April 11, 2008 at 11:34 am (BL, doujin(同人), general, otaku word)


This post contains some pornographic contexts. Viewers’ understanging is required. 

 There are a lot of, full of outrageous mysteries in otaku world like やおい穴[yaoi ana]. Yes, this is something the exact opposite of the mysterious hole…that is ふたなり[futanari]. In doujin circles, this is a very famous way to create yuri manga, I mean, when the two girls do it, either has to function as 攻め[seme](I heard you say top and bottom in English, but does this work as the same way when it comes to lesbian?). In that case, it needs a male sexual organ if they don’t have an oral sex or use any adults’ toys…she might have a real…あの…えっと…penis. I don’t know if it’s real or a fake because there’s always no explanations why she possesses it. If you make a yuri doujinshi,  by all means explain it, please. At any rate, if she is bisexual biologically, it shall be called as ふたなり[futanari]. A bit more difficult saying is 両性具有[ryousei guyuu]. Having said that, it doesn’t even necessarily mean she is such an 俺女 just because she is a futanari. Rather we are seen those girls are quite feminine. This happens not only in doujin, but in the porn video. Actually I accidentally came across such a porn video where an actress who acted Suzumiya Hahiru…orz. At any rate, this becomes a crazy fantasy especially when it happens in doujin manga. For example, it might be extremely huge (yes, sooooooo big! impossible!), erecting all the time(awesome!), and capable of shooting too much cum(no way!).

 One more thing, this is an irrelevant note, but when I mentioned 女装ショタ[josou shota], I couldn’t stop but wondering why only a penis is so mature. As for Boku no Piko, a boy named Piko must be 10 years old or so(How old excatly is he?). Even though it gets censored, it looks so mature. That’s very weird. It’s almost the same size as an adult’s one. Umm, like yaoi-ana, futanari is another enigma?

 Oh, never mind. 



  1. Windbell said,

    I think to relation to the penis size, the artists might have drawn it to be of equal or larger than a mature size for a purpose. It also (in my honest opinion) draws the viewer to the girl/guy with the penis on to wondering why is it in such a size? Could it be because the girl/guy has an extreme case of raging hormones? Or could it purely to showcase how a cute loli/shota/etc has such a erected penis, increasing their ‘cuteness’ by countless number of folds?

    I have came across several JAVs where the cute female protagonist has one of these mature erected penis, and then the teacher or some horny female student seduces her and stuff. There are also ero-anime where these happens as well (Quite stereotypical) but I can’t remember the names of them at the moment.

    I don’t really know how to explain it in words. Probably by looking through more doujinshis and you’ll understand it somehow ^^;

  2. bi said,

    Uhmm, I think what turns on the reader/watcher in this case is the contrast between the cuteness of the character and her huge/irrational/scary sexual features. It’s like having a bunny turning into a werewolf, I think it gives a “shock” element that reaises the attention and curiosity of the reader/watcher.

    …As for the technical details, it shall remain a mistery XDD

  3. Neohybrid_kai said,

    W-wha? so its exist in JAV? 0_o;; how come? I thought its just a fantasy like tentacles
    I’m not into this fetish (and tentacle too, lol) but I think its just like what Windbell said, that it is somehow increase their cuteness factor

    but you know, after I see this manga, my view about futa is become soften

    maybe its because Haruhi?

  4. Khursten said,


    ふたなり はhermaphroditeですか?

    I wonder if it’s really true…. Of course, the ヤオイ穴 is really false, but this one could be possibly true. Maybe I’m just watching too much Discovery channel. XDD

    @Neohybrid_kai… Anyone who sees that will definitely be more accepting of futanari. lol.

  5. bangin said,

    Windbell: I think I encountered a futanari anime a long time ago…not Boku no Piko. There’s a hot idol who has a secret that she is a futanari. But another idol who is jealous of her finds out. I didn’t see the anime, so I don’t know she is just a 女装少年 or not. Darn it, I should have watched it.

    I agree, such a cute loli/shota-looking girl/boy has a colossal penis could be a turn-on. Anyway, this is already a mainstream in doujin circles.

    bi: This happens in real porn video. Before, those girls used to wear an underwear attached a penis. But now…it gets censored, so I don’t know how they do this…

    Ah, SOS-Brigade, please figure out this mystery! lol

    Neohybrid_kai: lol This is a Chinese doujinshi, isn’t it? OMG, how are they working? This is Haruhi×Kyon or Kyon×Haruhi? Ugh, I can’t imagine Kyon is being fxxked by Haruhi though there are a lot of Koizumi×Kyon doujinshis.

    Khursten: Legend has it that’s true. But I haven’t seen a real futanari person in 三次元.
    Why doesn’t Yukito in Air find out a futanari being? Not a winged being.

  6. kotome said,

    hi bangin san, i’ve been reading your blog for a while now but finally i got the courage to comment…
    um.. this term futanari, i heard about it before..but i always wondered if this kind of character really turned on yuri fans or if it was just used to make it possible for two girls to do it.
    Also, talking about yuri, it seems (to me) that all the girls in yuri anime look very feminine… tomboys or androgynous girls (like utena or haruka from sailor moon) are pretty scarce. Is it that yuri fans don’t like girls looking like boys?

    On another note, I came across the term ‘dandere’ [ダンデレ] referring to Nagato Yuki . I thought she was a ‘coo-dere’ since she’s quiet and cool but in some forums they say she’s ‘dandere’ …I’m so confused!

    By the way, thanks for writing this amazing blog. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things!

  7. bangin said,

    Hi, thanks for your comment. Feel free to leave a comment anytime. 🙂

    Could be. In most yuri doujinshi, there’s not much ore-onnas. Look at Maria-sama ga miteru, they are very ladylike. But when they do it, either could be a futanari…If she is an ore-onna and futabari, NL(natural love) would be better. Though she looks shy, she has a big penis…I guess this could be a turn-on.

    Dandere…okay I shall make a post on it, thanks for the tip.

  8. dcal said,

    I think manga/anime/av versions of “the male vital bits” pales in comparison to some of the vivid descriptions I have come across when reading BL novels. *lol*

    Writers take more liberty when exaggerating such juicy details. XD

  9. Avplaya said,

    Yeah! Futanari is one of my favorite manga categories…. It’s so outrageous it’s awesome! A hot chick with 3 ft long penis is just so funny… I read as many as I can get! hahahaha… baka no ore-sama!

    This is what I love about these type of adult manga.. I mean a lot of these stories are really well-thought out and have a story. Most porn stories in the West are just for the money shot, but the Japanese really give love and attention to the craft of humanly impossible pornography. Aoi Makita and Shounen Pirahna are two of my favorite artists of the genre; I mean, some of the Shounen Pirahna’s stuff is so out there, it’s really more art than hentai.

    Dear Bangin-dono, I’m back! Are you going to do ecchi terms now? How about an entry on the fascinating history of Bridget or the fact that most Shota fans are women? WWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  10. Avplaya said,

    Oh and futanari AVs! They are CHOU-SUGE! I’ve watched a few and oh boy, those are the kind of porn you share with friends. Those chicks basically GLUED a dildo to their public region and usually wore a small pantsu to help them “stay on”. And they act out all the futanari manga story line! Of course they’re not as big as the ones in the manga but good enough for shock and awe effects. The money shot involves sometimes of pump I think… man I’d love to know about the technology involved in live-action futanari AV. Yes AV here means Adult Video… WWWWWWWWWWWW

  11. bangin said,

    dcal: Anything happens in novels. Not only BL novels but normal porn ones depict impossible things. Like a man can get pregant or something. lol

    Avplaya-san:So you are back, okaerinasai! 😀

    Ecchi terms can get a lot of attentions…even now, my previous post on Cosplay AV or josou shota still get a lot of people, so I made a post on this. I haven’t seen any real futanari AV…I am thinking about it. At least, if I watch it, I would choose the Hahiru’s futanari. I wonder how it goes…I didn’t know there are some even professional manga-ka on futanari.

    I didn’t know you had a taste for futanari. (゜ΨΨ゜) Speaking of AV, did you ever see Lucky Star cosplay AV?

  12. dcal said,

    bangin: Ah yes, mPreg… another one of the popular concepts used in BL novels i find is “A girl goes back in time and turns into a boy at the same time, then goes on to hit on every guy that comes her/his way.” XD

  13. Erica said,

    Just thought I’d help out with some clarification, from the lesbian side of things.

    Top and bottom are used by some lesbians, but it’s more of a BDSM term and relates to who has power in bed, rather than actual positions. Uke/seme are similar terms, but in BDSM the uke/bottom has the power to make decisions and stop or start something, rather than the top/seme.

    Tachi/butch and neko/femme are words that aren’t exactly the same, but approximate which one (if either) ot the couple is more masculine and which (if either) is more feminine. Not every couple is going to have someone who is a butch or femme. Most real lesbian couples are pretty much just two women.

    You guys need get past the idea that women need a penis or analogous object to have sex. Really. ^_^;

    And Yuri fans who are guys tend to like futanari more than women – probably because of the assumption – just like you made – that sex isn’t sex without a penis. Some Yuri fans hate futanari, some love it, some don’t care either way. I think it’s fine, if its an otherwise good story. I also think of some futanari as women with penises, and some are men with breasts, depending on how the character is written.

    I hope that helps clarify things. ^_^



    Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!

  14. bangin said,

    dcal: Sounds like Ranma1/2! www

    Erica: What does BDSM stand for? Uke has a power to decide…so it’s like a sasoi-uke[誘い受け] in BL.
    It would be funny that men with breasts exist in real world! ^^ Thank you for clarification.

  15. Erica said,

    bangin – BDSM stands for “Bondage Domination Sadism Masochism.”

    You’re welcome. 🙂



    Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!

  16. Fritzs said,

    Some people just have strange fetishes…

  17. bangin said,

    lol, doujin is crazy.

  18. Teko-chi said,

    It’s real. Girls can have a tiny micro penis. 😀

  19. bangin said,

    Ugh, unless I see the real thing, I can’t believe it! XDD

  20. Magda said,

    Sharp thingink! Thanks for the answer.

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