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April 7, 2008 at 9:43 am (general, slang)

  I don’t know how many anime fans would like to learn yakuza terminology, but I got a request I should make a post on this again here. So I shall introduce some which I didn’t do last time.

 Too bad, there’s not much anime series which follow yakuza society. However, there are quite a few yakuza manga. As far as I am aware, two major yakuza manga-ka are 池上遼一[Ikegami Ryouichi] and 倉科遼[Kurashina Ryo]. Speaking of the former’s famous manga, I can definitely recommend HEAT, and the latter, it should be 女帝[jotei] and 美悪の華[biaku no hana]. Okay, so I shall mention some new words here…

1. 弾く[hajiku]: To assassinate someone especially with a pistol. 拳銃[kenju] is also read as はじき[hajiki]. If someone says, 堀田さんが弾かれました![Hotta-san ga hajikaremashita!], it would mean Hotta-san got killed with a pistol.

2. 殺る[toru]: Yes, to kill someone. But in this case, it would emphasize he seriously would like a big reputation, so that he dies to kill a high-rank person in the yakuza circle.

3. [tama]: 命を殺る[tama wo toru] means to kill someone.

4. 臭い飯[kusai meshi]: Literally, it means a stinky food, but actually this means to go to jail. It probably origins from a horrible food in prison. But just 臭い飯 doesn’t work. You ought to say 臭い飯を食う[kusai meshi wo kuu], and it works.

5. エンコ詰め[enko dsume]: In this society, there is a weird way to show your apology. Yes,  if you make a big mistake, you would have to be punished. So…they would chop your pinky. Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! エンコ[enko] means a pinky.

6. ショバ代:[shoba-dai]: If you make a hot-dog(or takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba) stand on the street, a group of yakuza might come to you and say like どこにショバ代払てんねや、オゥ?[doko ni shoba-dai haroten neya, Ou?]. Even if you get a permission from the police, you yet to pay some money to them if you accidentally place a stand in the yakuza’s 縄張り[shimari]. But yeah? They would just threaten you. You don’t need to pay, but so long as you don’t pay, they would keep annoying you forever. ショバ stems from 場所[basho]. Techinically it is 場所代[basho-dai] which means money to use a space.

7. ダフ屋[dafu-ya]: If you go to a live performance, you would definitely see this kind of yakuza. They are walking around the cencert hall to sell and buy tickets. This is technically illegal, but some lunatic fans die to get a ticket from them. But be careful, they might be selling a fake one or an out-of-date ticket. And if you really really want to buy a ticket from them, you should wait until the show begins, otherwise you can haggle over the price. ダフ屋 means a yakuza who sells and buys tickets at an amazingly expensive price. ダフ stems from [fuda] which means a ticket or a token.

8. みかじめ[mikajime]: In kanji, it might be written as 見ヶ〆(not correct). But this is 当て字[ateji, phonetic equivalent], so don’t believe it too much. At any rate, this is something like ショバ代, but if a shop is controlled (or managed) by a group of yakuza, the owner has to pay some money to them. Mostly, this happens to nightclubs or host-or-hostess clubs. They are actually controlled by a certain group of yakuza.  

 As I said in my previous post, I am just a big fan of yakuza film. Not one of them, really! (;^^)



  1. Chris Moran said,

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. bangin said,

    Thank you ver much. ^^ I will keep up.

  3. Anime Home Planet Blog » Blog Archive » 極道へようこそ!Ⅱ[Welcome to Gokudo! Ⅱ] said,

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  4. 0ne said,

    I am now following 舞姫〜ディーヴァ〜. But his other works like 嬢王 is banned in Singapore…

    HEAT is really interesting. Right now am reading 覇ーLORDーby the same pair of creators. It’s an interesting spin to 三国志.

  5. bangin said,

    OMG, 舞姫! 知ってる人いるんだぁ、嬉しい~!!XDD
    Oh how come 嬢王 is banned? What about 夜王?

    I haven’t tried 覇ーLORDー yet, but it worth trying!

  6. w said,

    Ahh, it’s “haggle” not “huggle” – the two words are very different 🙂

  7. bangin said,

    Ugh, really different! orz

  8. Suzu said,

    Had some problems to understand because there were so many kanji but I think it’s very informative. 🙂 Keep it up. ^^

  9. dcal said,

    I was wondering if the stereotype that yakuza members run Takoyaki/Okonomiyaki stores during summer festivals is true?

    I keep seeing this stereotype in manga and doramas XD

  10. bangin said,

    Suzu: Thank you, I wish I could give you an auditory pronounciation. 🙂

    dcal: Haha, that might be true. When I go buy takoyaki at the stand, the cook would be possibly a shabby guy. I think he would have snatched a real cook’s stand.

  11. Kaens said,

    Thanks, glad you had even more on the stack, hoping there’s yet more :>
    I noticed several tendencies in the way the words are done, looks almost like they’re rules…
    1) Swap two syllables in a word and make it yakuza-cool.
    2) Assign simpler, ‘funnier’ yakuza meanings of some words (例:didn’t 弾き mean game of marbles?) as readings to more official words with said meanings — so as to have it properly on paper, yet, when you read them aloud, they’d sound yakuza-cool. (hm, was this too messy?)

    Does that look right for most words? (Maybe it’s possible to construct more yakuza-words? 😀 指名手配 (かくれんぼ))

  12. bangin said,

    Well, 弾き stems from 拳銃[hajiki]. There’s a game of marbles [ohajiki], but I don’t think there’s a connection between these two.

    I yet to figure out why drugs are called as シャブ[shabu]. Though I understand 葉っぱ[happa] means marijuana. ^^

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