[Intermission] My fifth cosplay

June 3, 2008 at 4:21 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 Since I learned buying costumes by auction, I have started to get more costumes. Thanks to this, I can buy a lot of costumes at the reasonable price, and because of this, I can’t stop cosplaying!! More and more characters I want to cosplay come up. Come to think of it, how come I had not tried auction? Because I was afraid of those bad auctioneers. However, I didn’t have to be worried about this since we can choose those reliable ones.

 When I was thinking about the next character I cosplay, I got a wonderful present from my friend…and this is it.


 This is Japanese traditional school unifrom, 学ラン[gakuran] which is a collared button-down jacket. When I was a junior high-school student, I used to wear this, but since then, I had never wore it (In my high-school, the uniform was a blazer). And now it has come to me again?? He bought this gakuran for cosplaying, but this is unfortunately too tight for him, so that’s why he kindly sent it over as a gift. Oh no, what shall I do? Now that I got such a wonderful present, I should use it, shouldn’t I? So I started to think of any characters who wear a gakuran…

 However, I couldn’t come up with a lot. Shibuya Yuuri in Kyou kara maou wears a gakuran all the time, but I am not a shota-looking so it doesn’t suit me at all. Umm…who else? Maybe I should find other characters who occasionally wear a gakuran, I mean, not all the time…So I decided to cosplay him.


 He is Rukawa Kaede[流川 楓] in Slam Dunk. If you haven’t watched this anime, maybe you might be sure that this is a basketball anime. In my school days, this anime was really popular as well as Dragon Ball and Yu-Yu-Hakusho. I have never been a sport guy in all my life(of course not, I am such an indoor otaku!), but in fact, I used to yearn to be a sport guy. Rukawa is actually a man of few words. Oh no, I didn’t realize, but he is a tsundere! A male tsundere because he doesn’t speak at all and very cool. But I wonder if he shows his dere-side…Anyway, at this Shouhoku High-School[湘北高校], the school uniform is a gakuran, so I can make the most of it. ^^


 Meanwhile, I was strongly recommended the anime which most JUMP fangirls love…yes, that is Gintama[銀魂]. Actually this anime is so popular among not only manga fans but cosplayers and fujoshis. I have seen a lot of Gintama cosplayers at the events. Because I wanted to challenge more characters, I started to read the manga. This is hilarious, and makes me laugh so much. Anyway, I decided to cosplay these two guys.


 The left guy is Okita Sougo[沖田総悟] and the right guy is Hijikata Toshirou[土方十四郎]. Both are the members of the police, Shinsengumi[真撰組]. Hijikata is the lieutenant, and Okita secretly tries to take his place. Yes, he is a 腹黒. Hijikata is so manly that he is pretty far from the real me. Maybe Okita might be easier than him, but my cosplay buddy told me that his sharp eyes look like mine a bit so I would look nicer as Hijikata. I don’t know…

 If you go to COSPA, you can buy not only Shinsengumi’s outfit but Gintoki’s costume. But the price is over 10,000 yen(about 110$). I think you could get it around 5,000(50$) yen or so.

 As usual, I shall upload some photos here. Read the rest of this entry »


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