September 8, 2008 at 2:20 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 This post contains some pornographic contexts. Viewers’ understanding is required.

 No, this is not a classification of 攻め[seme] since kanji is different. Actually means to blame or to accuse. Well in this case, I think it could mean to swear. I must say sorry if this post offends women, so as I have said this post really requires your understanding.

 If you happen to love ero-doujin, eroge or something like that, you would have seen poor girls tortured by brutal guys, no? If I have to give you some examples, I shall name Deserted Island[無人島物語], 遺作[isaku], 臭作[shusaku], Blackmailing[脅迫] or that kind of thing. In such anime, you can surely see girls tortured(or even raped) by some brutal guys. When those guys rape a girl, they would make her say embarrassing things though she doesn’t want to do so. Even though she refuses, she eventually has to say, otherwise they would humiliate her more. うーん、ひどい!So what does she have to say? Like below…

a. What do you want, eh? Say it! Or I won’t give it to you. [何が欲しいんだい?さあ言ってごらん。言わないとあげないぞ]

b. Uh…your… [あ、あなたの…]

a. Eh? Speak up! I can’t hear you! [ああ?もっと大声で言え、聞こえないぞ!] 

b. Your pxxxs…please… [あなたのxxxxxをください…]

a. Good. So what do you want me to do with it? [よしよし、じゃこれをどうすればいいんだ?]

b. Please give it to me… [それをください…]

a. How? How can I give this to you? [どうやってあげればいいんだ?]

b. I-Insert it… [い、入れてください…]

a. To where? [どこに?]

b. My… [わ、私の…]

a. Your what? Your WHAT?? [お前の何だ?何だ??]

b. My vxxxxa! Please! [私のxxxxに入れてください!]

 ああもう!恥ずかしくて書けない~!!In this way, such oral humiliation shall be called 言葉責め[kotobazeme]. Basically this kind of thing started from a porn novel or video, however, it got into porn anime or manga for some reason…Well, some men could feel orgasm when they humiliate or torture women, like saying such a brutal thing, この売女![You bitch!] or このメス豚が![You pig!] Please keep it in 2D! Don’t let this happen in 3D! Particulary, those girls willy-nilly follow it, start to feel, and reach to orgasm in the end. Moreover, they might want another helping…you can say おかわり[okawari]. Umm, unlike SM, there is no physical maltreatment so maybe it is still okay…いいのかな?

 Although I said this is not a genre of 攻め[seme], this is surely popular among BL fangirls. Naturally, 言葉責め comes up with 鬼畜攻め[kichiku-zeme]. In other words, 子安武If there are girls who like 言葉責め, does that mean such a masochistic sex is not even necessarily deniable? 

 But what if this happnens in BL? I shall upload an example. But don’t listen unless you are okay with BL.


 I don’t know about the seiyu who acts the top, but the bottom is acted by Jun Fukuyama[福山 潤]. You don’t have to listen all of it, but first one or two minutes are enough.

 Here’s some transcription.

a. もう10時だぞ。よほど念入りに体を洗っていたのか?[It’s already 10. Were you closely wash your body?] 

b. …

a. 聞かれたらすぐに答えるんだ。[Answer me shortly when I ask you.]

b. は、放して下さい…[L-Let go of me…]

a. どうした?震えているな。俺が怖いのか?あいつの前では挿入されて勃起するくせに。[What’s wrong? You are shaking. Are you scared of me? When he poked you, you got a hard-on, though.]

b. お願いです社長…手を放して下さい…[Please, Shachou(president)…leave your hands…]

a. 社長と呼ぶのは社内だけで結構。俺の名前をちゃんと呼んでみろ、千秋。言えなければその可愛い下にピアスを刺してやる。[You just address me shachou during working hour. Call my name, Chiaki. Otherwise, I will stick your penis with a pierced earring.]

b. 秀一…さん…[Shuichi-san…]

a. それでいい。俺は素直なお前が好きだ。[Good. You are so humble. I like it.]


  1. w said,

    Did somebody put you up to this? I was laughing the whole way through, LOL.

  2. bangin said,

    I was relieved that this didn’t offend you. ;^^

    I was wondering there should be a term for this, and finally I found it.

  3. Lucy said,

    Wowzers, I watched Boku no Pico the minute it came out… still regret it till this day 😀
    Funny enough though, to my knowledge, more male audience watch (and enjoy) this than female. Sort of like the Bridget phenomenon?

  4. bangin said,

    Haha, so you know this screenshot comes from My Pico. 😀 In this case, I might say おねだり[onedari] which mean to beg because Pico begs Mokkun to insert his pxxxs.

    I don’t know the truth, but even male otaku seem to watch this…? Because it’s too pretty?

  5. Neohybrid_kai said,

    LOL that example is so classic, yea, there’s always that kind of scene in ero anime. I’m not too fond with rape stuff but if its happen in a normal ero doujinshi/anime it makes a lot hotter XD
    One of the reason I love doujinshi is because its conversation in ero scene, it can be so weirdly funny.

  6. bangin said,

    The more embarrassing, the more moe there is. lol In other words, without such oral harrassment, you can’t make ero-doujin.

  7. Khursten said,

    I am enjoying hearing FukuJun’s voice break!! KYAAAAAA~~ >www<

  8. bangin said,

    I can’t believe this is the same voice as Lelouch!

    Fukujun is awesome! lol

  9. Fuuga said,

    omg same voice as lelouch!! *just died* i never knew…;;;;

    lol and yea i never understood men watching shota/bl flick’s. I heard alot of busniess men like that stuff;; dont know if its true..XD;

  10. bangin said,

    Shota is becoming hot among male otaku for some reason. But especially lolita-looking shota is preferable like Pico or Wolfram.

    I don’t know why, they got bored to see normal lolita? lol

  11. taki-desu said,

    ahh no whole translation?! xDDDD;

  12. bangin said,

    No whole translation, sorry! XD

  13. rzncu said,

    oh!!! so this is called 言葉責め! … I always thought of it as kotoba seme instead of kotobazeme orz

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