Comiket Terminology Part 1

December 27, 2008 at 3:16 pm (doujin(同人), otaku word)

 I met up with my friend’s friend who came to Tokyo all the way from Singapore yesterday. Coming to Tokyo around this season must imply the certain otaku event, yes the young man is going to join Winter Comic Market for 3 days. I haven’t decided to go yet because it is too cold(really!) now and I actually do not follow doujinshi that much. The only reason why I join Comiket is that I can meet up with some of my friends who I don’t really meet so often.

 At any rate, I have not mentioned Comiket so far although there are some words to introduce. Now is the good time, so if you happen to go maybe it will be good to know. However, there are a bit more words than I thought, so day 1 focuses on some odd phonomenon or certain act which are often seen at Comiket.

a. 走り屋[hashiriya]: Normally this means a hot robber[暴走族, bousouzoku], but actually this is a bunch of sweaty male otaku who desperately dash to the doujinshi booths. Usually this happens on the last day(day 3), yes the day for ero-doujinshi. As soon as the gate is open, you can see this is happening near the flyover to East Hall at Tokyo Big Sight. But do not get close to them. If you are invloved in it, you will get hurt or even die. This is also called 男津波[otoko tsunami] or tidal wave of men or エロニーニョ[ERO Ni-no]. That’s well put. I think you already know, but do not run no matter how much you want to get your favorite doujinshi. It is not allowed to run inside the hall anyway.

b. コミケ雲[comikegumo]: You know what I am going to say? This often happens in summer. Caught on? If you have a chance to go to the summer comic market, please look up the ceiling. You might be able to see some white fog around the ceiling all over. It’s like a cloud, and this can be also seen on the last day(day 3). Those sweat of otacustomers changes into vapor and it lifts up to the ceiling. Then it is going to be set as a shape of cloud with the chilled air from the air-conditioner. Now Comiket takes place in Tokyo Big Sight, but before it used to be at Harumi. At that time, the ceiling of the hall was lower than that of Big Sight, so that is why this used to happen a lot. It is also called 晴海雲[Harumigumo].

c. 徹夜組[tetsuyagumi]: A group of people who stays overnight near the venue in order to get in as soon as possible. This is prohibited but there are still people who do so. If something wrong happens to them, the one to be blamed is going to be the sponsors, even if it is not Comiket’s fault. If it goes too far, there would be a possibility that Comiket would never take place anymore. So that is why they strictly forbid customers to wait overnight, but unfortunately it keeps happening every year.  Instead of that, there are even people who use a hotel near the venue. Either way, these things are not good to do, though.

 Continued to Part 2…



  1. dcal said,


    The funny thing is that this probably describes some situation in Singapore, whenever there is a sale. During the months of May-July, we have something called “The Great Singapore Sale”, and who have hordes of people who go crazy of bargain sales all over the country. I recall a time when MacDonalds had a promotion of Hello Kitty plushies with every set meal purchased, and people camped overnight in order to get the limited edition items. ^^

  2. Micchi said,

    lol エロニーニョ that’s a good one XD

  3. Avery said,

    I don’t see the problem with staying in a hotel responsibly. We don’t have any artists worth waiting for in America but getting hotel reservations for the night before occurs quite frequently.

  4. goodyfun said,

    Ah, Comiket. My friend goes to Comiket every year, and she emailed me about it yesterday. She always gets good photos there, but of course she always asks if she can take pictures of cosplayers. But it sounds overwhelming. So many people at one place… Don’t get crushed, all you brave souls who go there!

  5. Neohybrid_kai said,

    LOL エロニーニョ
    that’s really well put, I’m going to use that word X3

  6. Hinano said,


  7. bangin said,

    dcal&Avery: Basically it is not that bad to wait overnight at a closet hotel, but when it comes to otaku things, people would take it negatively. If it was a live concert for Avirl Lavigne or Backstreet boys, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. The press would use such a long queue in order to show how popular they are. Meanwhile, they would sum it up as a nuisance if it was foamed by otakus. Too bad.

    Micchi&Neohybrid_kai: That is really well put.

    goodyfun: That’s very polite of your friend. We are not allowed to take photos with no permission. But I sometimes see foreign attendants doing so. They don’t seem to know the rule here.

    Hinano: You have to apply for it to get your booth and have to be chosen. It’s like a lot. If you are lucky, you will be able to sell your doujinshi.

  8. mochie said,

    コミケ雲 sounds very dangerous but I would like to witness it someday. haha.

    I am also one of these people who will hire a hotel near the event so I can get up early to line up. If I am at home, usually I have to wake up at about 4am or 5 am to take the train to the event to line up, even though I pre-register my tickets.

  9. bangin said,

    I have waited overnight to get a ticket for the band I really loved. Thanks to that, I could get a really nice seat which was at the fifth aisle from the head.

    But now I am too old to do so. ><

  10. rzncu said,

    徹夜組 <—in north america, this only happens for boxing day XD

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