あのね商法[anone shouhou]

December 7, 2008 at 10:00 am (otaku word, slang)


 If you just download your favorite anime from the fansub, this really doesn’t matter to you, but it does to (Japanese) anime fans who watch anime on TV. Well, if nothing else this kind of way has become remarkable and really irritating in Japan. For example, in a TV show in which some showfolks are doing something, and just before they show the result, a message gets in to keep the audience staying tuned, saying like この後、信じられない結末が![you will see an unbelievable outcome soon!]. But mostly the result turns out to be very boring. I detest this way, so that is why I do not watch TV a lot lately.

 I don’t want to believe this way has even got into anime, but I should after I learned this term, あのね商法[anone shouhou] or You-Know business method. あのね[anone] means you know, and 商法[shouhou] means a business method. To get to the point, this means not to deliberately broadcast the last (or last few) episode of the series on TV, and to sell it as DVD edition. It boils down that you have to buy the DVD in order to watch the final episode.

 This phoenomenon is based on the anime, かしまし~ガールミーツガール~[kashimashi-girl meets girl-] which was aired from Jan 11th to Mar 29th in 2006. In the episode 12, on the verge of the last scene a girl named Hazumu says あのね…[you know…] and ends. Yes, actually this anime has 13 episodes total, but only 12 of it were aired. So they promoted the DVD edition which recorded the last episode. This provoked the fans and they named it あのね商法[anone shouhou]. However, it didn’t seem that this anime didn’t conclude perfectly. In fact, the aired episode 12 had a so-so conclusion, not that terrible ending. But as I have said, this irritating way is hated as a matter of fact, and also it took 7 months to the DVD came out.  

 For example, if the anime has to stop because of the poor rating, it would be very nice of the DVD edition that has the rest of the episodes coming out. Or else, such an OVA which has some more additional episodes would be good if only the basic story concludes. At this point, School Days is a perfect example. The last episode was not aired because of the incident which closely resembled in Kotonoha’s slaying. Because of this, most school days fans got disappointed so that the DVD edition came out. And this is not anime, but my favorite American TV drama, Tru Calling released the DVD edition which has the unaired episodes. Too bad, this drama stopped because of the poor rating although I liked it.


 If something like this had happened just this once, it would not have been such a big deal. However, IGPX[Immortal Grand Prix] which was aired from Oct 11th in 2005 to Mar 29th in 2006, almost simultaneoulsy ended in this way. Yes, the 24 of it were aired although it had 26 episodes. Unlike kashimashi, the ending of this anime was not satisfying.

 These things not only provoked anime fans, but made them distrust the anime industry. Having said that, I know we should not blame the anime studios because they are seriously lack of money. That is why they have to be shrewed. By using あのね商法 or selling any other profitable goods(like a soundtrack), they have to exploit money from the fans. I think the main reason why they are lack of money is the TV stations. Because nowadays the anime studios have to pay for the timeslot. It seems like the dirty deal is happening around here…



  1. Чайковский said,

    Это действительно в точку!!! Другими словами и не скажешь! 🙂

  2. goodyfun said,

    Oh, so I’m not the only one watching less TV because of this sort of thing? Someday when there are more people feeling the TV blues, it will influence there to be less of this sort of thing.

    I remember IGPX. I just watched the last episode again a few weeks ago, because I wanted to see if the ending was really as… off as I thought it was. It was better, I think the second time but not an amazing series, even though the animation was good.

    Sometimes it isn’t about money 100% when shows split up media wise, I don’t think. Like the Card Captor Sakura movie was not on TV, right? And the .Hack series has lots of different games and TV shows. This trope can also be called “It’s All There In The Manual”.


  3. 子犬 said,

    Sort of like a cliff hanger? I guess all that matters to me is if the ending is good enough. You can only hope it is worth the effort to get it.

  4. TORUMASUTA said,

    I was a fan of IGPX when it was showing in the States, and I can feel for the people in Japan who didn’t get to see the last two episodes! That’s really terrible; they never found out how the tournament ended!

  5. bangin said,

    Чайковский: I am sorry, English please.

    goodyfun: So long as the story concludes somehow, it should be fine. And some more episodes come out later, it would be a nice service for fans. So Card Captor Sakura, Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop are okay.

    子犬: If the ending is good, it would be fine. If I like the series, I would get it. My fav anime Mirage of Blaze didn’t conclude well in 13 episodes, but later three more special episodes came out. But this had nothing to do with the previous. This made me sad.

    TORUMASUTA: Unlike kashimashi, this wasn’t very nice. It seemed like a chain reaction to viewers. Kashimashi and IGPX ended like this simultaneously. It doubled the fuss.

  6. 子犬 said,

    Oh, you like Mirage of Blaze? You really are an otomen! 🙂

  7. bangin said,

    You know what Mirage of Blaze is?
    Yes, I am a big fan of it! I have even cosplayed it.

  8. shia said,

    From what I had read on a few articles on the breakdown of the cost of a anime. A bulk of the $$ goes to the broadcasters.
    Everyone is on the sinking boat partially due to Fansubs. But anime studios get hit harder. Simply because they only create the anime and might not even be the rights holder to the title. Some of them get only paid for making the anime and thats it. but in a shrinking market due to worsening Return of Investments to the sponsors funding the show(could be in user viewership, dvd sales, merchandising.) Its harder and harder to get budgets for better show. And with outsourcing to china and korea where its dirt cheap. Anime studios really have to eke out every last drop of productivity from its production team to stay competitive.
    Some production committee might decide to make last episode dvd only. Like Kanon Toei. The ultimate Tease. I remembered you had to buy all the rest of the DVD’s collect some stickers and mail it in to buy the “true” final episode.
    I think the Last Episode DVD thing is a ok thing to do depending on the circumstances of the anime production committee, If they didn’t get enough money to recover the production , i think its fine, but if its like some mega hit that they did make money, i think it should be frowned apon.

  9. Fritzs said,

    If you don’t like some company’s politics… don’t buy their stuff then. especially, when you can easily… “acquire” the last episode you want to seen without paying cash for DVD (BTW: you probably don’t want to see it, if it was that crappy it got canceled, why were you watching it anyway…?)

  10. bangin said,

    shia: If they told the Last Episode DVD thing ahead of the show in the first place, fans wouldn’t be willing to watch. So that is why they shall tell at the last minute. Correct, they don’t have enough budgets unless they do so. Otherwise they can’t make anime.

    Fritz: What I want to say here is not that I don’t like the politics, but the anime studios are in danger. I can’t judge this business method is good, but we shouldn’t igonore the circumstance behind.

  11. mochie said,

    Ah, I stopped watching TV for this reason too. The commercial time here is ridiculous, every commercial break is roughly about 5 minutes. And the worse thing is, we wait 5 minutes for the show to continue, and then you watch for about another 5 minutes and they go into another long commercial break.

    I also read somewhere that manga-ka use the anone shouhou technique, where in the last panel of the page, there will be a minor cliff hanger so that the readers will turn the page over and continue reading.

  12. w said,

    I don’t think you can use あのね商法 in situations like that. Maybe when in the manga serialization they end off on a cliffhanger and then make you switch to a different magazine/buy the tankoubons/spend considerably more money to see the continuation…?

    Cliffhangers are quite OK really, and it’s different if they just put them there to make you come watch/read it again next week or whatever. But when they end with a cliffhanger and you have to spend extra money to find out the ending – that’s probably weeks or even months away! – that’s what gets irritating and known as あのね商法. You’re guaranteed to get some sales.

    But well it’s what earns them a bit more money, which they’re not making much of right now…

  13. bangin said,

    mochie: Same goes to Japan. Something happens, a commercial break, and something happens, another…and the ending is sucks.

    As w said, it doesn’t count anone shouhou in that sutuation. For example, in such a detective manga, on the verge of the criminal’s appearance, it ends…and the readers have to buy the next issue. This is still good. Only a week or so, and a magazine is far cheaper than DVD, and it sure contains some more works. Or for some reason, when the serialization stops, the rest of the story would come out as a comic book. That could be anone shouhou…But I don’t think this happens a lot.

    w: Sometimes I get tricked by あのね商法 when I rent American TV drama DVD. When I rent Prison Break DVD which was supposed to include the final episode of Season 1, it turned out that it had only one episode(normally here it includes 2 episodes per disk), and the other episodes were just a sample from totally different dramas. In the end I had to wait for the last DVD coming out and pay for it. Though the rental fee is just 300 yen. I should have checked the other side of the package, ugh.

  14. 【翻訳】真結局永遠在DVD裏面!-「あのね商法」 « 空想サーキュレーション said,

    […] 以下是吐槽時間: 原文出處:あのね商法[anone shouhou] […]

  15. rzncu said,

    the anime studios have to pay for the timeslot O_O
    … 本当に絶望した

  16. Filip said,

    I’ve have just found something, and, well, it’s not あのね商法, it’s only あのね but pretty funny, I think (or it may be just me :)). Anyway, it’s a footage from my university’s Japanese studies…

    • bangin said,

      Wow, she is very pretty, and the second man is good-looking.
      Are you studying there, too?
      I would like to drop by!

  17. Filip said,

    Haha! Yup, I’m studying there right now – still a miserable 一年生 though. It was made in 2008, so the あのね-girl is kind of my 先輩, but I don’t know her in person. And the second guy is now one of my lecturers, and a very good one.
    Please, feel free to drop by, if you ever visit Poland^^ Most likely, you would immediately get a fanclub full of female students :}

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