September 20, 2008 at 11:04 am (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 I am not sure how many famous words were born in 2ch or Nico Nico, but now it’s too late to make a post on this, isn’t it? So I shall mention some of them which are especially famous. Before I start, I have to explain 空耳[soramimi] or mishearing and 空耳歌詞[soramimi kashi] or misheard lyrics. We Japanese seem to like to pun upon to use such a misheard word, especially when we hear some foreign languages since we don’t understand the meaning. A long time ago, there was such a TV program which picked up some English(or whatever) songs and changed some lines into 空耳歌詞.

 In 2003, there was a famous Romania song named Dragostea Din Tei which is one of the famous songs by O-Zone. And in the following year, someone made a MAD and uploaded it on 2ch, and it became very famous. The Japanese title is 恋のマイアヒ[Love Maiahi], and the most famous misheard line is 飲ま飲まイェイ[noma noma yay]. Of course, it doesn’t make any sense, but this was a big trend at that time. The melody was easy to memorize, so once you heard it, it might run through your head for a while.

 All the Japanese in this video are mishearing, so if you want to know the correct meaning, ask any Romanian, please. :p

 Okay, let’s move on. I shall mention ふつくしい[futsukushii] this time. What is it? Oh no, if you really really get impressed by such a beatiful thing beyond descripition, you can’t say anything! You are too touched to say a word…so you just say ふつくしい[futsukushii] not うつくしい[美しい, utsukushii] or beautiful.

 This stems from the anime, Yu Gi Oh[遊戯王], particulary episode 54th この町はバトルシティになる![this town is to be a warplace!]. When Kaiba Seto sees the Ultimate Dragon, he said 美しい. But we can surely mishear it to be ふつくしい. The rumor has it Kaima was too shocked to say it properly. At any rate, this became a famous line to describe such an awesome thing. When you see something like that, please say ふつくしい like him.

 Stop at 3:50, or you will mishear his line.

 Next is 歪みねぇな[yugami ne na] or No distortion. Well this almost works the same way as ふつくしい, but it would mean Not bad, so good or something like that. Umm, I am not willing to mention where this came from, but I have to.^^ Yes, it’s from 本格的ガチムチパンツレスリング[full-dress gachimuchi underwear wrestling] which two muscular wrestlers are doing wrestling with underwear. ガチムチ[gachimuchi] means muscular or such a man, maybe you could see them in US gay porn video. Oh I don’t know! Whereas most fujoshis love androgynous bishounens, there is the minority which love muscular guys. At any rate, this is from the certain gay video(or merely a working-out instruction video?), but someone uploaded the fragments of the video nico nico with misheard subtitles. They are not saying like this, but we could mishear like this. One of them is, yes, 歪みねぇな[yugami ne na]. I guess it should be You’ve got me…something like that. I don’t want to catch!

 So this is no need to explain, isn’t it? But let me mention Charamelldansen. Nah, this really got into the mainstream so that you have seen one for sure. Two or three characters(or more) from the certain anime(or whatever) are dancing altogether with this song. Mostly it says like xxxとxxxでウーッウーッウマウマ(゜∀゜)[so-and-so replaces xxx]. Youtube set up the fire ahead of Nico Nico, but there are more than 1400 video in Nico though youtube has around 400. However we could mishear it depends on the video, so that those misheard lyrics are not identified. But the most famous lines are Dansa med oss Klappa era händer as バルサミコ酢 やっぱいらへんで[barusamikosu yappa irahende] and O-o-oa-oa as ウーッウーッウマウマ[wo-wo-uma uma].

 BTW, have you found your favorite ウーッウーッウマウマ? But before you watch video, you have to be sure of キャラ崩壊[chara houkai]. I mean, it might destroy the character’s image. For example, even a cool character like Lelouch shakes his hip. Some want to see, and others don’t. I like to see such a cool character dancing Charamelldansen because it looks pretty.^^ My favorite is below.

 And this is hilarious. OMG, Atobe-sama and Tezuka-buchou are…COOL!

 Oh give me a break…I can’t stop laughing! テラワロスwwwwwwwwwwww


  1. Haiku said,


  2. bangin said,


  3. w said,

    It’s Kaiba Seto, not Kaima! And that doesn’t fall in the category of soramimi, I’m afraid. I never thought ふつくしい was a soramimi more than that’s really the way he says it – like in that other episode where he’s gotten so worked up, 俺のタァン! sounds exactly like 俺のダー!To me one of the biggest Yugioh soramimis would have to be スイカ攻撃, from that infamous Haga-on-the-train video…

    And how did you not mention that Tenimyu video… 猫駆除, 通風性, all the way from the Beta days, it’s a classic 😀
    The last huge niconico fad I remember being obsessed with had favourites like アキラメロン(1000円), はちぇまれ and so on…

    Before niconico existed I LOVED watching those Soramimi Hour videos though – there’s so many hilarious ones, unfortunately my memory’s suffered and I can’t remember most of them off the top of my head right now. I remember that Michael Jackson one with パン, 茶, 宿直, and of course どどどど童貞ちゃうわ. I think the one I laughed the most at had to be 母さんが言う「こういうパーマは変だ」と 死のう!!
    I’m grinning madly just writing it, really. I think it was a combination of the video, the obviously bizarre situation and the melody… Aw man.

    Also IIRC, 歪みねぇな is really “You got me there now”.

    Japanese soramimi are really much, much funnier to me than English ones. It’s probably thanks to linguistic differences… by the way, you might be interested in the word “mondegreen” although it is not widely used.

  4. bangin said,

    Didn’t you mishear it to be ふつくしい? Or else, Kaiba’s 中の人 is not good at speaking?

    I don’t remember when Soramimi hour was aired, but Tamori used to introduce those funny soramimi lyrics. Those you mentioned still exist in my memory.:)

    Since I am Japanese, mondegreen doesn’t make me laugh. Does this sound funny to you?

  5. w said,

    I thought he was just saying ふつくしい… I know that’s not a Japanese word of course, but it’s just the way he said it I thought – when you blow out too much air when saying the う in うつくしい. Heck, the way even other people say う sometimes sounds like ふ to me… okay, never mind.

    And oh no, mondegreen isn’t supposed to make you laugh, I just mentioned it as an equivalent to the word “soramimi”. It’s the most direct one-word translation I think, but most people won’t know what it is.

  6. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Ah, I once saw the opening clip of Persona3: FES and Lucky star subbed in english language in youtube, very funny ^^ and there’s one clip of 5 cm/s the theme song get soramimi-subbed in indonesian language too (I forgot the link but yea, its very chara houkai indeed +_+)

    By the way, when an anime that has an English opening or ending song like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni or Okami to Koushinryou get fansubbed, it usually had misheard lyric before the single come out.

  7. bangin said,

    w: Okay, then let’s say ふまい! when eating a really nice food like Kaiba! lol

    Come to think of it, the certain English-speaking program told a simple pronounciation for beginners. Instead of saying “I’ll get off” on the bus, try to say 揚げ豆腐 so that the driver will understand. Does this count mondegreen?

    Neohybrid_kai: I am afraind to see スカイクロラでウーッウーッウマウマ. I hope there is not.
    You mean, the ending song in Higurashi, why or why not? How did they mishear?

  8. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Ok, this is the lyric, I only put the misheard part, the words inside the bracket are the original lyric

    Why or Why Not

    give me a reason why I loved who I left in dismay
    (give me a reason why not to adopt in this way)
    or judge me to be guilty of my incurable sin
    (or judge me to be guilty of so many incurable sin)
    tell me why or why not, *insert line here*
    (tell me why or why not, complaining way too much)
    maybe my happiness set sail waiting for me
    (maybe I overlooked something fatal for me)

    yes they really put *insert line here* text there back then because it seems that no one was able to catch the lyric since the pronunciation is hardly understandable ^^;; but imho its still not as amusing as the ending song of Spice and Wolf

    Ringo Biyori

    I look at the world through apple eyes
    and cut myself a slice of sunshine pie
    I danced with the peanuts for the flies
    (I danced with the peanuts butterflies)
    Till someone told me
    (Till time went and told me)
    To say hello for every goodbye
    (To say hello but wave goodbye)

    saw some sugar stars
    (thousand sugar stars)
    I’ll put them in a jar
    (oh put them in a jar)
    and we’ll wish around the world
    (and then whistle round the world)
    oh we’ll wish around the world
    (oh whistle round the world)
    I’m a little wolf inside a cart
    (I’m a little wolf inside a girl)

    you say,
    and off I go from June to May
    oh we’ll wish around the world
    (oh whistling round the world)
    let’s wish around the world
    (let’s whistle round the world)

    Of course when the single come out, the lyric were corrected but sometimes I still prefer the fan version because the lyric sounds better ^^;

  9. bangin said,

    we’ll wish around the world sounds beautiful more than the orginal.

  10. mochie said,

    I think soramimi is quite popular around the internet. There are english versions of them as well (seems to be very popular to use Bollywood songs for english lyrics). Some soramimi are rather funny (like in the o-zone one – sugoi niku wwww ) but there are a few that are rather boring too.

  11. bangin said,

    I think soramimi doesn’t sound funny unless the language is your mother tongue. Do English-speaking people make soramimi from Japanese whatsover?

    • zaphod said,

      Yes, us English people do soramimi too.

      Take a foreign song, and make up silly english subtitles.

      See Caramelldansen, What’s Up, People! or nearly any animutation.

      warudo (JP pronunciation of “world”)=wad of dough in Yatta! for example.

      • bangin said,

        Thank you for giving me an example, and I am so sorry that I haven’t replied until now. My computer’s broken.

  12. goodyfun said,

    My friend once told me a funny way to mishear the lyrics in the ウッーウッーウマウマ song, the lyrics that go “Dansa med oss Klappa era händer” but I forget what it was. Anyways, I find these sort of things much, much funnier when I know where the characters being parodied come from. But when I do I’m sent into a giggling fit!

  13. bangin said,

    I always look for my favorite characters’ Charamelldansen. Usually I can find it. The more character who doesn’t seem to dance, the funnier.

  14. rzncu said,

    so this is what soramimi is~ aw the tenipuri youtube video got deleted XD

  15. Julia said,

    Oh, wow. This is really informative! I go on Pixiv a lot and I see pictures tagged “ふつくしい”… Somehow I thought that was the real word and “うつくしい” was the mispronunciation… orz

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