乙女の友情 [Maidens’ Friendship]

August 2, 2008 at 9:03 am (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 In the anime, さよなら絶望先生[Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei], there is a fujoshi schoolgirl who is absorbed in creating her doujin works. Her name is Harumi Fujiyoshi[藤吉晴美], and she is a big fan of Gundam series…What makes me laugh a lot is that she sometimes has a fight with her friends over the pairing they create…like below,

a. テメーのカップリングはキモいんだよ![Your pairing really makes me sick! It’s a crap!] 

b. アンタのよりマシよ![It should be better than yours!]

a. アンタとはやっていけないわ![I can’t work with you!]

b. こっちこそアンタなんかお断りよ![That’s my cue! Neither can I!]

 Sorry, I can’t stop laughing. However, this actually happens in the real life, especially among doujin girls including fujoshis. Whatever thier favorite is, fans have a strong bond since they love the same thing. You know, that is what 同人[doujin] fundamentally means…

 Having said that, we human beings would change our interests as time goes by. Now if you really really love Gundam oo, you might want to try Code Geass R2 someday. Once you watch R2, you wouldn’t be coming out of Geass world…In doujin circles, this action shall be called 転ぶ[korobu] or 転向[tenkou] which means to change your interest regardless of your will. And if you get hooked on it and forget what you loved before, it shall be called 帰って来ない[kaette konai] which means never coming back. Let’s see some examples,

a. 彼はエヴァンゲリオンのファンだったのに、最近コードギアスに転んだまま帰って来ない。[kare wa Evangelion no fan datta noni saikin Code Geass ni korondamama kaettekonai./Though he used to be a fan of Evagelion, he got hooked on Code Geass lately and hasn’t come back.]

b. あの子、サンゾロだったのにゾロサンに転んで帰って来ないの。[Ano ko, SanxZoro datta noni ZoroxSan ni koronde kaettekonaino./ She used to be in love with SanjixZoro, but she got hooked on ZoroxSanji and never gets back.]

 In case you don’t know ZoroxSanji nor SanjixZoro, I shall tell a bit. It’s the most famous pairing in One Piece, and the same time it’s the most cliquished pairing. If you have been to Comic Market in Japan, you might be aware of these two selling booths are apart. Because they would start fighting if they get close.

 You know, I had two otome friends who loved the same otome game. Whenever they met up, they started to talk about the game, and never-ending-character-song karaoke. Even challenged cosplay, and finally did 聖地巡礼 together. I was a bit envy of them because I don’t have such a friend

 However, things changed when one of the two got a boyfriend in 3D. They became estranged from each other because of this. Even though one who still dwelled on 2D tried to keep in touch with the other who got a happy life in 3D, they couldn’t have fun like before. Finally, they stopped being friends…

 To have a friend who has the same interst as yours is a good thing, but if just the interest could keep the friendship, it might be over when he/she changes the interest. That is a bit sad, you know…Otaku friends are very important because you can mutually have fun with your favorite otaku things, however, it would be better to have a friend whom you can have a heart-to-heart talk without otaku things. I for one, think so.



  1. Lucy said,

    Goodness, the Zoro/Sanji Sanji/Zoro bit is hilarious! 腐女子 would actually FIGHT over who’s seme/uke?

    I can definitely understand this aspect though… my friends and I fight over pairings all the time. I have friends who ship Cloud/Kadaj (FFVII) while I’m a firm believer of Zack/Cloud, for example. But, it’s quite fun to jab at eachother’s favorite characters and/or pairings and at the end of the day we all know it’s all jest and in good humour.

    Also, the 2D/3D thing! Again, totally experiences this… I have tried convincing my anime-watching friends time and time again to play video games but for some reason they just can’t get into it. Not that we’ve ended our friendship over that, but I could certainly see it happening.

    I really value my otaku buddies…. I’m kind of the “hidden otaku” you mentioned in your earlier posts and I think a lot of people are. I have a dear fuyoshi friend who transferred to a different school last summer and we miss eachother greatly.

  2. Sasa said,

    Ah, this is a nice post – I actually feel very similar about friends that I met through a hobby. When you don’t have this one thing in common anymore, the relationship eventually fades unless you both get interested in something else. It’s quite sad

    Also, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei becomes funnier and funnier with every episode! I think that’s quite amazing.

  3. Neohybrid_kai said,

    “Because they would start fighting if they get close.”
    Sorry but this part makes me laughing hard ^^;

    But imho being fujoshi or not, girls usually has stronger sense of relationship than boys. My sister is in college but sometimes she still meet with her friends in junior high school. I agree with your last line, but I think its because otaku has a tendency not too-care mush about non-otaku related problem, though not all of them are that. I guess its depend on the strengh of relationship too

  4. bangin said,

    Lucy: Yes, noramlly on the front page of doujinshi, there is a sticker which tells how the pairing works like this book is ZoroxSanji so that fans can recognise. If they wrongly buy it, they get furious and insult each other.

    I hope you guys can go on being friends. ^^

    Sasa: My first cosplay buddy is not a cosplayer anymore and gone to his hometown. But we still keep in touch for the time we can meet up again. Without cosplay things, we can have fun. Such is important for me.

    Neohybrid_kai: My three otaku friends are my ex-colleagues so we don’t see everyday. And we don’t have much common interests, but even that we sometimes meet up.

    After all, it depends on the strength of relationship, you’re right. ^^

  5. rzncu said,

    This first happened to me around… maybe 6 years ago. ==; wow so long ago… My friend got obsessed with DBSK back then, when I wasn’t into them as much, before we would talk about things like weiss kreuz or gackt or l’arc en ciel or visual-kei bands like dir en grey, but ever since she was hooked and didn’t get back, I didn’t follow her into the new world at that time, we became too distant. Then 4 to 5 years later, my other extremely close friend and I both got into hetalia, but we liked different pairing, and it happened that the pairing she liked was my 地雷, and the pairing I liked was her 地雷, we became distant too, even though we were best friends, I got sick of her trying to convert me into liking the pairing that she liked so we don’t talk as much nowadays anymore…

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