[Intermission] A Group of Shinsengumi

November 14, 2008 at 6:03 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 It’s becoming cold in Japan. It is. It’s in November already. Aw it’s been a year since I became a cosplayer. My level of cosplay has been better than the beginning? Although I have cosplayed so far, I do not have a lot of cosplay buddies. Mostly when I cosplay with someone, just one or two persons are fine. Because I like decent pictures. I mean, I do care about posing, angles, and location. I like to see a big group, but don’t think I want to foam.

 Having said that, I got a nice oppotunity that we could foam a group of Shinsengumi[真撰組] in GIntama[銀魂]. My cosplay friend whom I had never seen in real life(I mean, we have kept touch in with through the circle) asked me to join the event. She who could cosplay Okita, was meant to bring her buddy who could do Kondo. How lucky I am! I was on it, so we went to the event last week…

 However, I feel Gintama doesn’t seem to be that popular overseas. In USA, when it comes to Shounen Jump, it would be either Naruto or BLEACH. Umm, here Gintama is the most popular among young people. Especially among girls. That is because Gintama is kind of contemporary, I assume? Naruto is a ninja thing American like, and BLEACH is a samurai thing they like too. But Gintama…yes, their costumes are not that retro though the characters use a sword. Oh I am not sure. What about your country?

 The two cosplayers really did a good job. The Okita cosplayer who has a kind of shota-looking mostly worked as a photographer on the day. And the Kondo cosplayer pretty looks like him. You know, most Gintama cosplayers do either Hijikata or Okita if they choose from Shinsengumi because Kondo is too manly and muscle. Girls hardly copy that! So that is why this Kondo cosplayer is actually popular among the Gintama cosplayers. When we had a photoshooting, some cosplayers came to say hi to him…

 Okay, time for photos! I hope you like it.




Fishy! Okita is fishy!










  1. w said,


    I also wish my mother didn’t just walk behind me as I scrolled through the pictures!

    Also, I think Gintama just isn’t as popular because it uses way more Japanese in-jokes than Naruto or Bleach… There just isn’t much that appeals to the mainstream Westerner I suppose?

  2. goodyfun said,

    Why is Gintama less looked at in the U.S.A.? That’s a good question. I really don’t think about it much since my friend who travels back and forth between Japan and the states is always talking about it… I think w got it right, but some styles of TV show just are better understood by certain places. Like the show Scrubs is loved in Germany but not very well known in other places in the world.

  3. bangin said,

    w: え、なんかおかしいかな、この写真??

    So the same goes to Zetsubou-sensei? It has much more Japanese in-jokes, doesn’t it? But I feel Zetsubou-sensei is more welcomed than Gintama…Because there are more moe-schoolgirls in the series?

    goodyfun: That explains. As far as I am aware, Gintama seems to be popular in China and Fillippine since sometimes I come across the photos of those Gintama cosplayers out there.

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  5. maaku_sutipen said,

    Well bangin-san even if there are cosplayers here that do Gintama, the main stream Shounen Jump anime here is still Naruto and Bleach. Probably those who can understand japanese in a better level than most people are the ones doing the the cosplay. Or those who have seen the fan subs… Anyways nice costumes as always…
    Also I kinda understand what W said about GIntama. Gintama is way funnier than both series but it uses so many Japanese in jokes that might put off the casual anime enthusiast.

  6. bangin said,

    Too bad, even if putting aside Japanese in-jokes, Gintama is hilarious, don’t you think so?^^
    There are some other costumes for each character in Gintama. This is why Gintama is popular among cosplayers…As for Hijikata, there are Shinsengumi uniform, kinagashi, or otaku version. Those who really like Hijilata shall copy all of them. I think I will cosplay his kinagashi soon.

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