[Intermission] コスプレでしょ?でしょ?[Cosplay, right? right?]

April 17, 2008 at 9:36 am (cosplay(コスプレ))

 It started since I got e-mail from the certain person one day…

 When the young and talented photographer, Windbell told me he had planned to come to Japan, I asked him to take photos of my cosplaying. Since my cosplay buddy who used to do it went back to his hometown, I seriously needed a photographer… I thought this was a good chance…and he kindly took my request. I was quite pleased to hear it, and I started to find someone who could cosplay with me. The more people, the merrier, right? So I spoke to the young and nice cosplayer named miho whom we got to know at the cosplayers’ circle.  I was really happy that things went well as planned. She accepted my request. Oh no, if nothing else, terrible things happen here. How could such a young girl take a request from someone whom she had never seen?? Though I told all the information to her very carefully as much as I could…

 I booked the certain place for the cosplay shooting, and finally the fateful day came…Around noon, Windbell, double, miho, and I met up, and started the wonderful shooting. Miho cosplayed Suzumiya Haruhi, and I did Kyon. Hey, she is 19! Ugh, my age! Ouch! No one wants to see オジサン’s Kyon. At any rate, Windbell is awesome. He brought a very gorgeous camera and good took care of the shooting place. I am not familiar with this kind of thing, so left everything to him and Double who worked as a sub photographer.

 I actually made some quick illustrations from the certain fragments of the anime in order to learn good pose. Well, we shall call it ネタ写[netasha] to copy a certain scene, situation, or pose. Anyway, miho is awesome. She can cosplay not only Suzumiya Haruhi but Nagato Yuki as well while she said she had been a cosplayer for a month or so. She looked a bit nervous(of course, she came to the three unknown guys!), I was quite surprised to see how well she acted as I asked. And of course I really really want to say thank you to Windbell and Double for their good job.

 Okay here it goes! Well you can see on his blog, though.

 OMG, this is so real!

Kyon: Hey! What’s that!? / ってオイ!そりゃ朝比奈さんのエロ画像だろがぁ!

Haruhi: We need to figure out what happened to Asakura!

Kyon: Hey, want some? /おい、じゃがりこ食うか?

Haruhi: No. /いらない。

Kyon: Yeah? This tastes good. /あっそ、ふーん。あーおいしー。

Haruhi: …

Haruhi: Give it to me! /貸しなさい!

Kyon: Hey, give it back. /あ、何すんだよ。

Haruhi: Hey, what’s that giant? /ねえ、あの巨人は何?

 I was pretty enjoying myself. It seemed to me it was like a live-action drama shooting. lol Okay, below are all Nagato’s part. It’s amazing, this is the same person? Is she really a beginner cosplayer?? I don’t believe it.

 This is obviously a scene from the duel between Asakura and Nagato.

Nagato: I won’t let you die…because I will protect you. /あなたは死なないわ…私があなたを守るから。

 Actually all the Nagato’s photos above are taken by Double. So Windbell will post his photos on his blog soon. Anyway, it was my first having a shooting with foreign photographers. It was sooooo enjoyable, and I was really really HAPPY! 嬉しい~!^^





  1. w said,

    You look happier than Kyon 😉

  2. bangin said,

    Hehe, I really do! 😀

  3. Ruki said,

    Anyway, it was my first having a shooting with foreign photographers. It was sooooo enjoyable, and I was really really HAPPY! 嬉しい~!^^

    sounds kinky… xD only kidding.

    Nice job. What other characters do you cosplay?

  4. TinyRedMan said,

    saw the haruhi ones from his blog..got a preview of the nagato cosu from urs. ^_^

  5. Hinano said,

    Haha great cosplay!!!

  6. bangin said,

    Ruki: L, Yagami Light, Lelouch, Maebara Keiichi, Zetsumei-sensei, and Oono Suefumi. My next target is Nagisa Kaworu.

    TinyRedMan: Hehe, Windbell is still editing Nagato’s photos. They will show soon.^^ Actually I want to see, too.

  7. bangin said,

    HInano: Thank you! ^^ I want to cosplay more!!

  8. ルルーシュ said,


  9. kotome said,

    Wow you make a perfect kyon! ^^ I especially like the picture where you are yelling “what’s that!” ..that is so like him.
    By the way, have you heard about “suzumiya haruhiko no yuutsu”? the fandom’s new invention. I think you would make a nice haruhiko ^^

  10. Neohybrid_kai said,

    ooh, you’re so lucky
    the girl who cosplays as Haruhi looks very cute XD
    I visit windbell’s blog too, he has the photo of phoenix wright parody

  11. bangin said,


    kotome: Thank you!^^ I am too old to be cosplay Kyon, but oh no, what I want to cosplay is always a student.
    Haruhiko? I know Kyonko. She can cosplay Kyonko. NOOOOO I can’t! ^^

    Neohybrid_kai: Yes, that’s the parody of Phoenix Wright. You can see them on my album as well. ^^ It was soooooo tough to find a nice Haruhi and persuade…

  12. az said,

    WAAA! subarashii! subarashii!

  13. bangin said,

    Hehe, arigatou!!

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