[Intermission] My first being 鬼畜眼鏡

October 16, 2008 at 2:47 pm (BL, cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), otaku word)

 In Japan, it’s becomig cooler. Autumn has come, and will be winter soon. Such a short term is ephemeral, but that should be beautiful. No wonder most foreign people like Japanese four seasons.

 Anyway, such a nice season sure makes cosplayers cosplay. I already cosplayed twice this month, but did again…I know I am becoming insane more and more. This time, I chose the beautiful seashore, 九十九里浜[Kujyukurihama] in Chiba Pref. Even though it’s October, we found some surfers here and there. My sempai[先輩] wanted to try out his brand-new camera, so asked me to give an oppotunity to use it. I kindly asked him to take my cosplays, and we set out for the seashore.

 I tried to cosplay as much as I could because I can’t go to such a faraway place so often. But this time, I decided to cosplay him.


 He is Himuro Reiichi in Toki Meki Memorial -Girls’ Side-. I have never missed all of the Tokimemo series so far including this otome version. Anyway, he is a teacher[sensei] and is wearing glasses. See this image, you can see how cold he looks? Yes, he is…a 鬼畜眼鏡[kichiku megane]! To much worse, he is voiced by the famous kichiku seiyu, 子安武人[Takehito Koyasu].

 Nah, actually he is not that kichiku though he is cold. Though I am pretty sure he IS kichiku in doujin comics. It is normal that at least one sensei has to be in this kind of game. And he/she is the most difficult to pursue, no?^^ You are just one of his/her students, so if you want to pursue him/her, you have to be special. In other words, you have to prove you are not like most students. So basically sensei always makes us do a lot of things. You have to improve yourself, I mean, study well, come to the top of the class, show how much you are good at sport, and try to close to sensei as much as you can. This is pretty hard! You can’t do these things at the same time, but you have to. Otherwise, you can’t get your sensei.

 What am I talking about?^^ Being kichiku is more difficult than I thought. And it was so hard to copy his hairstyle. I had to comb the hair backwards so that my real hair could be seen. So I messed it up a couple of times, but anything else was simple.

 Also, I cosplayed Nagisa Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Hijikata Toshiro in Gintama after this. If you happen to have the Evangelion manga volume 9, please see the first two or three pages. You could see Kaworu’s regular clothes which never shows in the anime…I cosplayed that. But too bad it was kinda windy though it was sunny, so I didn’t make it better. But it’s okay, I really enjoyed because I had never had a photoshooting at such a beatiful place.

 Sensei, watch out!!

I’ve been waiting, I’m waiting, I’ll be waiting…for you, Shinji-kun.

You can see more pictures here.



  1. mochie said,

    Uwa~! I love tokimemo alot. I have only played Girl’s Side and 2nd season on the NDS but it’s really fun. I think Himuro sensei is still ok to get his regular endings but unlocking all his album pictures is rather hard since they’re pretty much all automatic. The good thing about Himuro sensei is that at the beginning of the game I don’t need to buy clothes since they are all study dates.

    I like the 2nd picture you posted in here of you as Himuro. It’s a replica of the scene when he is try to out speed that sports car (was it a sports car? I can’t remember) isn’t it?

    Anyway, great job with the cosplay. I want to go to the beach too sometime.

  2. bangin said,

    I only bought a wig, and I could prepare the rest of it myself. This cosplay is very cheap.

    Hahaha, I am pleased to hear you could understand what the second picture is meant to be. Yes, those who have pursued Himuro-sensei can understand it…This car belongs to my sempai, and it’s not a sports car, but a regualr one!

  3. double said,

    You look much better with glasses.

  4. bangin said,

    Oh really? So can I finish being an otomen and start it over as a kichiku megane?

  5. goodyfun said,

    You make a great 眼鏡萌え !!!! Everyone looks good in glasses, people should wear fakes just to please me…

    No, I will not press the “Backspace” key, I’m standing by that!

  6. bangin said,

    Haha, thank you!

    But I usually wear contact lenses, not 眼鏡!

  7. az said,

    wow, nice cosplay! I saw your gintama shoot pics, they’re great!! @_@

  8. bangin said,

    Hehe, arigatou!!

  9. rzncu said,

    himuro-sensei was really hard to pursue!!!! it was like trying to pursue Shiori Fujisaki back in the original first tokimeki!!!! And I hated how he won’t accept chocolates that aren’t handmade XD But I really liked his part friendship part confession ending by the sea!!!! I like the second cosplay picture you did for himuro-sensei~ I don’t think he is really kichiku though, it’s because of this piano scene that he had, he had a really gentle expression. (but he is SO kichiku when i messed up the bunkasai concert, he threw the conductor stick at my character XD)

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