November 28, 2008 at 6:34 am (cosplay(コスプレ), general, otaku word)

 I have some freinds who yearn to wear a 制服[seifuku] of Japanese school. All of them say the design is really cool. Well some schoolgirls would consider the seifuku when they choose high-school they want to go. Intelligence doesn’t seem to matter, but what they’re concerned is a 制服 in particular. And I have a friend who really wants to wear a 学ラン[gakuran] or Japanese traditional school uniform for boys(I will explain later). He ordered it from Japan, but too bad it was too tight for him, so he kindly sent it over from UK…and now I use it when I cosplay.


 As you may know, there are basically two kinds of seifuku; one is a セーラー服[sailorfuku, or sailor suit], and the other is a blazer[ブレザー]. Blazers are everwhere, but as far as I am aware, Japan could be the only one country which has designated it as a school uniform for girls. Speaking of セーラー服, you might think of the OP theme song of Lucky Star, もってけ!セーラーふく. But an ojisan like me could think of セーラー服を脱がさないで[Don’t strip off my sailor suit] by おニャン子クラブ(something like AKB48) or セーラー服と機関銃[A sailor suit and a machine gun] by 薬師丸ひろ子(the idol in 80’s). 古い!!アンタいくつだよ!


So long!


 No longer you see such a longer skirt now, but in the olden days, the length of a skirt used to be amazingly long. It had to cover your knee, and even reach to your shanks. Yes, the school rule was very strict at that time. But if the skirt covers her ankles, it would be counted as a ロンスカ[ronsuka] or long skirt, and those girls in such a ロンスカ used to be counted as a スケ番[sukeban]. スケ[suke] is an old saying to mean a woman, and [ban] means actually 番長[banchou] or a leader of a group of juvenile delinquents in school. At that time, a TV drama named スケ番刑事[sukebandeka] in which the three kawaii sukebans fought against evil was quite popular. The word スケ番 used to be in the mainstream at that time though I don’t hear this anymore. Besides, a bike gang which consists of girls only is called レディース[redhisu]. Well I think a perfect example is Gottoza-sama in Lucky Star. She quite embodies such a member of レディース.

 But things changed in the mid of 90’s. As the charismatic diva named Namie Amuro[安室奈美恵] became popular, most of the schoolgirls used to copy her. Her hairstyle, make-up, and clothes or anything(those girls who copied her were all called アムラー[amuror]). So they started to dye hair, and make the skirt much shorter. Yes, this time a word ミニスカ[minisuka] or short skirt became so popular that the teachers couldn’t almost stop them. Also, at that time the valuable item for them was a ルーズソックス[loose socks], and this makes your legs look thinner. I can’t think of any anime in which characters are wearing this…maybe GTO? Anyway, the existance of 女子高生[joshikousei] or schoolgirls was really strong. 



loose socks
loose socks

 As of 2000, the number of the schoolgirls wearing loose socks were decreasing, and instead of that, dark blue high socks started to become popular. 紺ハイ[konhai, an abbreviation of 紺ハイソックス] can make your legs look longer. Maybe you can see anime girls wearing this such as Suzumiya Haruhi. Not only dark blue, but black or white ones can be also seen. In that case, we say 黒ハイ[kurohai] or 白ハイ[shirohai] respectively. But the most popular one is 紺ハイ.




over knee socks

 If you see a lot of anime schoolgirls, you might think it’s weird that I don’t mention オーバーニーソックス[over knee socks]. Unfortunately, in the real world we can’t possibly see real schoolgirls wearing this. As far as I can tell, there’s no school which has accepted it as a part of the uniform. But of course there ARE a lot of schoolgirls wearing this when they are off. So let’s pray for such a day coming! Can I see a lot of 絶対領域 on the train every morning? I can’t stop my ハァハァ(*´д`*).


 Okay, then I shall mention boys’ seifuku. As I have said, there’s only two kinds of seifuku; 学ラン[gakuran] and ブレザー[blazer]. Usually, when the boys wear a gakuran at school, the girls should wear a sailor suit. So I think Suzumiya Haruhi’s high-school is really weird because each gender uniform does not correspond. Even Kyon says something like this in the novel. At any rate, I used to wear a gakuran at my middle school, and a blazer at high-school. Comparing to a blazer, a gakuran is very easy to wear since you don’t need a tie. Like a sukeban did so, such delinquent schoolboys also used to make a gakuran either shorter or longer. Of course we don’t see this anymore now, but the shorter one is called 短ラン[tanran] and the longer one is called ボンタン[bontan]. A tanran is really short, does not even cover your waist whereas bontan can cover your knees. Either way, you can see this collaboration in 今日から俺は![Kyou kara ore wa!] Old, old, old!

 As summer comes, students may change it into 夏服[natsufuku, summer uniform]. A change of clothes starts around the mid of June, this depends. Whichever they wear a gakuran or a blazer, they just take off a jacket. A white sleeveless shirt and a colored T-shirt are a basic style. For some reason, here is a moe for girls…since some girls might see his see-through nipples…女の子って結構エロいよね(笑)


 All in all, you will never wear a 制服 once you finish school, so that is why it’s kind of nostalgic, sad…and hot! As long as you are a student, you might not notice this. But after you lost it, you would see how important, and how wonderful it was. Yes! I have a 制服萌え


  1. mochie said,

    Actually I have Seifuku moe as well. I really want to wear a Japanese Sailor Seifuku or like how the gyaru wear them – the ones with the over-sized jumpers and loose socks. I really like those Seifuku because the skirts are very short.

    I actually really dislike my own seifuku. Our kind was the blazer kind but our skirts are down to our ankles and in winter we have to wear stockings. Not moe at all, we really look like nuns. In summer we don’t wear our blazers and just wear a short sleeve blouse instead of a long sleeve one. The skirt is ankle length all year round and in summer we wear white socks. I envy those who can wear knee high socks with their school uniform.

  2. khim said,


    I really fond of japanese school uniform.
    My high school uniform was really plain: white shirt and grey pants orz
    its all the same for schools in all over the country, except for very few private schools

    I used to want a gakuran so bad, coz it look so cool
    and i think girl with serafuku is very cute


  3. bangin said,

    mochie: Then if you see the real joshikouseis, you will be surprised. There are very few school where conservative joshikouseis exist in Japan. In order to be sofisticated, some young girls leave a home and come to Tokyo. Well I am sure all over Japan, most joshikousei are wearing a minisuka.

    khim: So you are the one who wants a gakuran, too?

    Oh at my high-school, the natsufuku was the same as yours.

  4. w said,

    One of the first things I ever loved about Japan was the uniform! Mind you this was when I was about 8 or 9 I think… The visual of sailor-fuku and gakuran left a very deep impression on me. I don’t really care for the crazy designs with many ribbons such as in eroge/galge, but man… I remember the days I used to draw all sorts of girls in uniforms. I remember pulling up my socks when I could before I was 13, after that it looked a bit stupid on me…

    For the record all local schools here have uniforms, but they’re really boring for the most part… mine was awful, anyway – in middle school it was a navy blue pinafore with nearly armpit-high lengthwise pleats and a white blouse underneath (in SINGAPORE! i.e. ridiculously hot, and I don’t mean sexy…). It had all sorts of restrictions – there was a separate thin belt that had to be worn exactly at the waist at a particular tightness or you could get caught by the prefects; the pinafore had to touch the kneecaps or something and so on. No low socks (wearing ankle socks were the in-thing), no high socks (the principal kept laughing it off as a rather silly idea).

    In high school it was a white blouse with a green skirt. I remember I picked the “waterproof” blouse that was thicker, but at least didn’t look all see-through on sweaty days. At least we got to wear shoes that didn’t have to be 90% white or whatever.

  5. bangin said,

    Well in my middle school, the girls wore a navy blue pinafore, too. They didn’t have a belt, though. Sounds like Ashford Academy in Code Geass. But just at that time, アムラー started to be popular, so some of them tried to get in the fashion. The teachers used to get upset about this. They covered a pinafore with a sweater, a vest, or a cardigan. The brand was mostly Ralph Lauren. I think from 1995 to 1997 was the peak for joshikouseis.

    Sounds hot with that style in Singapore. Are they fine with that?

  6. w said,

    I forgot. Pinafores can look cute. Let me show you the monstrosity we have… This is from some other school, but it’s similar to my school’s (except we have a round cut on the neck and arms of the pinafore)

    Please don’t tell me that sort of yucky thing is anywhere in Japan’s schools. They cannot. I forbid them to.
    It’s very hot with our year-round, humid tropical weather. I was lucky, my school could “afford” air-conditioning in every room. When it broke down though, it was hell 😦
    Actually I just remembered they do have “alternate uniforms” of a shirt and culottes, but you can only wear it on Wednesdays (now it’s Tuesdays or something), special school celebrations, weekends and school holidays (and not for regular school activities unless explicitly permitted)

    It’s downright ridiculous – the uniform design has been the same for 130 years or something, which is of course why they won’t change it. Man, it’s so obvious which school I’m talking about now…

  7. bangin said,

    So THIS is the pinafore you mentioned!? It’s totally different from what I thought!! The pinafores at my middle school are not like this, the length of pleats are much shorter, I remember. No, this is nowhere in Japan’s schools.

    My middle school didn’t have an air-conditioning, it was hell. But my high-school had.

  8. double said,

    I love Japanese school uniforms. They’re really awesome, compared to the crap we have here in Singapore >_>

  9. 子犬 said,

    I want to wear 学ラン, ブレザー, and a 制服 sometime! They are all so attractive. I like ブレザー you would be well into. I want to see you wear one! *_* ^^

    In German schools, we do not wear a uniform, but I wore a uniform at the school, I went in America. It had a white shirt with short sleeves and a short skirt and I sometimes extended the skirt. It still fits me!

  10. goodyfun said,

    Yes, I remember セーラー服と機関銃. Wasn’t there a reference to that in らき☆すた? (I love that show so much.)

    And I think that it’s sort of amazing that you have not talked about this yet. Of all the things for an おたく to not talk about! 😉

  11. Micchi said,

    I definitely have a 制服萌え too. Maybe it’s just from watching so much anime.

    I attended a private high school, but we didn’t have to wear uniforms. Only people here that wear uniforms around here (Canada) would be Catholic school and most private school students.

    It’s funny because I was wondering to myself earlier how many seifuku I could recognize from anime.

  12. bangin said,

    double: So what are boys’ uniforms like out there? I can’t picture you wearing a seifuku.^^ Too bad, I should have lent you my gakuran.

    子犬: I added one more picture above, and this is the latest shot that is me of wearing a blazer as cosplaying.

    I didn’t like a seifuku at that time, but come to think of it it would be stressful if I have to choose clothes for school everyday! ><

    goodyfun: Maybe yes, I think there could be in the list of those karaoke songs Konata and her friends sing.
    I am always looking for a word or a theme to write here.^^

    Micchi: Yes, when I was in Canada, I didn’t see any students in seifuku at all as far as I saw. But in the American movie in which the students at a mission school in Manhattan, they sure wear a blazer.

    I have two anime blazers; one is Seisou Gakuen in Kin’iro no Corda and the other is Kita High-School in the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Maybe those Tenipuri cosplayers would have more!

  13. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Oh finally. Yes, I agree that seifuku is so moe XD but rather than those that appear in galge, I like the plain white and blue one. And blazer looks very cool if the wearer is a smart person, like Miyazawa Yukino in Karekano. And I want to wear a gakuran too XD

    And just like Khim says, our uniform is just like your natsufuku but in my highschool we wear long sleeve, but without blazer. And its grey for highschool and blue for junior high, in every public school. But I think nowadays some private H.S has pretty cute uniform design XD

  14. 子犬 said,

    You look so cute in the newly added photo with the blazer that I fell from my chair when I saw it. Crash! ^^

  15. bangin said,

    Neohybrid_kai: I like the uniform in CLANNAD and Kanon. But it is too anime-like in the real world. I prefer blazers than gakuran, but I found myself irritating in tying. So now I prefer gakuran.

    Seifuku is convinient. You can go out in seifuku after school.

    子犬: Thank you very much, the character is too minor, though. ^^

  16. Mundo Fujoshi – Moe para todos os gostos – parte III « said,

    […] Fonte : Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans and for anime fans […]

    • Chiana said,

      I guess finding useful, reliable inomfration on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

  17. rzncu said,

    I have seifuku-moe as well, because in north america, those only existed in catholic or private schools while I went to public school orz I missed my seifuku days when I was in China so many years ago….

  18. Rao said,

    Yay, hail Gakuran and Seifuku…..I wish both Uniforms are applied for high school around the world….because THEY’RE SO ADORABLE ! Gakuran IS COOL, while Sailor Seifuku is definitely KAWAIII !!!!

    • bangin said,

      What do you wear at school, then??

      • Rao said,

        Just another plain white shirt and gray trousers for male, and long skirt for female….definitely not CUTE at all….and what kind of school uniform applied in your country ??

  19. Rao said,

    Ups sorry., my mistake…I know that in your country nowaday the students wear various style of uniforms….but I prefer the old style version (gakuran and seifuku)

  20. Rao said,

    Wooops, my mistake…..I know in your country the student nowadays wear various kind of uniforms…..but of course I prefer the gakuran and sailor fuku….because for the blazer-I think the style’s rather “old school” for people outside japan (eventhough that gakuran and sailor fuku thing are not originally from japan, they have some “cool” impression for people outside japan-especially those who are familiar with anime and manga etc)

  21. Rao said,

    @Neohybrid_kai: I think know about your country….because me too, am the citizen of that country ^^ natsufuku all year long….

  22. Junnie said,

    I do like seifuku =D Elements such as a nice tailored blazer & thigh-length stockings (Or a full tights, for me it’s either Zettai Ryouki or this, I don’t like knee-length socks actually D8) looks amazing on girls *___* I’m liking knitted vest as part of the uniform too =D (Something similar to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun’s uniform, that is) Serafuku can be cute too, it looks very summer-ish if done in the right colours =DDD

    For guys it will be gakuran! *W* But for me blazers are more forgiving on guys as gakuran’s high collar is quite hard to pull off well (& blazer’s tie look is nice too *___*) But both is fine, as they have white shirts! XD

    For our country Malaysia, we are required to wear pinafore with a white shirt beneath, something like this actually >> http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/156/6/a/6ae06139fbe56943e7cbb5c5c3722cde.jpg
    Well, it sort of looks like NGE’s female school uniform XD But for us, we can’t have it fitting as it shows off our body, so well, nobody looks good in ill-fitting uniform OTL

    Since I’ve graduated from high school since long ago, nowadays I reminiscent my high school memories by cosplaying high school student characters XDDD

    • bangin said,

      Yes we can see loose socks in To aru kagaku no railgun or Ichigo 100%. It brings back memories because we don’t see any schoolgirls who are wearing loose socks anymore.
      I fall for such a schoolboy when I cosplay. Maybe I want to return to the day I was a student.

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