※ただしイケメンに限る[tadashi ikemen ni kagiru]

December 15, 2008 at 12:03 pm (doujin(同人), otaku word, slang)

   The first thing I have to say is that this is not actually an otaku terminology, but even general people use this in common. Since I am a man, I don’t quite understand how women actually feel about this. I know this is not important anymore when it comes to marriage for women, but there are three crucial items for a partner called 3K, which means 高収入[kousyunyu], 高学歴[kougakureki], 高身長[koushinchou]. It boils down that income, education, and height should be good. I know the higher the better, but I don’t think women really care about these things although income should be important. After all, the thing is that you can be reassured to have a happy life ever after, I believe so. だと思うんだけどなぁ^^

 But this might work unless it is about marriage. While young girls can have fun with guys, the important thing could be this. Yes, whether he is handsome or not. ただしイケメンに限る[tadashi ikemen ni kagiru] means But he has to be handsome(イケメン[ikemen] means handsome or a handsome man). This is something women use as a note behind their wish toward an ideal man.  Whatever he does, he has to be handsome. Or else, it is really ironic that such ikemen deserves to be happy. But the truth is no. There are a lot of men who has a girlfriend or a wife though they are not ikemen.

 スーツが似合ってメガネが似合う男の人がいい!(※ただしイケメンに限る)/ I want a man who goes well with a suit and glasses! [※But it should be ikemen]

 In other words, he can do whatever so long as he is handsome, and whatever he wears is fine so long as he is handsome. Umm, anyway, I shall write down comparative forms depending upon his looking.


 超イケメン is superative, フツメン is average, and キモメン is worst. ブサ of ブサメン means 不細工[busaiku, ugly], and キモメン is horrible.

 Meanwhile, ただしイケメンに限る(you can abbreviate as ただイケ[tadaike]) sure works among female otakus. Particulary, it is really necessary to meet fujoshis’ dellusion. Let’s see an example below.

So long as his lover is handsome, he can cheat on me.
So long as his lover is handsome, he can cheat on me.

 This is from the certain show in which several fujoshis are talking about love for their own. One of the girls mentions a unique type of love.

What if my boyfriend fell in love with someone else...
What if my boyfriend fell in love with someone else…
He would be able to cheat on me if his lover is a handsome man!
He would be able to cheat on me if his lover is a handsome man!
Yes! We agree with you!
Yes! We agree with you!

  That pretty made me laugh. Whoever they pick up for their dellusion, it should be handsome(bishounen). Especially in real life, it must be. Like those beautiful boys from Johnney’s Entertainment.

What if he was ugly?
What if he was ugly?

 To meet fujoshis’ dellusion in 3D is really difficult. Because they accept none other than bishounen. Otherwise…I am too scared to imagine.

 Come to think of it, I saw a tragic outcome here.  I don’t really know what to say.



  1. w said,

    I would be okay with a boyfriend who runs a blog and posts silly cosplay pics and hits on all sorts of females online!


    Stupid 2D guys. I still can’t fall for any people I know in 3D because it’s so much more fun (and less stressful, and probably more fulfilling) dreaming of 2D guys.
    But now I’m starting to sound like oily fat ブサメン otaku who ferociously stand by their excuse to prefer 2D girls because in reality they could never get the attention of any 3D girls, lol.

  2. Hinano said,

    LOL that’s amazing. They want their “beautiful boyfriend” to have an affair like in Junjou Romantica xDD;;

    Fujoshi kowai ne :s

  3. mochie said,

    My fujoshi friend is like that so I can understand what you are talking about perfectly. -__-

    Even though I have a shota complex I think i still prefer a boyfriend that is at least 3-4 years older than me. I have had boyfriends before who have no money and really bad education so those two are not a real issue for me though I would like someone who actually know what they want in life. As for appearance, I think that everybody’s taste is different. (Handsome guys are good to look at though)

    The link you put up, the photo of the shinji cosplayer, I was surprised at first because I actually thought that it was one of my singaporean friends. He has cosplayed shinji in school uniform before but I don’t think he has done the plugsuit version.

  4. mochie said,

    Actually, scratch that last bit of comment I wrote, I read the rest of the forum page (when someone was confirming his name). Seems like he is a friend of mine. Will tell you more about it on Skype sometime. XD

  5. w said,

    Heh, here is an example which can be inverted into ※ただしイケメンは除く or ※ただしブサメンに限る ttp://escala.jp/rank/2008/12/20_31.html

  6. bangin said,

    w: Nah, that is really to improve my conversational English, ホントだってば!(((;゜д゜)))アワワワワ So no 3D guys can’t meet your ideal? I know one kimomen who has a beautiful wife. All in all, ikemen doesn’t even matter in real life.と思うんだけどね~^^

    HInano: Usamisa[宇佐美X美咲] is a beautiful couple, so all the fangirls sure accept. But in real life…

    mochie: The person you shall date is eventually your type. We have no idea who we are going to date.

    What a small world…

  7. dcal said,

    Woah. I often joke with my friends that I won’t stand my boyfriend (if I had one that is) having an affair, unless it’s with another guy. =D I

    As a fujioshi, I have to say that my husband-to-be, doesn’t need to be an ikemen. In fact, if he is too handsome, I would be worried that other girls/guys will be chasing after him. I just want someone who is compatible with me, someone I can live the rest of my life with… and can tolerate the possibility that I will continue fantasizing about beautiful boys from manga/anime.

    As for the poor guy from sg.cafe, I have seen him in the cosplay scene for a very very very long time. He started cosplaying waaaay before me, and that is a long time ago. From before 2000? And his cosplays have been consistently good, in the sense that his costumes are usually well-made. I remember him usually cosplaying as the male-leads in Harem animes like Love Hina. I wonder what made him want to do Eva. And I would have thought using his original hairstyle (without the wig) would be similar enough to Shinji. I remember that there was quite a discussion stirred over that particular cosplay during the event.

    Oh well. I saw him at the recent EOY cosplay event, in a different costume… so I guess he is still active despite everything. ^^

  8. goodyfun said,

    Well, I am always the strange one. I think that a person who would normally be the most attractive in society’s eyes is less attractive, and I think homelier and nerdier types are much better. I have always said that that will make it easier for me to find a nice boy someday, if I wanted to. After all, studies show that marriages are much more successful if the woman is better looking. That way the man knows he shouldn’t mess up what he has (If he’s in love he shouldn’t anyways. Sheesh.). And as I have said, I don’t care how someone looks if I love him or her. Love is blind!

    Then again, I don’t know how any of this would work if I wanted to look for a girl.

  9. 子犬 said,

    Those girls will grow up some day. Cheating is cheating, no matter who it is with. But I can understand an open relationship. Why don’t they just think about that? Would it be less fun for them?

    Oh, 2D is good in 2D, but girls who think 2D is better must make men worry about how they look so much. I always hear about women caring about how they look, but now the men could think about this as well.

  10. bangin said,

    dcal: Those girls are saying like below, but after all they know it’s not going to happen. Dellusion is dellusion, right? lol
    So then the cosplayer has a long career as a cosplayer…

    goodyfun: Love is blind! There are a lot of men who have a beautiful wife though they are not ikemen. After all, looking doesn’t really matter. Someone like me, is hoping that is true. lol

    子犬: I-I-I care about it. Because you know, I-I-I am a cosplayer! (((;゜д゜)))

  11. mochie said,

    Actually the shinji cosplayer told me that he just started cosplaying not long ago (I think 2006 or 2007). If I recall correctly his first cosplay was Shin Asuka. He told me he buys all his costumes and props, so maybe you mistaken for someone else dcal?

    But regardless of who made that costume, I don’t understand why shinji-kun has triangular thighs. >.>

  12. Fritzs said,

    I think, in this case, it’s less… you know, fujoshi thing and more of “selfish gene” thing…

  13. bangin said,

    What do you mean?

  14. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Hmm, well I think it makes sense, I can understand until some point, not the cheating part btw, but because for most people looks still plays a dominant factor. And eventhough I know that character, intelligence and compatibility is what’s important (at least in my view) in relationship or even if I say that I like an eccentric tsundere with strong will power, personality and out of box point of view like Suzumiya Haruhi,

    ※ただし美人に限る =P

    this is not a big deal in 2D since every girls are bishoujo and every boys are bishie in 2D, even the most bland main character in shoujo manga who said that she isn’t popular and has a so-so looks are drawn beautifully +_+

    btw what’s the name of those tv shows that you usually post here? can I find them on youtube?

  15. bangin said,

    Tsundere or yandere won’t work unless she is pretty, well I can…understand, maybe.

    I am not sure of the name of this show. You can find this with a word, fujoshi. 腐女子から騒ぎ

    No subtitile, sorry.

  16. w said,

    Sorry to revive an old topic and link to Itai News again of all places but… http://blog.livedoor.jp/dqnplus/archives/1243761.html I really couldn’t stop laughing at how in the second comment they don’t even NEED to write anything after ※. Am I weird for thinking it’s hilarious? Yeah, probably.

  17. bangin said,

    ※ stands for that thing, we don’t have to add anything! Now we understand what ※ is supposed to mean already, don’t we?

  18. 褌萌え [fundoshi-moe] « Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans, for anime fans said,

    […] b. ※ […]

  19. Fortran said,

    Isn’t anyone else going to bring up the bs double standard in this conversation? Apparently it’s selfish for girls to want a decent looking guy, but a guy looking for a hot chick to date is perfectly healthy? Sigh…

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