ロード))


 地球をアイスピックでつついたとしたら、ちょうどいい感じにカチ割れるんじゃないかというくらいに冷え切った朝だっtI can’t stop asking myself why I have to be here. As usual, I left home, headed to school, took six classes, and I was going to the classroom of our SOS Brigade to have a nice tea served by Asahina-san. But before that, I got caught by Haruhi, and asked to do an errand. Nah, not asked, but forced! As you may know, I have no choice but obey her. Otherwise…right, Koizumi? There would happen a closed space and bring about such a catastrophe, eh? I know, I know. I shall do that as you have commanded. So? What do you want me to do now?…WHAT? Go to 乙女ロード[Otome Road] and get some doujinshis? Are you saying I must go there? That district? “Yes, you have to obey her, otherwise we have no idea what will happen.” Damn Koizumi! Alright! I gotta go, does it settle, right?

…So this is why I am here. Today is going to be my worst day in all of my life. Will you follow me? I will show around.

 Needless to say, 乙女ロード[Maidens’ Road] is a holy place for fujoshis(BL fangirls). In Ikebukuro[池袋], Tokyo, there is a certain district where some anime-related shops or doujin-related bookstores line. Crossing Sunshine and Tokyu Hands, you will sense something if you are a fujoshi. The scent of BL! Yes, that is 乙女ロード[Otome Road].


 So here is the center of Otome Road. You can see a big map here. There are indeed four K-BOOKS total here. And each of them is a bit different.



 So I have to find out the doujinshi that Haruhi wants…let’s go to the left first.



 On the left side, you will see まんだらけ[Mandarake] which mostly handles doujinshis. The head is in Nakano Broadway, but this Mandarake has quite a few BL dounjishis as well. But umm…the stairway to the entrance looks like a way to the dungeon!

Damn Haruhi! It's really heavy! Ugaah!

Damn Haruhi! It's really heavy! Ugaah!

 Go straight, and you will see K-BOOKS on the second floor of the building. You can use a locker here. I shall put this damn bag into it.


Whew...Taniguchi is going to karaoke with some girls!?

Whew...Taniguchi is going to karaoke with some girls!?

 On the first floor, there is a butler cafe named Swallowtail. Unlike any other crossdressing cafes, the trained male butlers serve you. There is even an doorman. But remember, you need to make a reservation in advance. If you are lucky, you can enter with no reservation when the seats are available. But most of the times, it’s full of reservations.




 Pass the building, or you will see another K-BOOKS. This is the end of Otome Road. Whew…looks like there is a less scent of fujoshis around here.

Oh, Gundam oo! This is good.^^

Oh, Gundam oo! This is good.^^


Haruhi: こらっ、バカキョン!サボるな!

 Okay, turn around. Let’s go back to the street. I yet to find out more…


 Even if you can’t see a handsome butler, you still have a chance to eat the sweet cakes served by Swallowtail at this patisserie. This is behind Mandarake.

Hey, don't tell me that a real Antique Bakery is happening here!?

Hey, don't tell me that a real Antique Bakery is happening here!?

  Pass the central of Otome Road, you will see K-BOOKS again. Here is the oasis for male otakus becuase those doujinshis here are for male.

Finally bishoujo.

Finally bishoujo.

 Next to it, there is a small shop where you can buy goods for visual-kei[ビジュアル系]. Visual-kei is a rock band which consists of musicians who do a loud makeup such as X-JAPAN, GLAY, LUNA SEA, or MALICE MIZER. Actually, the boom of Visual-kei is over. Around 1997 to 1999, it was at its peak. Now at best, Gackt or L’Arc~en~Ciel are still in the mainstream. Fujoshis or female otakus might love such a bishie thing, so that is why a shop like this is here.
 Here is らしんばん[Lashinban] where you can buy doujinshis for men. Sometimes, they would do campaign. If you are lucky, you could sell your doujinshis at a better price. On the second floor, they sell doujinshis for men.
Hey! Don't waste your time!

Haruhi: Hey! Don't waste your time!

  There is a last K-BOOKS. Here you can buy some costumes on the second floor. Since K-BOOKS is a secondhand bookstore, all the costumes are so.


  So on the other end of Otome Road, there is 8-story animate. This is the tallest building at Otome Road, so it is the most remarkable.

Taniguchi, can I join you guys later?

Taniguchi, can I join you guys later?

 A bit far from Otome Road, there are still some more spots you should go. But wherever you go, a word 女性向[joseimuke] is stalking you.


 まんがの森[Forest of Manga] used to handle bishoujo comics, but they had to switch the side for some reason(is it obvious?).

The season 2 Haruhi is coming out?

The season 2 Haruhi is coming out?

 One more thing, there are some remarkable cafes called 乙女カフェ[Otome cafe] or BLカフェ[BL cafe] around here. The crossdressing garsons shall serve you. Below cafe is one of them, but from outside it is really hard to recognize it because there is no signboard to speak of.
 So the business I have here is over. I’ve got to bring this bunch of doujinshi to our classroom. Speaking of which, what did she get me to grab…?

 UGAAH! Damn Koizumi! He is f**king me! How come I am uke!? どいつもこいつも俺を受けにしやがって!たまには俺を攻めにした同人誌も描け!…って、そういう問題じゃねえし。

 So my errand ends this way. Well, I have no idea where Haruhi makes me go, but if I have to come here again for some reason, I will be your host if you like.




  1. Hinano said,

    Such a funny and informative post. ^v^

  2. goodyfun said,

    Oh, Haruhi! You slave driver! Give her a piece of your mind. XD

  3. bangin said,

    俺を古泉の魔の手から助けてくれ(笑)My something hurts.

  4. 子犬 said,

    It looks like there are not many stores that are for people who like both as Tamura Hiyori from Lucky Star. If there is such a place, I would go there. (´∀`)

  5. w said,

    LMAO! That expression of yours near the end is priceless, you could slap it with a big “DO NOT WANT” and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets used on imageboards 😉

    Man I think even I would feel a bit embarrassed going down Otome Road, even putting aside the fact that I don’t look remotely Japanese.

  6. Shii said,

    Koizumi is screwing us again!!

  7. dcal said,

    LOL. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures, I have missed Otome road.

  8. bangin said,

    子犬: This is like Akihabara for women. But it is more convinient because there are only otaku people, which means it is not too busy. And you don’t have to travel such a short distance.

    w: Thank you. Sometimes you can see non-Japanese shopping around.

    Shii: My waist is sore…I can’t walk.

    dcal: Here is the oasis for fujoshis.

  9. “How come I am uke?!” « Jared’s in Nakano said,

    […] Here you can read Bangin’s post about Otome Road. It’s even funnier than I anticipated because Bangin writes the whole travelogue in Kyon’s voice– being “forced” by Haruhi, and warned by Koizumi about the catastrophe of closed spaces. His introduction ends with, “Today is going to be my worst day in all of my life. Will you follow me? I will show around.” There are many photos, observations and explanations! […]

  10. shia said,

    great informative post.

  11. bangin said,


  12. Marie said,

    lol ^^! It’s so funny!

    “Whew… looks like there is a less scent of fujoshis around here.”
    “Oh, Gundam oo! This is good.^^”
    lol xD that’s hilarious! though I personally like Gundam Seed more -___-!

    and now I feel like I’ve been there ^^;; great post ^^b

  13. mochie said,

    Haha that was such an entertaining post. I will probably print this out when I go to otome road. Haha XD I definitely must go to swallowtail and all the otome and BL cafes!!

  14. bangin said,

    Marie: I hope you could come someday!

    mochie: Actually I haven’t tried Swallowtail, but it is true those butlers are really handsome.^^

  15. Neohybrid_kai said,

    What a smart way to cosplay and make a post about otome road.

    “Finally bishoujo”
    Lol, that makes me wonder, is there otome stuff in Akiba?

  16. bangin said,

    Yes there are, but not that much. In other words, Otome Road is Akihabara for fujoshis.

  17. Teko-chi said,

    OMG XD
    I loved this entry, so funny! xD
    LOL the ItsuxKyon doujinshi is really rare, you can sell it for so much moneys~ ;D

  18. bangin said,

    Koizumi x Kyon is the most popular pairing in this series as a matter of fact, but Kyon x Koizumi is really rare in Japan. But some fangirls are making it for sure. 😀

  19. Teko-chi said,

    I make it a little. 😀

  20. Marius Mink said,

    You’ve…. made my life. “The scent of BL!” XD

    Amazing blog. I loved seeing the advertisement with Miyavi and An Cafe. 🙂 I love them.

  21. bangin said,

    Thank you very much, I hope I could give you the scent of Otome Road! 🙂

  22. taki-desu said,

    8D <33 i love the last part best
    i’ve always dreamed of wandering there

  23. bangin said,

    I hope you could come someday.^^

    • crack_baby_crack said,

      I’ll be there soon, so thanks for this great guide! (^0^)

      • bangin said,

        Enjoy your Otome Road!

  24. hanna said,

    Wah….. ^_^ i like your pic life up there… im soooo .. fell jealous” … you like in heaven of manga & anime ………………really interesting…..

    • bangin said,

      You don’t have to be jealous. You just come to Otome Road! ^^

  25. Katie said,

    I definitely went to otome road this weekend and bought lots of doujinshi. Thanks for the guide, it’s one of the best on the net. I want to go again so I can visit Swallowtail too! No doujinshi next time though, my wallet can’t handle it.

    Well… maybe only a few.

    • bangin said,

      Make sure you make a reservation if you go to Swallowtail. They won’t let you in unless you make a reservation. And be aware of that the sweets and drinks are far expensive than doujinshi!

  26. Otome Road, Ikebukuro Tokyo /  Schuki In Japan said,

    […] Akihabara has been praised as the otaku paradise for generations but does lean a little more towards the male otaku geeks. So where do the girls go for their anime/manga kicks? Otome Road! Filled with geeky stores like Animate, K-books and Mandarake, Otome Road caters for the girly nerds providing unlimited amounts of doujin, figures and cosplay. Last time I was here I dragged my poor brother to K-books where I spent hours looking at cosplay and posters and laughed at him being the only guy in sight. Although he wasn’t too bothered (cute Japanese girl geeks anyone?) and he found a gashapon stand which made a considerable increase to his collection! Otome road seems naturally more serene then the craziness of Akiba and although it lacks the size, tech and arcades it makes up with cafes and unique anime finds that are harder to track down in Akiba. Wikipedia article here and hilarious photoblog found here. […]

  27. Arisu said,

    Ahahaha, I just read this post and satisfied. Not because of you being tortured by Haruhi but because my wonder of Otome Road has fullfiled.

    Me myself is one of BL fangirl. Yeah it’s alright to call me fujoshi anyways.. but don’t like anything too wild. I love good plot and no too-crazy desire ones. I just love lurking around and looking for my current favourite BL pair doujinshis and fanarts over the net. Other hobby, just typing fanfiction (“novelized”-type for doujinshi within my mother languange. I would love to come to Ikebukuro someday. Maybe you can be my “one-day-Shizuo” if the time comes? LOL

    • bangin said,

      Yes sure I will be your host as Shizuo.^^
      There are many good plots like Ai no Kusabi or Mirage of Blaze. I like such a deep and sad story.

      • Arisu said,

        thanks a lot, Shizu-chan ❤ XD
        hmmm, so you like that kind of plot. I see.. That's why you like Haruhi, maybe?

      • bangin said,

        Yes, maybe?^^

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