May 8, 2008 at 3:14 pm (doujin(同人), otaku word)

 This post contains some pornographic contexts. Viewers’ understanding is required.


 A while ago when I shopped around Akihabara with my friend who came to Tokyo for business, we happened to enter the certain shop where real little girls DVD or photos were sold. Apparently, those little girls are lolita-looking, no no, they are truly Lolita, from 5 years old to 14 or so. Five?? Five years old?? Give me a break, man. It’s not legal!

 Those immature idols shall be called as U-15アイドル[idol] or ジュニアアイドル[junior idol]. U-15 stands for Under 15 years old. The shop got decorated with U-15 idols goods all over…ぞ~…To my surprise, on weekends some of them show up at the shop by turns. Don’t worry, they are actully just an idol, not a porn actress. Though the cover of those DVD look like a porn video, they show up in clothes, if failing that, a swimming suit. In Japan, it’s illegal to have a physical relationship with anyone under 14 even if matually agreed. Having said that, I really wonder if the parents are absolutely sure about this…Of course they make goods with a permission from the parents, but well, those girls shall be a thing lolita complex fans turn on. 果たして本当にそれでいいのだろうか…  

 At any rate, I quickly learned some classification for this kind of thing…yes, that is つるぺったん[tsurupettan]. I think this is meant to be つるつるぺたぺた[tsuru tsuru peta peta] which means slippery and flat. What is slippery and flat? The answer is, yes, an immature girl’s skin and breasts. D-Don’t say hentai!! You could also say つるぺた[tsurupeta]. Also, つるつる means not only her skin but also her hairless vagina. D-D-Don’t say hentai!! There’s no accounting for tastes, I mean, some people love a big breast, and others love a flat one[貧乳, hin-nyu]. Having said that, all the lolita-looking girls don’t even necessarily have a flat breast. Somtimes you could see a little girl with a big breast. In that case, we can say 巨乳ロリ[kyonyu loli] or 爆乳ロリ[bakunyu loli]. 爆乳 is bigger than 巨乳, you know. I shouldn’t forget to mention another way to write ロリ…it’s 炉利[loli]. This is 2ch use. Anyway, I don’t dislike bakunyu, but prefer a so-so breast.   

  In doujin circles, つるぺったん has been in the mainstream. ぷに[puni] is more common to say this. ぷに might imply resilience of a girl’s skin. I feel nothing about this, however, if I could give you a better example, maybe it would be Lucky Star. All the girls in Lucky Star are so diminutive, but come to think of it, this seems to happen to any other anime series. I mean, when someone makes video and uploads in Nico Nico, the characters might be such a つるぺったん. I still remember it happened to Code Geass.

 Then again, I am not a lolita fan. 


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  3. 0ne said,

    Interesting article 🙂

  4. bangin said,

    In Singapore, is there any U-15 idols?

  5. Fritzs said,

    Oh crap, I just realised there used to be U-13 idol (if I understand what idol is) in Slovak republic… here’s some video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqoLK71DGtM …but maybe I didn’t get whole concept behind “idol”…

  6. Neohybrid_kai said,

    lolol yes, I don’t dislike bakunyu, but prefer a so-so breast too xD

    Hm.. I think I’m a lolita fans too, but that was when I’m just into pure romance like Sispri or Sugar. That’s why when I “jump” into ero stuff and found loli doujin and eroge I when wha? 0_o;; but people taste is different, I mean, not every guys into tsundere moe either ^^

    btw what is the meaning of each kanji in 炉利?

  7. Ruki said,

    Idols… just idols, not porn stars…

    Seriously, what are they thinking <_<;;

  8. bangin said,

    Fritz: Nice dancers. I can count this main girl as ジュニアアイドル. Idols shall sing, dance, strike a pose in front of cameras, or act…whatever. Generally they are up to…24 or so. Needless to say, they have to be cute or handsome. Whereas actors could be not as much as idols.

    Neohybrid_kai: I like Misamisa, but I feel nothing about Kokoro-chan or Kyon’s younger sister…maybe my taste is from 15 years old even if she happen to be lolita-looking. 😀

    炉 stands for stove, and 利 does advantage. This is just because 炉利 comes out first when you type ろり and transform. So it could be 炉理 or 炉李 as well.

    Ruki: Umm, I wonder how long this could last…

  9. Windbell said,

    シンガポールでU-15のアイドルがない。もしいるから, 社会の不満が開始さだと思いっています。

  10. bangin said,


  11. joe said,

    hm.. for different people its different, im sure. i tend toward liking to look at junior idols or u-15 idols because i want to have one as a pet – not necessarily want to do “it” with her.

    to me, its probably the most interesting “grey area” in japan right now. japan has a few things which the rest of the world thinks “unacceptable”, but they keep it anyway. a good reason to love japan more. when things like that disappear because the country is bowing to pressure of “global” culture (and acceptance), japan will not be as appealing a place or culture. (it happened already with some authors manga that was loli + guro or something, i think?).. long live japan.

  12. bangin said,

    So crossdressing is also Japan’s culture?? I don’t think this is acceptable outside Japan.

  13. joe said,

    hm… if its acceptable there, then yah, that would make it a part of the culture too. i didnt know it was normal to do that in japan? ^^;

  14. bangin said,

    No, it’s not normal at all here, actually. But for some reason it has become like this. lol

  15. whatthef said,

    Child Pornography is disgusting, so are the people who look at it.

  16. bangin said,

    So controvertial…

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