The classification for 攻め[seme] and 受け[uke] Ⅱ

May 11, 2008 at 2:32 pm (BL, doujin(同人), otaku word)

 I have introduced various xx萌え[-moe] and xxデレ[-dere] so far. Like otakus love to come up with crazynew terms, fujoshis(BL fangirls) are also creating brand-new terms. I already explained some classification for top[seme] and bottom[uke] in my previous post, but darn it, I’ve got to list them out in order to update. While I was not aware, they created some new types.

a. 女王様受け[jo’ousama-uke]: This type of uke should be very beautiful and strong. Sometimes even commanding. Unlike オレ様受け, he has to be elegant, not so rude. I think Wolfram in Kyou kara maou counts.

b. ノンケ攻め[nonke-zeme]: ノンケ[nonke] means straight orientation. This type of seme is straight in the beginning. But he would be tempted by uke as the story goes on, and eventually become gay. Come to think of it, in ぼくのぴこ[My Pico] the protagonist salaryman gets into Piko, not knowing he is actually a boy.

c. 姫受け[hime-uke]: [hime] means a princess. This type of uke is surrounded by several semes(more than two tops). I can’t think of a better example. Maybe Shibuya Yuuri? He can be paired up with Gunter or Conlad…but he ends up being uke.

d. 平凡受け[heibon-uke]: 平凡[heibon] means ordinary or common. So this type of uke has nothing special.

e. 無邪気攻め[mujaki-zeme]: 無邪気[mujaki] means innocent and pure. If such an innocent uke-looking boy is seme, he would be. Shimizu Keiichi in Kin’iro no Corda could be.

f. 健気攻め[kenage-zeme]: 健気[kenage] means tough-minded. This type of seme is amazingly tough-minded so that you might be touched. No matter how cold the seme is, the uke follows him. Similar to ワンコ攻め[wanko-zeme].

g. ホモ百合[homoyuri]: In となりの801ちゃん[My neighbor Yaoi-chan] which follows fujoshis’ culture, this is mentioned. Literally it means gay-and-lesbian. This pairing consists of two ukes, in other words, both of the two are bottoms.  Mostly they nestle and flirt with each other like lesbian. I was wondering why they made this. The answer is in the film…below is a part of the conversation;

A: あたし、誘い受け襲い受けのせいで、世の中の80%の男が受けに見えてしょうがないの![In fact, about 80% of all the men seem to be uke because of sasoi-uke or osoi-uke.]

B: 大丈夫、ホモ百合を使うのよ。 [Don’t worry. Use homoyuri, so you can make a pairing without seme.]

h. サンド[sando]: A bottom for two tops.

 Below is all about genres of BL.

i. ML: Stands for Men’s Love. Technically, BL caters to minors. If a pairing consists of two adults, it should be ML. Well, I don’t think all the fujoshis care about this, though.

j. ロボやおい[robo yaoi]: If either of the two is a robot, it should be this. Whichever the robot becomes, it should have a heart. I mean, it can talk, laugh, cry, angry, whatever like a human being. The only one mistery is how they do it. Well, maybe やおい穴 can clear everything. Speaking of ロボやおい, I can definitely think of Fullmetal Archemist

k. 匂い系[nioi-kei]: 匂い[nioi] means smell. Yes, it smells like BL. Even though the story is not BL, it has a scent of BL…For example, Water Boys, Ouran High-School Host Club, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Prince of Tennis or something like that.

l. 健全[kenzen]: It means sound. In short, there’s no sex scene. In other words, you can say NL[Normal Love].

m. 微裏[biura]: I guess this could be an abbreviation of 微妙に裏[bimyou ni ura]. In short, it’s slightly porno. But not too much. At best, it should be only kissing. Not more than that.

 That’s all I can think of now. I think there will be more in the future because fujoshis’ delusion never ends.


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  2. The Sojourner said,

    Man I know this is so wrong to say but…. いい勉強になりました!!!!!


  3. Neohybrid_kai said,

    LOL both the fujoshi’s and otaku’s lingo never fail to impress me
    I’m not into yaoi actually, I like bishie because I love everything that is aesthetic and stylish but I still prefer straight romance (I’m not into yuri for this same reason too)
    However I find the concept of seme and uke is interesting, it has the same ring with tsundere-moe imho ^^

    that, or maybe I’m have a bit of M side.. orz

    btw 801 can be read as yaoi? is this just happen in that title or is it a slang too?

  4. bangin said,

    The Sojourner: I am glad to hear you say that. 🙂 I don’t know if you are a fujoshi, but hope this could help you. lol

    Neohybrid_kai: In the future, there will be part 3. lol
    Yes, 801 is another reading as yaoi. Each fisrt sound put together. 8(yattsu) 0 (‘o’ sound) 1 (ichi).

  5. jaredinnakano said,

    i agree with sojourner. i learn so much reading bangin sensei’s blog, and am impressed that he, too, continues to learn and teach. keep it up! i love it.

  6. Khursten said,

    Yay! New terms for study!!

    I find this list very interesting since most are really new to me. :3 I’m surprised that there’s 平凡受け. I’ve never seen that type before or maybe I didn’t notice him because he was so normal. -_- ホモ百合 is quite interesting too. I find the conversation funny because yeah, sometimes, a lot of pairings characteristics overlap and you’re quite at a loss how to define them. I think thought that once you hit the ホモ百合 stage, you’ve lost your creativity as a fujoshi because having such a relationship can be quite boring. Except for some. But generally, a lovey-dovey pair doujinshi would be at the end of my list.

    ノンケ攻め&受け is quite interesting to me. I have gay friends who actually ‘treasure’ converting straight men to gay. They like these guys more because they are a challenge to get and to win over.

    ロボヤオイ. Must have stemmed from Gundam 00. lol. But I’ve read android stories wherein an uke owns an android servant. And at first uke thought that android is merely doing his duty. Later on, when android broke down after protecting his uke from an accident, they opened his memory chip and it contains nothing but “Uke’s name, 大好き” I think I cried reading that one. lol.

    As for 匂い系, lol, I think every series is 匂い系. lolol.

    Thanks for the list bangin! Ah~~ so much learnings today. :3

  7. bangin said,

    じゃれどさん: You live in Nakano? If yes, you are sure of Nakano Broadway, aren’t you?

    Khursten: I don’t think homoyuri is acceptable. Two guys are flirting each other like girls, aren’t they? This is away from the majority, I think.

    Meanwhile, ノンケ攻め is quite popular. The harder he is to get, the more a fujoshi wants to pursue. If both are gay from the beginning, it might be boring nowadays.

    Do you know 丸出ダメ夫? This is far away from bishounen anime, but this could be the primitive example on robo-yaoi.

    Yeah, anything is 匂い系. lol

    Ah, this is a private message for you, but my next cosplay is going to be Okita Sougo and Hijikata in Gintama, and Rukawa Kaede in Slam Dunk.

  8. Khursten said,

    Ah, this is a private message for you, but my next cosplay is going to be Okita Sougo and Hijikata in Gintama, and Rukawa Kaede in Slam Dunk.

    ILU Bangin-san! This totally got me excited! Especially now with how Hijikata and Okita were in the recent episodes of Gintama! Kyaaa~~ XDD Post your pictures and I’m going to oggle you!!! XD I really love those two! (If you have the heart to have a perm, why not go for Gin-san? Maybe Katsura-san? Etou… Kondou might be too much for you. You know, I think based on your profile, you’d make a great Takasugi!! Sorry… I just really love Gintama. lol. And it’s not entirely because of the BL. ^_~ Ah~ Bangin-san, you fill this happy fangirl’s heart with joy! 🙂

    When you cosplay Rukawa, I’m gonna get a bunch of girls and let them say “L-O-V-E RU-KA-WA!”

  9. bangin said,

    I got Shinsengumi’s uniform and Shouhoku Basketball uniform at Yahoo! Auction. That was a good deal.

    I don’t think Gin-san doesn’t suit me, especially his hairstyle. Katsura, neither. Only a very androgynous bishounen can cosplay him…

    Takasugi? A glass guy? Maybe that’s good. 🙂

    I have a gakuran, so I will cosplay Okita in 3年Z組銀八先生. lol

  10. w said,

    “my next cosplay is going to be Okita Sougo and Hijikata in Gintama”

    So I don’t even watch Gintama but I’m going to stick out my neck here and demand you post pictures when you’re done with it :p

    Somehow though I think your face fits the bishie characters of the 80s/early 90s though – my impression is that their character designs looked more like guys with your kind of face, whereas nowadays I think the faces are a little wider and there’s a lot of male designs that look pretty because they look feminine, not otherwise. I mean there’s characters like Count D from Pet Shop of Horrors, sure, but it’s different! I dunno why.

    But sometimes I still think “…Koyasu Alternative?” when I stumble upon a picture of you on other blogs ┐(´~`)┌ I can’t shake that image off.

  11. bangin said,

    Really? Well I know I am far away those recent bishounen looking since I was born in 1981. Maybe it meets 80’s or early 90’s.

    If Koyasu got otomenized, he would be like me. XDD

    The cosplayer who did Haruhi before told me Hijikata looks like me more than Okita. Maybe it’s because my eyes.

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  13. jaredinnakano said,

    This post rocks! I am inspired to read more anime 😉

  14. Khursten said,


    Yeah you know W-san was right in saying that you do resemble Koyasu Takehito a bit. That was my first impression too in seeing you.

    Takasugi’s not the glasses guy. He’s the bandaged guy. Here’s a picture! . If you do find it nice to cosplay him, I’ll have extra lulz because… he’s voiced by Koyasu Takehito. XDD

    I must agree with your friend that you’re closer to Hijikata than Okita. Although if you do wear red contact lenses, lol, you’d prolly look Okita in Oni-mode. XD

    P.S. Okita Sougo always wears this eye cover when he sleeps. Is that easily available in Cospa?

  15. bangin said,

    Oops, that was Shimura I meant, not Takasugi. XD
    Is he voiced by Koyasu?

    I have red contact lenses, so I will do Okita’s oni-mode, too. I haven’t seen his eye cover sold in Cospa so far, but I even got it at Yahoo Auction. I think it will reach to my place tonight.

    I had never heard someone saying I look like Koyasu until w said so. The cerebrities someone said I look like are Yabe Hiroyuki(99) and Oikawa Mitsuhiro.

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