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 Thanks of one of the regular visitor w, I got a tip for this post. Well, if tsundere is supposed to be a girl who is always cold but sometimes sweet to you, would it be alright to describe such a guy? If he is so cold to you, but sometimes becomes nice, could he be labelled as a tsundere as well? Well, maybe yes. Tsukimori Ren in Kin-iro no Corda or Wolfram in Kyou kara maou could be. But is there any other saying? Yes…that is オラニャン[oranyan].

 In fact, this was not born in the otaku society, but kogals’ circles. To get to the point, オラニャン is an abbreviation form of オラオラニャンニャン[ora-ora nyan-nyan]. I can’t translate it! オラオラ[ora-ora] sounds like a rude guy’s shouting. Maybe you could hear this in such a delinquent boys’ story like Gokusen, Bebop High-School or something like that. Well, how can I put it…sounds like “Oi! Oi!”?? They would say like 行くぜオラァ![ikuze, oraa!, let’s go, guys!]. オラオラ金出せや![ora-ora, kane dase ya!, Oi oi, give fucking money, eh?]. Does it make any sense?

 Meanwhile, ニャンニャン[nyan-nyan] is actually a cat’s mew-mew. Caught on, haven’t you? Although he is so cheeky and rude in front of everybody else, he would be very sweet to a girl who he loves. Probably he could be still sweet even when others are there. In this case, it might be called as オラデレ[oradere]. There is a more common word to describe this type of guy, 恐妻家[kyousaika]. However, this is something like a husband who is under his wife’s thumb. Even though he is arrogant to his surbordinates, he can’t resist his wife or be very sweet to her.

 I think you can see a オラニャン guy in real life. I have seen it in Korean soap operas. Umm, this is an irrelevant note, I have shared a room with Korean guy a long time ago. He was definitely a oranyan. He used to be very rude to me and other roommates, but he changed his attitude when his girlfriend was near him, or phoned him. In fact, he was hated by anyone else…To tell the truth, I didn’t like him, nor like this type of guy. Because I am an otomen, you know.

 At any rate, speaking of oranyan, I can think of Inori and Morimura Tenma in Harukanaru toki no naka de, Maebara Keiichi in Higurashi no naku koro ni. Unlike tsundere, he would have to be cheeky[生意気], rather than cold. This is the most distinctable point between tsundere and oranyan.  



  1. maakusutipen said,

    Bangin-san you are really proud to say that you are an otomen. I just read a post from Iwa ni Hana that mentions that you are among a few that mentions they are otomen and you nonchalantly affirm it again. Talk about coincidences.

    Informative post and I got to say yes I had a similar experience with an oranyan korean. He did not come off as rude or anything. He was just too friendly and noisy. But when the girl he likes is around he acts sweet and cool for the girl. Hehehee

  2. bangin said,

    Actually the owner of Iwa ni Hana who insists she is the orginal Suzumiya Haruhi pulled me out of the closet and made me admit I am an otomen. lol
    Well, now that I came out, I can be relax. www Too bad, I have not seen any other otomens on this blog so far…maybe they are hiding.

    I don’t mean to offend Korean men, but most of Korean guys I have ever seen are this type of man. I know I shouldn’t have prejudice, though. 😦

  3. Neohybrid_kai said,

    Hm, I think that kind of guy is stereotypikal in standard shoujo manga? this kind of “tsundere boy” personality is not a new thing for me, though I finally know the word for it now ^^ Yea, I didn’t like this archetype character too (thats why I hate lame shoujo manga). But it seems that girls love this “look bad but actually good guy” type of character. They are so popular even in RL.

    Oh wow, I didn’t know that WabiSabi into Suzumiya Haruhi that much. Not to offend but her blog is full of serious thing (in a positive way of course)

  4. bangin said,

    Yes, in RL this is a kind of typcial and stereotyped. Maybe in shounen manga, there could be more oranyan guys. Ah now, the popular drama series, Gokusen is on the air. I haven’t seen the latest series yet, but I think there would be a lot of oranyan guys.^^

    I don’t think Wabi Sabi is willing to cosplay, but I must say she is the original Suzumiya Haruhi, yes. ^^

  5. Hinano said,

    haha I love tsundereboys xD Well some not all…
    Like the one from Brothers (Yoshitaka)…he was cute haha

  6. bangin said,

    I know some oranyan boys who happen to be shota-looking. I guess shota-looking and oranyan could bring about a nice chemistry. lol

    Like Yoshitaka, for any women who are elder than him, this type of bishounen might look cute even though he is not polite.

  7. dcal said,

    Two examples immediately popped into my mind when I read this post. First was from anime Itazura na Kiss, Kin-chan, who is a wanna-be badboy but a total softy infront of his not-so-secret crush. Second are the boys from Crows Zero, starring Oguri Shun.

    Personally, i think every girl i know has confessed to liking Oranyan type guys. It’s the bad boy vibes that we simply cannot resist!

  8. bangin said,

    In 3 demension, oranyan is accepted by girls…
    As far as I know, there seemed to be quite a few manga where the characters are oranyan like Slam dunk, Rokudenashi Blues, Saigake Otokojuku, Shounan Jun-ai gumi, Yu-Yu Hakusho or GTO Particulary, Sakuragi Hanamichi is oranyan while Rukawa Kaede is tsundere. Oops, come to think of it, it was my first time seeing an oranyan and a male tsundere exist together. lol

  9. Animal Yokocho 101 » Incredible Nothing! said,

    […] the least popular character on the show (4h wall broken!) etc. Also I guess he’s kinda oranyan since he’s quick to anger, but has a very soft side to him […]

  10. huamulan03 said,

    Thanks for the explication. ^_^ May I excerpt for a blog post I’m doing for Here is Greenwood? Thanks in advance ^^

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