June 29, 2008 at 1:51 pm (general, otaku word)


 I don’t think I have to explain this, but actually I seriously feel this term could be a yearly famous word this year[年間流行語] The reason why I think so is that I have heard more than 10 non-otaku people around me saying this word in a conversation. It’s not so sure that I am going to see how it goes after Sky Crawlers releases. In this film, there are other keywords like ティーチャー[teacher], but why is just キルドレ[kirudore] going to get into the mainstream?

 キルドレ[kirudore] means children who stopped growing up at the puberty and have an (almost) eternal life. So in other words, they never get old. Yes, never get old…I know I might be wrong, but anyone wants to go on being young, doesn’t want to get old. If there is a reason why キルドレ is famous, the point should be here, I assume.  Director Mamoru Oshii[押井 守] wants to send his message to young people those who don’t have a purpose in their lives with this term he created. I am not an anime reviewer, nor good at writing that kind of thing, so I will leave it to you.

 What I want to say here is that anyone who has a purpose in life doesn’t get old? Or else, is there any other way around?  In real life, anyone gets old. This is true. But sometimes I see people who look so young for their ages. As far as I am aware, there are two types of people;

A. a person who has something keeps him/her going.

B. a person who has no responsibility.

 People who has no purpose in life do not realize their beings, so does that mean they don’t get old? This question reminds me of something I saw in Howl’s Moving Castle. A 19-year-old girl, Sophie gets transformed into an old woman because of the curse. The curse actually exposes his/her mental age, so she becomes such an old lady. She doesn’t really enjoy her life, in other words, such a boring life…

 At any rate as for type A, such people look lively, and their eyes are brilliant. I don’t know what exactly keeps them going, but they seem to enjoy their lives. So they don’t look old for their ages. As for type B, such people are free. It doesn’t mean they are NEET, but nothing seems to bind themselves. They have no spouse to rear, nor such an obligate work(though they are working). They don’t carry a heavy burden, so that’s why they look young.

 Me? I am definitely type B. I am just an otomen cosplayer, you know. I like to spend my time and money for my own, and have no responsibility. I have never thought of having a family(甲斐性無し!こんな男になっちゃダメですよ). What I am thinking about now is which character I shall cosplay next. However, before I became a cosplayer, I was much fatter and fed up with a stressful job. In such a time, one colleague said to me, “You look old for your age (at that time, I was 24).” I changed my life at a time, I mean, changed a job, moved out, and found a new hobby, cosplay. Since I became a cosplayer, some people say I am a student(!). I know I am too old to cosplay a 14-year-old Nagisa KaworuCome to think of it, I even changed my friends. It’s not on purpose, I didn’t realise it. What I am doing get me new people, new friends. Those new cosplay friends of mine are all like me. No responsibility… 

I know I shouldn’t say about キルドレ before the film releases. But in many ways, I feel キルドレ is going to be such a famous word. For general people, キルドレ just means to go on being young, I suppose so.

BTW, you want to be a キルドレ in that way? 



  1. tsun13 said,

    I guess it’s much more like “You cant stop growing old, but you can stop to be old” as in you cant stop time to make yourself grow older, but you have a choice to stay young.so, 私もキルドレ成りたいです! XD

    and also, I might not know you well to say this, but me thinks you are not that useless as you think to be, like being able to cosplay well, able to write good English and teach interesting Japanese words, explaining the meaning behind them at the same time…probably the list just goes on and on, so yea, do have more faith in yourself yo! ^_^

  2. w said,

    My mind is like kirudore but in all the wrong ways… actually a lot of people mistake me for someone older both online and offline (the latter especially because since I was 14 I have been mistaken for a university student ~_~ right now I probably look 27 or something) But it’s definitely been degenerating into a childlike state (I suppose the fact that I can say this means I still can hope for salvation)

    I think I used to be type A right up until 2006. Then from last year onwards I became a complete type B. Like that Gag Manga Biyori OP says it… my eyes are dead! I’m on the brilliant road towards becoming a ダメ人間, lol. Maybe someday I’ll go back to being type A (or a mix, I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive actually). But the fact that I simply wish/imagine that and don’t do anything about it means I am aspiring to be a NEE… I mean a Person of Independent Means after all. :v

    And who the hell wants family. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. No need to bring in more kids into this overpopulated earth and potentially bring them up all wrong (I know if you pushed a kid into my arms they’d come out evil, lol)

    What I’m curious about is how kirudore came about, in other words what’s its etymology. Is it entirely made up or some sort of bastardization (?) of “children” -> “kildren” -> “kirudore”?? I don’t quite see it yet.

  3. bobofet said,

    hmm is kirudore a english loan word? i trhough it woudl be written in hiragana…

    i dont know japanese that much still trying ti figure out where to use katakan vs hiragana 🙂

  4. Teko-chi said,

    I’m never growing up. -.-
    I’m staying 15 forever.
    I’ll only be a stupid fujoshi who likes drawing manga…
    x3 But I will get a job. In California, the age to start work is 18.

  5. bangin said,

    tsun13: This blog, your comments keep me going. Since people are reading my blog, I can keep writing. 🙂
    I want to stay young…心が若くなければ、エヴァは動かないわ。XDD

    w: It’s alright. You are younger than I, so you can start over again and again. There’s a lot of time! I am sure you won’t be like me! I am already…too late. orz

    I haven’t been able to find out how Director Oshii made this word, kirudore. I yet to investigate more. Maybe dore stems from chilDREn…

    bobofet: If dore stems from children, it would be sort of a loan word. But not 100%. So it doesn’t even have to be written in hiragana.

    Teko-chi: You know anyone can stay 17 forever in Akihabara? XDD

  6. ChapterZero said,

    Man, I’m glad you blogged about this. It’s like one of the major problems in my life. I need to enjoy my life more! I wish I have that curse in Howl’s Moving Castle on me, so I can see my mental age, haha.

  7. bangin said,

    So long as you wish to be young, you will be without the curse. To wish is the fundamental power. 🙂

    This is my personal message for you. I will cosplay the character you really adore soon, haha.

  8. Fritzs said,

    I feel 90… I feel that way since I my first memories, but well, I’ve got used to it…

  9. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I think this is a common thing among every otaku, and mainstream people tend to relate anything that is fun = not serious, and not serious = immature. The A and B type are actually has a totally different vibe but in the eyes of common people they’re all looks the same.

    As for me, I think I’m mentally a high schooler XDD. Maybe because in my HS days I have lots of friend and we’re totally having blast (kinda like School Rumble) but now we’re all scattered and never get in contact again. (FYI by the end of this month I’ll celebrate my 24th bday)

    w: no offense but the thing you said about not wanting family I think showing the actual kirudore side. I’m saying this because some (but not all) of my female friends that’s quite eccentric or having their own ideology when they married (or thinking about that) they become more grounded (uh, I can’t explain it well but I recall reading something like this in iwanihana). But maybe this only happen in my country or area that I live. I sometimes called that de-haruhiizing, haha.

  10. Wabi Sabi said,

    Re the above comment – for the record, I don’t recall myself saying anything along those lines at Iwa ni Hana.

    But Kirudore is an interesting word indeed. I must make a point of discussing it at some point.

  11. bangin said,

    Fritzs: You mean you feel you are 90? Then you should get back the real you.

    Neohybrid_kai: 24 is good. Happy birthday though I don’t know your birthday exactly.
    Since your classmates and you were in the same setting, school, you guys were nice friends. But once you leave there, each of you go separate ways. And we start a new life, meet new people, and leave old stuff. That’s what life is all about.

    But if kirudore really means people who are mentally 14 or so…they are not able to find new things? Rather, they don’t need to do it in the first place. Because they are permanently children.

    Wabi Sabi:You are definitely type A, I’m sure. Though I don’t know how you look now.

  12. C.I. said,

    I’m want to be a type B. T_T

    Also, good subject to touch on. But in my eyes, your mindset defines you, no matter what the age.

  13. bangin said,

    I know I should be type A, but actually no. Because I am such a hetare.^^

  14. Fritzs said,

    bangin: Sometimes I feel everything was better in 90’s… even cartoons… thats probably the reason why I feel old…

  15. bangin said,

    I see, sometimes so do I.

  16. Arikoto said,

    I’m type B for sure.
    I’m not trying to say that I look young, I mean I think and act like an immature kid.
    I have no responsibility and no purpose in life. I never want to get married.
    All I can think of is ME ME ME…

  17. kloadheart said,

    i might be an A and B….
    i strive to help as many people as possible but at the same time… I don’t want to…
    i’m a hard person to distinguish x]
    its like how im always drawing; evryone thinks i love drawing but i hate it :]
    problem is: i just can’t seem to stop. my hands need to do something….

    so, i’m probably going to hav a messed up future hmm…? :]

  18. Charana said,

    I was more of a B type, but now I am striving to be more of the A type … even if I am a hetare myself 🙂

    • bangin said,

      If I have to mention what keeps me going…it should be cosplay!

      • Charana said,

        *big grin* love that your working your passion and your happy with it

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