[Intermission] キュアメイドにシ徒、襲来 (A Raid upon Cure Maid-Cafe by the Last Servant)

April 27, 2008 at 5:11 pm (cosplay(コスプレ), doujin(同人), general, otaku word)

 If you happen to be in Tokyo, and a big fan of Evangelion, you would be sure that Cure Maid-Cafe is supposed to feature Evangelion themed service. Actually this is not their first time doing this, but this year must be more than last year since the Evangelion movie DVD has just released. I have been to this maid-cafe a long time ago, but there was nothing special but humble maids. So I hadn’t been here since then…

 Meanwhile, I was looking for a new character I cosplay next time a while ago, and I decided to do Nagisa Kaworu for some reason. I am an オトメン, not ガチホモAnyway, just after I got the hairdresser’s to cut my wig, I got an e-mail from the certain writer. She was going to interview Cure Maid-Cafe, so asked me to go in cosplaying Kaworu. Well, I hadn’t tried my Kaworu’s costume out, so I had no idea how it went…But yes, I was on it.


 The left blue drink is Rei, and the right orange one is Asuka.

 Oh no, you will get a monster tongue…like below.

 After the main dish, the nice cake came.

 Ugh, this is Shinji‘s cake[逃げちゃダメだ!(I must not escape!)]. I seriously wanted Asuka’s. At any rate, because of this special event, there was a long queue. We two had to wait for more than 30 minutes. Even that, it seemed to be still fast according to her. I like this cake, おいしい!

 Now that I cosplayed Kaworu, she kindly took photos of my cosplay. We moved to Kanda River through the main boulevard, and had a photoshooting.



  1. double said,

    うらやましい~!I want to go to the Evangelion Cafe too!

    So, were there any maids cosplaying Evangelion Characters?

  2. 0ne said,

    That’s damn cool!

  3. Kaori said,


  4. bangin said,

    double: I heard there were Rei and Asuka cosplayers who hosted on the first day, but when we went there, no cosplayers but us. lol


    Never mind.

    One: I wanted to show you, really.

    Kaori: I am too old to cosplay a 14-year-old boy, so I am not a bishounen. lol
    But thank you very much. Kaworu’s facial expression is a bit difficult.

  5. khim said,


  6. Fritzs said,

    Just curious… does food in “maid cafes” taste good…?

  7. bangin said,

    khim: おいしいよ、このケーキ。料理よりケーキの方がおいしい。

    Fritzs: Actually no, because customers come to see maids, not to eat food. But I think it’s getting better than before. When I ate curry here before, it wasn’t so good. Lately the business in maid cafes is steep. So I guess this is why they try to serve a better food.

  8. Hynavian said,

    Nicely decorated dishes, love the skull decorations there.

    Also, Rei and Asuka look delicious 😀

  9. bangin said,

    You can buy some nice mugs designed Asuka or Rei.
    I ordered Rei, yes, that tastes good.^^

  10. ルルーシュ said,


  11. bangin said,



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