ヤシガニアニメ[yashigani anime]

August 10, 2008 at 9:21 am (otaku word)

 Nowadays, there are too many decent anime and anime studios such as Mad House, Key or Kyo-Ani, so that you won’t come across such a terrible anime. If you have been an anime fan for 20 years, you might be sure of what I am going to tell…There was a period when a lot of anime series amazingly came out because of the hit anime, Evangelion. At that time, anime truly became a pop-culture, and anime otaku gradually started to come out.

 In such a time, there was an amazingly notorious anime called Lost Universe which was aired from April 3rd to September 25th in 1998. Yes, it was in 1998, not so long time ago. But if you see this anime, you might mistake it to be far older one. Particulary, this anime was designated as a legendary horrible anime…ヤシガニアニメ[yashigani anime]. But why yahigani[palm crab]? The answer comes up with the 4th episode of this anime, ヤシガニ屠る![Kill a palm crab!] Lost Universe is based on its light novel by Hajime Kamisaka[神坂 一] who also created Slayers. Even the anime studio was the same as Slayers…Because of the dramatical growth of anime, most anime studios were lack of manpower and budget. So eventually, this brought about such a horrible anime…I can’t describe how pathetic the anime actually was, so I shall upload the video here, just check it out. Though the seiyu’s acting is not bad, but animation is…

 However, such a horrible anime came up later again. That is a film named Gundress in 1999. You might be suprised to hear that this film was released although it was incompleted. Because of this, almost all the tickets had to be reimbursed, and they issued completed videotapes for free. In 2002, there was Varanoir[学園都市ヴァラノワール] which the character designs were too horrible. So Lost Universe, Gundress, and Varanoir are summed up as the Three Great Yashigani Anime(ヤシガニアニメ3大作). So please look at the right girl carefully when they are eating okonomiyaki(ugh, looks like monjayaki!). She is moving very weird! WHAT!?↓

 It seemed that no more yashigani anime was coming up anymore, however, the record was smashed by Musashi Gundoh [MUSASHI GUN道]in 2006. This must be the best in all the yashigani anime because even the staff seemed to admit this anime was sucks. They even released such DVD to put those horrible scenes together. Besides, some of the certain lines got famous among anime fans like うおッ、まぶしッ![Wow, it’s bright!]. You can see why. ↓

 The quality of anime is getting better, but that’s why horrible anime stands out. In the anime, Yoake mae yori ruri iro na[夜明け前より瑠璃色な], there is a notorious scene called キャベツ事件[Cabbage Incident]. In the 3rd episode, there is a scnese where the two girls are cutting a cabbage. But the cabbage is…

 I know we shouldn’t blame anime studios because they are seriously lack of budget because TV sponsors shall take up almost 80% of it. However, at least I think they could have designed the cabbage much better. orz

 Let’s say これはひどい[kore wa hidoi, this is horrible] after you watch these video.


  1. w said,

    Madhouse is only quality when it’s マッドの本気.
    Have you watched stuff like Okusama wa Joshikousei?

    But you know some people say that they get the feeling the quality of animation has dipped a lot since they moved from cel to digital… well I think it’s just that it’s become so much easier to make anime that producers and such don’t mind cutting corners at all or something.

    You could have introduced 作画崩壊 in this entry too actually. Although that covers a wider range; for example people would use it for that episode of Macross F with the panties (the drawings were off model but it certainly wasn’t yashigani, it actually moved… quite a bit) And episodes where auteur animators take over and draw everything in their style. But don’t use this word lightly aroudn a 作オタ, they’ll flame you mercilessly.
    Another bad-animation related word I can think of is 三文字 when talking about episodes done by Koreans/Chinese, but it’s got somewhat racist undertones and I think it’s not all that applicable now as production moves to Thailand and Philippines…

    I love how Musashi -GunDOU- inspired the fans to show how they’re so much better though. Have you seen those spoof OPs and stuff on niconico/youtube? One of the funniest MADs I watched in the youtube-only days was that GunDOU MAD set to the Haruhi OP… Hare Hare Mabushit I think was the name of the video. And that Cowboy Bebop OP parody. Heh.

  2. bangin said,

    Okusama wa joshikousei? It seems to me that the anime is like Futari H. XDD
    Oh yes, I could have mentioned sakugahoukai. But I am going to introduce another houkai later. 🙂

    After the anime got famous as yashigani, they would correct again when they release DVD. As for Cabbage Incident, some of those video I found on youtube didn’t show the original cabbage, I mean, they purified the cabbage.

    Hare Hare Mabushit…okay, let’s say あれはいいものだ・・・, not kore wa hidoi. www

  3. ookamihaiku said,


  4. Lucy said,

    Lordy… That’s my animation project which I scored an “A” on in grade 8! 😀

  5. bangin said,

    ookamihaiku: これはひどいよね。いくらなんでもあんまりだと思う。

    Lucy: lol In many ways, you can score an A on this.

  6. ryoten said,


  7. bangin said,




  8. ハスダワラ said,


    一ヶ月前に、埼玉県に引越したばかりだけど、日本のアニメサーブカルーチャがよく分かんないのですっこし心配してました! banginさんのおかげさまで分かるようになります!

    この記事は懐かしいですよ!! 毎週に、メキシコのテレビチャネルからアメリカでアニメをよく見たんです。例えば、Magic Knight RayearthやSaint Seiyaや天空のエスカフローネや(やっぱり)Lost Universeを見ました。特に、Lost Universeはひどかった!!! メキシコの声優さえあまり良くではありませんでした!!!確かに、ヤシガニアニメですね。っw

    Thank you so much for writing this blog!

    I just moved to Saitama one month ago but was a little worried that I don’t understand Japan’s anime subculture very well. Thanks to you bangin-san, I can come to understand it!

    This article brought back many memories!!! Every week, I would watch Mexican TV in America and see shows like Magic Knight Rayearth, Saint Seiya, Vision of Escaflowne and (of course) Lost Universe! Especially, Lost Universe was terrible!!! Even the Mexican voice actors weren’t good at all! Certainly a yashigani anime. Haha.

    Keep up the good work and I apologize for my terrible Japanese in advance!

  9. bangin said,



    Oh that’s a shame, such a yashigani anime like Lost Universe was aired in America! I am afraid how American people feel about Japanese anime…

    Thank you for coming to this blog, and please feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

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  11. Fruit said,

    These clips were nowhere near bad. Check out the bad quality episodes in The Third (#13 and #23) if you want to see something *better*.

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    […] this link for more examples of […]

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