歌姫萌え[utahime moe]

October 28, 2008 at 2:16 pm (otaku word)


 This is not that famous yet, however, it sure has lasted for so long now. Even if you do not follow Macross Frontier, you would know who Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee are. Needless to say, these two girls are quite famous because of their singing. They sure deserve to be called 歌姫[utahime] or diva. Well, diva might be supposed to dance and sing whereas 歌姫 does not have such a connotaion. I feel I could find such a 歌姫 easily in anime lately. When there is a diva in anime, she might sing in the episodes…and finally her CD would be released in 3D. So we shall go and buy. Usually, a seiyu(voice actress) who voices the 歌姫 could release a CD, but not necessarily. Because other sheer singers can feature the 歌姫‘s voice such as May’n who does Sheryl Nome. If I have to name this kind of singer, I might say Fiction Junction YUUKA who features Kagari’s image song 暁の車[akatsuki no kuruma] in Gundam Seed. Speaking of Seed, there is Lacus who is voiced by Rie Tanaka here.

 I feel 歌姫 could be found in such a war anime as Gundam or Macross series, no? While men go to fight, a diva sings and prays for them…so that the fighters can come back to her. Anyway, if you love such an utahime, you would have a 歌姫萌え[utahime moe]. Speaking of 歌姫, I can think of Yuna in Final Fantasy X Ⅱ, fullmoon in Fullmoon wo sagashite[満月をさがして], Osaki Nana and Reila in NANA, and Tsukishima Kirari in Kirarin Revolution[きらりんレボリューション] or something like that. Back to more, I can think of Creamy Mami[魔法の天使クリーミーマミ]. Wow, this is definitely おっさんホイホイ, does anyone know?^^ In the real world, there is Yui who featured Amane Kaworu[雨音 薫] in タイヨウのうた[Taiyou no uta]. As you may know, NANA has a live-action movie. Nakashima Mika and Ito Yuna featured Nana and Reila respectively.

 I am not following Macross Frontier, but my favorite song is Do you remember Love?[愛、おぼえていますか]. You would think of Ranka Lee’s version, but my favorite one is Lin Minmay who showed in The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross[超時空要塞マクロス]. Her singing voice was featured by Mari Iijima[飯島真理]. Oh no, sounds so pure and innocent. It sure heals your wounded heart!

 However, why is 歌姫 always women’s privilege? Is there the exact opposite of it? I mean, how come there is no male singers in anime? Let’s see…I can think of SHIPS in Kirarin Revolution. This duo is bishounen, and even released CD in 3D…but it didn’t get that famous. Too bad, no matter how well the singing is, it doesn’t become moe unless the singer is a girl.

 Though I said I am not following Macross Frontier, I used to be a big fan of Fire Bomber in Macross 7. I really really loved Nekki Basara‘s powerful voice. 教えてくれSeventh Moon この胸のモヤモヤを~♪ 

どうしてこんなに好きなんだろう 君の声 痛いほど響いてるよ
どうしてこんなに好きなんだろう 君の声 痛いほど響いてるよ


  1. usagijen said,

    Male singers in anime? How about Lucifer from Kaikan Phrase? Or those bands in Nana? Though, that didn’t get all that popular either, I guess, or are the girls more reserved in showing their love for the… 歌王子s (is there even such a word? lol)? I’d like to think that there are quite a number of girls who go gaga over vocal albums of the guy characters / seiyuus they like, so… I dunno xD

  2. Hitsuji said,

    When you say male singers in anime, I immediately think Gravitation Shuichi and Ryuichi are very popular among anime fans where I live. And there have been a few CDs of that series…

  3. w said,

    I’m not even that much of a Macross fan, but I love Lin Minmay’s original renditions of those songs much better than the covers in subsequent Macross series! You know the climatic scene in Do You Remember Love… I don’t even like the show so much but something feels *truly* epic about it and just watching the sequence on its own really moves me. The lovingly-rendered animation is part of it but another big part is that 80s sound and Mari Iijima’s unique voice!

    Well, it won’t match up in the least bit but since she’s coming to Singapore I’m going to see May’n live… whee.

  4. bangin said,

    usagijen: That’s right, Lucifer in Kaikan Phrase is a good example. Though he didn’t get that famous…We don’t say 歌王子[utaouji] though Japanese people often say xx王子 like スシ王子, ハニカミ王子, or ハンカチ王子. XD
    Though almost all the players from Prince of Tennis can release CDs, they don’t have equivalence of 歌姫 because their job is not to sing, but play tennis.

    Hitsuji: Where do you live? I prefer Ryuichi’s Sleepless Beauty!

    w: Mari Iijima quite embodies the 80s music…I feel so. All the idols in the 80s are like her. The Minmay’s part is all in me. Just because she sings the song, it has a meaning.^^

    I know she is coming to Singapore. Most Singaporean fans are looking forward to it. Are you going?

  5. Runningkid said,

    SHERYL!! \o/

    how about in Aria!? Athena sings! (although it’s a little bit sad thinking about her singing nowT____T)

  6. w said,

    Um… Well I’m going for the event itself, but the concert – I don’t have the cash to shell out for premium tickets so if I’m lucky maybe I’d get to see her from like 500m away stuck at the back of a hall or something.

    And there’s something about 80s music that I like a lot more than modern idol pop music! Although, I have to admit Perfume isn’t that bad… argh

  7. bangin said,

    Runningkid: Could be. She made a debut as an opera singer in the last part, right? But rather she is well-known as a dojikko.

    w: My utahime must be Hiroko Moriguchi who used to sing for anime in the 80s, like エースをねらえ!, サムライドルーパー, and 機動戦士ガンダム. And the ultimate song of hers is Eternal Wind.

    I didn’t know you happen to listen to the latest idol pop musich like Perfume.

  8. w said,

    Yeah, I’m surprised myself… but Perfume is hte only one really and I haven’t been listening to them in quite a while now. I also only bothered to check out Perfume because of the composer Yasutaka Nakata (I like some of his capsule stuff) – I’m utterly uninterested in the idol stuff :p

    And Hiroko Moriguchi… Oh, I LOVE 水の星へ愛を込めて. She did do that one, right? It’s so singable and leaves me with a warm feeling… like coming home after school on a rainy day and having a warm mug of something (don’t ask me why I have these weird associations in my mind)

  9. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I love both Minmay and Ranka version of Do you remember Love, of course the original left the most impact on me. This maybe just me but I think these days most of the song are idol-ish with catchy tune and beat, while back then the song are slower and melancholic, I’m not that dissappointed though, because we can see good choreography like in Kannagi or The iDOL M@STER (the game)

  10. bangin said,

    w: 心にうずもれた 優しさの星たちが炎上げ呼び合う 
     波間流離う 難破船のように 
     もう泣かないで 今 あなたを探してる人がいるから 

     あれはいいものだ…^^ That song is おっさんホイホイ! Don’t push me to the 2D! I can’t get out!
    I love this song next to Eternal Wind. Though her singing was good, she didn’t get that famous until she became a バラドル.

    Neohybrid_kai: I think I love such a singing voice that makes me feel nostalgy. It doesn’t have to be high-pitched, but echoes in my mind…Well, I also love Lia and Origa.

  11. goodyfun said,

    I have mixed feelings about 歌姫萌え

    In English language culture, there’s often times a character that sings in a very cliché scene. Usually everyone loves the singer’s voice and gives the singer all this attention. Even worse there’ll be a contest and the protagonist beats the enemy character, usually when they think they can’t, or the protagonist becomes a famous singer. The most annoying thing about these sort of scenes is that usually the singer isn’t very talented and the viewers, dazzled by the magic of cinema, don’t think twice about it when all the other characters celebrate their “talent”.
    Also, it usually feels out of place since it just seems like fan service, since so many young people dream of becoming a star some day, standing up on the stage, microphone in hand… but I guess I’m a tough critic. The scene can also be very beautiful if done correctly, such as a character singing a haunting tune, or a peaceful lullaby to help others fall asleep.

  12. bangin said,

    Mostly here, when the character is a singer in the anime, his/her singing voice could be featured by the real professional singer. There are not so many seiyus who are really good at singing, that is why.

    If there is an exception, it might be Suzumiya Haruhi’s God Knows featured by the seiyu who voices her. Though Haruhi is just a one-day singer.

  13. mochie said,

    When I think of Utahime I think of Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny. She is actually very popular and even though her songs are extremely slow a lot of cosplayers really like to perform them on stage.

  14. bangin said,

    My favorite songs of hers are 水の証[Proof of Water], yeah so slow but relaxing.
    Speaking of stage, there are a lot of Yuna cosplayers as well.

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