June 15, 2008 at 3:26 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)


 I am not too sure if this can be moe for anime fans, but this is absolutely a genre of moe for otaku. If you really like any ranger-style bishoujo anime such as Magic Knight Rayearth, Yes! Puricure, or Sailor Moon, this could break the barrier between the fantasy and the real world. To get to the point, 戦隊[sentai] means a ranger, and 特撮[tokusatsu] means special effects. Both are fundamentally for a kids’ thing, and this kind of program is mostly aired in the early morning. If you follow any Masked Rider series[仮面ライダー], you must wake up before (at least) 8 o’clock on Sunday! ^^

 Unlike サムライガール[samurai girl], any bishoujos should dress up as a ranger-style fighter in this genre. Because of this, Sayo in BLOOD+ or Shana in Shakugan no Shana don’t count. And the costume could be so skimpy that it turns men on. I might say 美少女戦士[bishoujo senshi, cutie fighter] to bestow a better ring to this kind of girl.

 At any rate, tokusatsu programs[特撮番組] where ranger-style heros or heroines fight against monsters, have been popular for kids no matter how many years pass. In fact, when I was a kid, I used to be a big fan of 特捜!エクシードラフト[Tokusou! Exceedraft, from 1992 to 1993] which follows the three policemen who pursue criminals although I didn’t watch any Ultraman series. I am grown-up, so I don’t watch this kind of program anymore…But I didn’t think about this way, I mean, this is to be surely fetishism when dressed bishoujos(not 2D, but 3D) are heroines.

 I don’t mean to be rude, but I must say those people who love this genre are really enthusiasts. And some of tokusatsu heroines are even little girls[つるぺったん]. OMG, this is hilarious. This is really legal? Is it okay?? Of course, as you can imagine, this is linked to a porn industry. Not everything is porn, but you can even buy porn video where real sentai bishoujos show. Er…I still remember such anime though I forgot the title. Oops, there’s one more term I have to mention, but I will talk about this next because it relates to doujin.

 Actually, those fans who really love tokusatsu are not only male otakus but fujoshis. It’s normal that girls yearn to be like Sailor Moon, but this is not what I mean. Ask tokusatsu fans about the heroes in the series. They are all bishounens! So what does this imply? Yes, it lures fujoshis so that they create doujin comics with 3D bishounen. This is called ナマモノ[namamono]. Of course, any heroes in tokusatsu should be handsome. If you look back to the past Masked Rider series, you can confirm all the heroes are handsome. But as far as I am aware, things changed after Masked Rider Kuuga[仮面ライダークウガ] in 2000. There has been a lot of bishounen heroes who seem to be able to get fujoshis at once since this series, I assume?

 An irrelevant note, I have two friends who love Masked Rider series. They recommended Masked Rider Den-O[仮面ライダー電凹] in 2007, so I watched a bit. But I stopped watching it soon because the storyline is too complicated. Can kids really understand this? I think it is almost for adults. Then I tried Masked Rider 555[仮面ライダーφ] in 2003. I can understand this, but the story is too dark like a soap opera. This is something mothers love…Maybe this divides into two parts; before the heroes transform, it is for mothers(or fujoshis), and after that, it shall be for kids, no?

 Oh, never mind.

* He is the lead, Kano Hayato[叶 隼人] in Exceedraft. Oh no, I used to be a big fan of him. I wonder how he is doing now.




  1. 0ne said,

    I love tokusatsu. Although i don’t like the Heisei era Kamen Rider, they got a lot of cute idols acting in it.

  2. khim said,

    Goggle V and Uchuu Keiji seires were very popular in my country when i was in elementary school.

    Garo has quite nice storyline, hong-kong movie style action and also unchildish, the only tokusatsu that aired midnight i think.

    So far I like Gekisou Sentai Caranger most for its stupid storyline.

  3. bangin said,

    One: Kuuga is the first Heisei era Kamen Rider. Did you ever know Heisei Rider series are very popular among even cosplayers in Japan?

    khim: I think I like Rescue ranger things like Exceedraft or ソルブレイン. Evil should be people, not monsters. Never mind, that’s my taste! ^^

  4. maaku_sutipen said,

    maybe you have striked a good chord on your opinion on some of the recent sentai/tokusatsu shows being so dark and soap opera like. I guess they want to appeal to both the children as well as the moms that accompany the kids that are watching these kinds of shows.

    One tokusatsu show from the 80’s got remade in the Philippines. I do not know the original Japanese name of the show but It was 1/3 of the intergalactic policeman tokusatsu series. Well, producers here did not follow that these kinds of shows are primarily targeted for children so they hammed it up to the highest degree. There is a love story of drama proportions, secret identies, amnesia family conflicts, double identities and all the typical obaasan dorama stuff and what was once a lone tokusatsu hiro became a sentai group. Its really bizarre for me because I really liked the original that I grew up with. However, the grown ups and my grandparents really liked the remade version with all the Filipino soap drama.

  5. khim said,

    Exceedraft was not that popular in indonesia, but Winspector from same genre was quite popular during my junior high time

    I understand sometime monster like in ultraman series just a life being that coincidentally live near human village/city, and they should not be killed as they are very rare animal like only one of , greenpeace should protest ultraman for that ^^)

    but not having a mastermind as last boss in tokusatsu series, made me like missing something

  6. bangin said,

    maaku_sutipen: Before, hero shows used to take place at the amusement park, and kids can shake hands with the transformed heroes. But it has changed, moms die to see the actors, not transformed heroes! So nowadays, receptions take place at the forum so moms and fangirls can meet them.

    I guess what you mentioned could be 宇宙刑事ギャバン[uchu keiji Gyaban], maybe?

    Not I don’t like soap operas, but I wonder if it’s okay for heroes to get into such a dark storyline…

    khim: Yeah! Winspector was aired before Exceedraft. I really liked it, too.

    And I liked the way the story concluded at that time(though it seemed to be cliched), I mean, since Heisei Rider series always end in a weird way, it doesn’t clear anything.

  7. maaku_sutipen said,

    thanks for the info bangin-san. I looked at Japanese wikipedia for a detailed description and what you mentioned was it. It was the third installment. シャイダ-

  8. bangin said,

    シャイダー! How nostalgic it is! www
    I think I prefer Search and Rescue rangers.

  9. khim said,

    first 2 series: gavan n sharivan were very popular in indonesia
    too bad shaider was not aired in indonesia

  10. bangin said,

    That’s really too bad!

  11. Neohybrid_kai said,

    I’m not a big fans of tokusatsu but here we have lots of hardcore tokusatsu fans (to Khim: I’m in Jogja ^^), some of them even cosplaying by making hand-made armor and stuff
    But I recall back then in my grade school I watched tokusatsu my fave were Kamen Rider Black and Rx ^^

  12. bangin said,

    Oh yeah, I have seen such cosplayers here.^^ It must be a hard work.
    I never imagined tokusatsu is that popular out there. ^^

  13. Fernado Barbosa Pereira said,

    Tokusatsu from Brazil First Short Part of Justice Kamen

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